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65 Moonmuang Road / Mun Mueang Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Good Thai food

30 Jul 2012

There was a change in owners a year or so ago so I think that may explain some of the negative reviews. I think the owner and her family are very friendly. She makes THE BEST Khao Soi(makes a mushroom stock from scratch with barely any sugar-unlike other places], great tempura, as well as other Thai and western standards. No MSG. Its a really calm pleasant environment full of books and a nice change from the standard hole in the wall.

Updated from previous review on Tuesday January 04, 2011
Updated from previous review on Wednesday December 07, 2011

167 Cuba Street, Wellington

Average but only Pure Veg. in Wellington

15 Aug 2011

Ive eaten there several times over the years. Its average and to me the prices seem high for what it is. But, it is the only pure veg place in wellington. Many of the dishes have really been altered for western taste so they can be a bit bland. Lots of oil and mock veggie meats.

I prefer the Veg place out in Lower Hutt better prices and the food's a little bit more traditional.

49/7 Soi Muban Wang Sing Kham, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Overpriced on many items

28 Nov 2011

Selection of washed and plastic bagged fruits and veggies and imported products. Not that wide a selection. I prefer to shop at the Vegetarian Center. Her Tahini is overpriced at 30 baht or more per jar/bag than Kasem store (just right down the street).

Chatuchak Market, Bangkok, Thailand

Delicious cheap VEGAN food

04 Jan 2011

Staffed by all vol. members of the temple this place is the best. The vibe is really positive. English is spoken here as a wonderful man who works in the store lived in California for over 20 years and teaches free english to the other members.

From what I can see and have been told the food is VEGAN not vegetarian...my only doubt would be on a couple of the salad dressings for the mixed green salads...where the dressing choice is optional.

My fav place in BKK. Delicious traditional food is a very simple basic cafateria setting. No pretense just great food.

Its best to arrive early as the food does get sparse after the lunch rush. Amazing buffet with the most options ive seen in BKK and at the best prices. Just point at what you want and then pay with coupons that you buy ahead of time.

Wonderful store section with natural soaps organic products etc. There are other veg food stalls in the complex and the one directly behind this rest. makes amazing stuffed chinese buns...again english spoken.

Locating it the first time can be a bit hard. But, its worth the effort.

222 Moo 4 Wiang Tai, Pai, Thailand

Only pure vegan place in town.

23 Mar 2011

They have good noodle soup daily for 25baht. Also, often have Khao Soi. Overall, I would say most of their dishes are Chinese in style/flavoring/preparation. Daily at lunch they put out 6 veg. dishes for lunch. 2 veg. dishes on red rice is 3o baht. Menu items are 40-60 baht. Basic good food.

42 Mahidol Rd T Haiya, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Good Natural Products and Groceries

30 Jul 2012

Run by the same foundation in BKK. The stores surrounding the rest. have a good supply of many organic and all natural seaweeds, oils, baked goods, supplements, health and beauty products, teas, etc. Also, lots of book info. in mainly Thai about organic gardening and health.

They offer free and very low cost food at the rest. as they are a not for profit organization. The people who volunteer there are lovely.

The food is very basic and bland. It is very macrobiotic in appearance and taste.
Updated from previous review on Thursday December 01, 2011

11 Nantharam Rd, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Good VEGAN place

30 Jul 2012

The reviews on here are really confusing and contradictory. The most bizarre of which being someone who didnt even taste the food. First, this place is open on Sunday 9they only seem to close for Bud. holidays0. Their yellow noodles are vegan and they dont use dairy or eggs. The woman owner speaks some english but she only seems to be there in the morning.

For me, this is the most authentic northern style thai food ive seen of any of the similar lunch/breakfast Bud. places in chang mai. They have very good spring rools/fried red rice balls, deep fried mushroom patties for 5 baht. They put out about 6 dishes every day. 30 baht for 2 veggie choices on red rice. They dont use msg unless you are counting naturally occuring msg in soy sauce.

They are located across the blvd. from Chang Mai Gate/market. Theu=y usually have a white table out front with premade items on it, there is a red and yellow banner above and they are next to a english cafe with sign out front called Harolds(or something like that).

Most of the food gets picked over after lunch although they do offer Khao Soi and noodle soup until they close.

Updated from previous review on Saturday February 25, 2012

2400 Harrison St, San Francisco, USA

Over-rated, Over-priced, Over it.

01 Apr 2012

I've tried this place many times over the years and am still baffled by their cult of followers. I've never had anything here truly memorable or really tasty. It is primarily raw but nothing innovative or that raw foodist werent doing years ago. They use a lot of cashews which are never raw due to the way they are extracted. They are the cheapest and most acid forming nut though. Priced (small portions) and geared for yuppies it is no suprise they are in with corporate Whole Foods now and expanding down to Los Angeles. Despite all the positive propaganda and lip service their business actions speak louder than psycho babble. SF has so many amazing places this is not a place Ive ever suggested people try.

Anyone who needs further evidence of their anti-labor/people/cult policies should read this.

I wouldn't give them one cent ever again. They truly have NO ETHICS.


Rue Setthathirath and Rue Manthtourath, Vientiane, Laos

The Best Food in Laos

16 Nov 2011

There lunch buffet from 11 am to 2 pm is delicious. They put different dishes out daily. Ive eaten at most of the places in Vient. and this is the best. Everything is vegan even the salad dressing. They put out about 15 different dishes daily. Fresh fruit, rice, a variety of stir fries, appet. salad, noodles, and soup.

Lovely setting with air-con interior, glass windows and garden setting. By far the nicest atmosphere of the veg. restaurants.

The place is run by a lovely young couple. The husband speaks good English. The woman was a chef for 8 plus years and it is reflected in the dishes. Heavy emphasis on vegetables and fresh sauces instead of dried packaged vege meats from Taiwan.

The are also the easiest veg restaurant to find and located a block from the river in the downtown area. Im not sure of the exact street number and the street name is spelled different on every map you look at. If you are on Setthathai Street there is a large yuppie coffee shop at Mah. street. They are constructing a large high rise on the other corner. That is the street the restraunt is one 4 doors down from the construction site. There is a sign in English at the corner of Set. and Math. that says 'vegetarian restaurant. There is a yellow and red sign out front in Lao and a brown wooden gate.

I'd like to see the chef offer cooking classes as all her food is truly authentic fresh light clean and delicious.

Tha Pae Soi 1, Loi khor Rd, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Only raw food rest. in Chang-Mai.

28 Nov 2011

If you are a purist and only eat at raw food rest. then this is your only option in Chang Mai. The main dishes arent impressive or complex and overpriced considering the quality and portion.

Also, when the owner was prepairing my salad (cutting the veggies) I noticed he kept running his hands through his hair which really grossed me out. Then he asked me why I didn't eat it all? What more can I say.

Via Santa Maria del Pianto 16, Rome, Italy

The WORST indian food Ive ever had

23 Oct 2011

Hands down the very worst Indian food I've had anywhere in the world. Everything was totally over cooked to the point of being mush. The spices/flavoring were non-existent and bland. The breads were even awful.

100 N Beretania St, Honolulu, USA

Great Dim Sum Lunch

23 Oct 2011

I would recommend this place for their Dim Sum. The rest of the menu is standard Chinese Veg with an emphasis on mock meats etc.

The deep fried Taro puffs on the dim sum are delicious.

Main Street into town near cental area, Vang Vieng, Laos

Not Vegan at all

14 Nov 2011

I really don't think this place should be listed on this website. There is not anything that is veg let alone Vegan about the menu at all EVERY restaurant in town offers as much if not more veg food besides street sellers.

The menu is primarily meat and animal based and the "farm" encourages the raising and killing of chickens, goats (cheese production) and silk. None of which are cruelty free or should be encouraged for truly sustainable development. There are plenty of local people selling produce in town that aren't involved with these practices Id sooner support but I dont believe they are as adept at internet marketing the way the foreign owner is.

Tambon Hai Ya, Thesaban Nakhon Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai ‎, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Just Okay

08 Aug 2012

The ladies that run this are very nice. The hygiene is not very good. There are about 25 menu items. I had the soup and a curry. It was okay but nothing great. I think the other places down the street have much better food.

3/2-1 Sri Phum Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Only real Veg Food near Moon Mung Soi 9 NE corner

30 Jul 2012

Very good pure simple Bud restraunt 1 block north of Moon Mung soi 9. Despite several listings on happy cow this is the only pure veg place in the area. The map shown on happy cow is incorrect. This is located on Sriphum road(the major road that borders the moat of the old city North gate) almost at the corner of moon mung intersection/corner.

Run by lovely young women. Very clean and sparse decore. They cook Thai food in small batches. No menu just chose how many items you want on rice. Free soup with meal. ` Very easy to find with a large red and yellow veg banner in front on the sidewalk.
Updated from previous review on Saturday July 28, 2012

Stall 29, food court Talat Sao Shopping Mall, 3F, Vientiane, Laos

Average Food with lots of Mystery Meats

15 Nov 2011

I agree with all the other reviews that the fresh spring rolls for 10,000 kip are the best thing here. They have fresh greens and arent fried with no MSG

The other food is all pretty standard with lots of oil, over cooked and they use a lot of MSG. At lunchtime you can get three veg dishes on rice for 10,000 kip.

Ive never had anything really delicious here. The rely heavily on mock meats from Taiwan whose ingredients are always questionable.

I would suggest walking a couple of blocks over to one of the other all veg places for the buffets which are far better quality although they do cost a bit more.

C/ de Esquilache 4, Madrid, Spain


23 Aug 2011

I ate here several times.

The food is average. They use a lot of veg meat in their dishes. Nothing particularly memorable, flavorful or that stood out as being particularly Spanish in the choices.

85/2 Tanao Road, Banglumpu, Bangkok, Thailand


23 Mar 2011

I've eaten here a few times and found the food average and overpriced for the quality/portions. Also, the staff isnt very friendly or helpful. They dont seem to understand what vegan means so I would not recommend this place. I seems they are more profit oriented than ethical. Often gets crowded and the seating is uncomfortable/limited.

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