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Stall 0912, 2/F, Bldg 9, Jianwai Soho, 39 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

affordable but a bit bland

12 Jul 2011

Super friendly owner and staff. They kept the kitchen open for me and my friend even though we came in way too late. The food is quite unusual for a Chinese vegetarian restaurant. Not a lot of mock meat dishes, mixture of Western and Eastern food. Given the super friendly staff and the nice atmosphere, I really wanted to like the food more than I did. The kebabs were good, the spring rolls were decent, the rest of the food was not that great. The soymilk mango shake was almost flavourless, the Seitan and Tofu dishes were rather chewy, the baozi didn't have a lot of taste to them. This tasted too much like health food to me.
Very affordable prices for a vegetarian restaurant in Beijing.
I will be back but not my first choice in town.

14-9, Block 1, Anhuili, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Peace at last

06 Apr 2010

Bowei Tang is a lovely restaurant, very quiet and peaceful. I was so happy to escape the noise streets of Beijing for a short while. The restaurant is also beautifully decorated. Most tables are separated by long white curtains that are coming down from the ceiling.
The staff is extremely friendly, asking questions like what kind of food do you like, how do you like it prepared and so on. I am not sure whether they speak English though. However, the menu is both in English and in Chinese. Since I live near the place I will be able to review more dishes eventually, for now I tried some typical Chinese dishes because I had not eaten them in a long time.
After my dinner the waitress assured me that there were lots of other special dishes that I should try next time.
The pricing is a little bit higher than your regular restaurant in Beijing, expect to pay around a 100 RMB if you are REALLY hungry, like I was today...

279 Jalan Besar, Central Singapore, Singapore

Pleasant and quick

08 Nov 2013

The third floor of the Millenia Walk mall is a bit tough to find but the short search was worth it. They have a mix of pretty much everything (pizza, pasta, Indonesian, Malay, salads etc.) which is usually not a good thing. I asked the waitress which dishes were vegan and she said they all were. Looking at previous reviews she must have been badly informed? She recommended the vegetarian lamb curry which I ordered. Not the right choice for me, since there was basically only mock meat and potatoes in a thick curry and I would have liked vegetables. But that was obviously my mistake. And the curry actually had a wonderful taste to it. I also had the rainbow roll which was good and the ginger and lemon soy yoghurt with fresh fruits and nuts which was almost perfect. The consistency just was a bit watery. All in all a pleasant experience, very quick and friendly service, decently priced and a wide selection. I will probably be back if in the area.

4 Gongti North Road, Beijing Machinery and Electricity Institute Yard, Sanlitun distrcit, Beijing, China

Could eat there everyday

21 Oct 2012

I come to this restaurant at least once every week, their food has greatly improved I feel, and this place is easily one of my favorites in Beijing now.

Firstly, they have removed most of the western options from the menu, except their hamburger and sandwiches which was a wise decision I feel, their western food was just not that great and it might have put some people off. Their Chinese food however has continuously improved, even though there are some personal favorites of mine you can't really go wrong with any of their dishes. Staff are really friendly, speak English and are fairly knowledgable. Anyway, all their food is vegan, no MSG and their pricing is fair, so definitely a place to check out. If you work in the area they also deliver lunch boxes for only 28 yuan directly to your office.

No.6 Jiang Tai Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Very impressive but expensive

12 Jul 2011

Maybe I didn't pick the right dishes but I wasn't overwhelmed by the quality of the food. The prices are a different story, by far the most expensive vegetarian restaurant you can find in Beijing. Still, this is THE place to go for vegetarian food, if you want to take out business partners, impress your date, your parents or whatever... Very calm atmosphere, the presentation of the food is impressive, staff speaks English, they are very knowledgable about their food too...
The food is really good, heard their other branch is a bit better in terms of quality though. I will definitely go again, just not on a regular basis, too expensive for that.

18-4 Dafosi Dongjie, Beijing, China

Favourite vegetarian restaurant in Beijing

12 Jul 2011

The food is very affordable and tastes great. It is a good place to take your non-vegetarian friends as well, as a lot of food tastes as good as the original, if not better. Typically for most vegetarian restaurants here, they have a lot of mock meat dishes. They don't have any outstanding dishes, but can't really go wrong with anything either.

3-301 ZhengDa LeCheng, 699 Zhongshan South 2nd Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China

Finally great vegan fastfood

15 Sep 2015

Maybe this is not doing green vege cafe a lot of justice since there are a lot of other dishes on the menu as well but I really love fastfood and I especially loved their food. I was super tired in Shanghai so I ordered their Portobello Mushroom burger and the soy nuggets through Sherpa's to my room and oh my was I happy. Absolutely delicious, the burger came with exotic ingredients like avocado, mango and cashew nut mayo, sweet potatoes and carrots instead of french fries came with the burger and the soy nuggets were simply awesome. I will definitely try to visit their restaurant next time, wish we had vegan fastfood like that in Beijing. It's a tiny bit on the expensive side so if I were living in Shanghai I guess I'd only go once or twice a week haha.

Zuo Jia Zhuang Xi Jie, Beijing, China

Cosy and quiet

16 Aug 2012

If you're going here for the first time, write down the phone number and once you are in a cab dial it and their staff will explain the rest to the driver. They are obviously used to people having trouble getting there, after I called to make a reservation they send me a text message with a description to the restaurant, unprompted.
They do have a second branch right outside the east gate of worker's stadium, which is easier to find but I prefer the original one. The decor is unique and beautiful and I like the fact that it is hidden inside an old Beijing residential compound.
The menu comes with English translations and photos so if you don't read or speak Chinese you will still be able to make easy choices. I assume staff also speaks some English. Like most vegetarian restaurants in Beijing Lotus in Moonlight relies heavily on mockmeat dishes, I wish they had some more vegetable choices but this is the case for almost all vegetarian restaurants I go to. The service is attentive and friendly here, the food ranges from delicious (their Jiaozi are great, also Tofu in Sesame Sauce) to average. The soup with meat balls we tried was tasty but the meatballs were really chewy. My girl-friend actually gave up on them. Prices are moderate for a vegetarian restaurant, and that is exactly where I would place Lotus in Moonlight: Food quality is slightly lower than Pure Lotus but it is also half the price and in general a bit more down to earth. With its dim lights and beautiful soothing music, it was the perfect location for our date last night, will definitely be back.

Tongguang Bldg, 12 Nongzhanguan Nanlu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China


21 Oct 2012

I invited my girl-friend for her birthday last week and I was very disappointed.
Firstly, even though I reserved a table for two and we were on time they had us wait half an hour until they finally had a table ready. Then, they wanted to seat us at a huge table for eight, which I refused.
So we had to wait a little longer until we had a table for two. Next unpleasant surprise, the drinks menu has changed. There is now no drink on the menu under RMB 120 except coffee (80 RMB). Fruit Juice costs between 120 and 150 RMB. Their tea got ridiculously expensive. There is one tea that runs at 148 all the others start at 258. I ordered a tea at 258 because the cheap one did not look like anything I wanted to drink. When our food arrived I took the time to look around, a fair share of the guests hadn't ordered proper drinks but had asked for free water because drink prices were so outrageous.
The male waiters now all have white blond hair and look like they should be working in a Chinese barbershops.
The food is still quite affordable if you make the right choices but out of the five dishes I had initially ordered they were out of three.
As usual, the presentation of the food was great, but the food was only solid, a soup we ordered was so bland that we couldn't finish it.
I hope things will change for the better again here but the place was completely packed so I guess people don't mind the prices. The atmosphere is still unique, I will take a long break from this for now though, there are better vegetarian options.

19 Wudaoying Hutong, Dong Cheng District, Beijing, China

Good for western veggie food

09 Apr 2012

The restaurant is located in Wudaoying Hutong, which is a beautiful little street full of cafes and small shops. The restaurant is very cozy with lots of sofas, they also played some of my favourite music, so I enjoyed the atmosphere. Now, the food: I ordered the mushroom burger, because it has been a while since I last had a burger and it was recommended. My Chinese friends also tried it but it was impossible for them to eat, i.e. it completely fell apart, for all four of them. I actually quite liked the taste of the burger, even though the consistency of the patty was too soft. The coleslaw was good, homemade fries delicious and the vegan mayo was awesome. I also had a papaya, banana, soya shake which was my favourite part of the meal. Also tried some of their curry, which was quite decent. The service was reasonably quick by the way.

My Chinese friends apparently did not like the food very much, did not finish their drinks either and we all spend a 100 RMB each, which was too expensive for just having a burger and a drink. For me, the price is tolerable, restaurants on Wudaoying are a bit pricier in general and there are not a lot of options for Western vegan food anyway. I might take visiting friends from back home there, for locals there are better and cheaper options around.

Beach Rd, Perissa, Santorini, Greece

Amazing food

08 Nov 2013

Absolutely in love with their food! I was there in August and found them by accident (they were not on happycow at the time). Very friendly staff, great atmosphere and most importantly amazing food. Very large portions too, which I was very happy about because I have a big appetite.
Even though we only had four days on Santorini we went two days in a row and I would have went four days if only I had found them earlier. You have to try the bean stew if it's available, it's a traditional Greek dish but I forgot the name (should have written the review when I went, sorry).

Edit: Apparently I can only give four cows because this is a non-vegetarian restaurant. Silly rule if you ask me? The place is very friendly towards vegetarians and vegans, more veggie than meat dishes if I remember correctly.

11-2-AB, Block A4, Wuhan Xintiandi, 28 Lugouqiao Rd, Jiangan District, Wuhan, China

Excellent food and service

01 Oct 2013

This restaurant is not hard to find once you get to Xintiandi. Its interior is very tastefully decorated and clean with quiet music playing in the back, staff is attentive and polite. They do have an English menu but I am not sure if waiters speak English, I assume they do though. Dishes are about 30 Yuan on average which is a lot cheaper than what I am used to in Beijing. The seven dishes we tried were all excellent, easily one of the best vegetarian restaurants I have been to in China. Ingredients are fresh, dishes are innovative even though you have your usual Chinese staples in there and the service is fast. If you don't like mockmeats choices are a bit limited but there are still plenty of options. All dishes we ordered were vegan.

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