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1257 East Boulevard, Charlotte, USA

Unique and spacey, but not all bad

09 Sep 2007

I've never had a bad experience like the reviewer below, although that's not outside the realm of possibility. Everyone I've dealt with at Berrybrook has always been nice, but in a spacey and slightly detached way. Certain employees have been very helpful; some others don't really care that you're there. Once, an employee gave us a container of fresh tofu salad for free, right before they closed. I used to go to Berrybrook to buy the non-GMO soy protein powder, but I recently found the same stuff (for the same price) at Talley's; now I only go to Berrybrook if Talley's doesn't have it. Bulk item selection is small and a bit more expensive than other places, but they do have lots of hard-to-find items on their shelves. It's a unique experience, as Berrybrook is located in a little log cabin on the corner of East and Kenilworth. As that's a busy intersection, and as their parking lot is small and awkward, it can sometimes be difficult to exit the lot by car. Although Berrybrook technically closes at 7:00 pm, they usually lock the door around 6:45, so you better haul it if you want to make it there after work.

2912 W End Ave, Nashville, USA

Best Indian food in all of Nashville

01 Feb 2013

Bombay Palace is a gem of a restaurant, locally owned, with authentic and flavorful Indian cuisine. Although it's a small restaurant, it's spotlessly clean, the service is fast and polite, and the staff is very accommodating to dietary needs. We often have the same server each time we eat here, and he always remembers our "usual" order -- the samosas, Chana Masala, Veg Jal Frazie, and two roti, all without dairy.

The vegetarian section of the menu is extensive, and you can ask for almost anything on it to be made vegan (with obvious exceptions, like the paneer dishes). The roti and samosa are also vegan if you order them without butter.

They bring your entrees out on a little cart. You get a giant shared plate of cardamom jasmine rice, and each curry comes in a tiny chafer (a bowl over a candle to keep it warm). The server checks to make sure everything is okay, and then they leave you alone except to refill your drinks once or twice -- and coupled with the private booths and Indian music playing in the background, this creates a very cozy, peaceful atmosphere.

Everything we've ever eaten at Bombay Palace has been phenomenal! This is one of our favorite restaurants.

1102 Bull St, Savannah, USA

Next door to Sentient Bean -- Don't miss this one!

08 Nov 2007

Brighter Day is the younger, earthier sister of your favorite local co-op. They have a fantastic grocery selection (with refrigerated/frozen stuff too), and a teeny-tiny fresh produce wall. There's even a book/literature section at the front of the store, with subjects ranging from cooking to holistic health to vitamins to becoming vegan. The deli always has homemade ready-to-eat vegan options, like ratatouille, balsamic bean salad, marinated veggies, or pasta. There's a little bar up by the front window, too, so you can sit, relax, and eat the amazing food you just bought.

225 E 6th St, Charlotte, USA

Good pizza

23 Aug 2010

Brixx's recently updated their cheese selection to include one that's actually vegan, which is great (if only they'd serve Daiya!). The servers are always friendly; tell them you're vegan, and they'll be really great about accommodating you. Brixx has a three-flavor hummus and toasted pita appetizer, which is quite tasty. Their pizza crust is good -- slightly on the thinner side, light, and a little crunchy -- and doesn't leave you feeling like you have a brick (or brixx?) in your stomach. Our favorite pizzas are the Wood Roasted Vegetable and the Wild Mushroom & Arugula. They also offer whole wheat crust. Although they don't offer too many vegan options, what they do have is good.

20 E Broughton St, Savannah, USA

Amazing atmosphere, excellent food

01 Feb 2013

I love this restaurant. We eat here whenever we are in Savannah. The decor and ambiance are amazing -- you really do feel like you're walking straight into a super-fancy Bedoin tent. On the menu, several items are vegan. I recommend getting the Veg Bastila (it's an appetizer, but I have it as my entree because it's my favorite thing on the menu), the Veg Tagine, and the Veg Kabobs. Surprisingly, the Veg Couscous is cooked in meat broth, so you'll want to avoid that. Just make sure to tell your server that you're vegan, and they'll take care of you -- many are SCAD students and so they are understanding and accommodating.

The seating is low to the ground and has a somewhat communal feel. Before they bring your food, they will stop by your table with a silver pitcher of rose water so that you can "cleanse" your hands -- really lovely.

The live belly dancing is beautiful and fun, and the dancers will usually bring up a few patrons for a short interactive session and teach them a few moves. It's a blast! There's also a small retail area in the front of the restaurant where you can buy incense burners, scarves, jewelry, clothing, belly dancing gear, etc.

200 N Cobb Pkwy, Bldg 100 Ste 126, Marietta, USA

Cosmo's is my One-Stop Vegan Shop!

11 Dec 2007

I order stuff from Cosmo's about once every 4-6 weeks. Owners Ken & Leigh are some of the friendliest vegans around, and they provide great customer service. There was problem with the delivery of my very first order - due to an error on UPS's part - and Leigh contacted me personally and took care of it expediently and professionally. Cosmo's offers very competitive prices with a wide array of 100% vegan products. Get on their mailing list to receive monthly discounts. They're constantly adding new items, and the selection will suit a variety of tastes. Cosmo's is my one-stop vegan shop!

733 Porter Rd, Nashville, USA

Delicious, and Karina is SO NICE!

01 Feb 2013

Khan's Desserts provides all the delicious baked goods (cakes, pies, cookies, cupcakes, donuts, whoopie pies, just to name a few) at the nearby Wild Cow restaurant. Everything is beyond fabulous -- the owner, Karina, truly has a gift, and you can tell she puts love into everything she makes. My friend recently ordered a surprise dozen cupcakes for me from Khan's Desserts and told me how sweet and easy to work with Karina is. In my dozen cupcakes, she included hazelnut, chocolate ganache, vanilla almond, and lemon (with a little vegan gummy bear on top!). The hazelnut cupcakes were -- no joke -- the BEST cupcakes I have ever eaten in my entire life. Karina's baked goods would satisfy even the most discerning omnivore.

At Wild Cow, I've had Khan's carrot cake, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, donuts, so many flavors of cupcake -- well, nearly everything. It has all been fantastic, with not a single disappointment. Also, my partner ordered a pumpkin cake this past fall, and not only was it beautiful and adorable (with tiny orange icing pumpkins on top of each slice!), but it was melt-in-your-mouth good.

We love Khan's Desserts!

415 Thompson Ln, Nashville, USA

Delicious vegan food!

01 Feb 2013

Gojo has some of the best Ethiopian food I've ever tasted. It's seriously legit. I always order the Yemisser Sambussa (lentil "samosas"), which are five small vegan pastries, as an appetizer. For my main meal, I always get the Vegetarian Combo, which is also vegan and includes red spicy lentils, mild yellow lentils, seasoned chickpeas, green beans & carrots, and cabbage & potatoes, with extra injera (spongy flat bread) on the side, of course. Everything I've ever eaten there has been phenomenal.

If you and another person both order the Veg Combo (two orders total), they will bring it out on a single enormous platter and give you an extra green lentil salad in the middle.

Gojo is the real deal: you scoop the food up with the injera, and you don't even get silverware or your own plate. They'll give them to you if you ask, of course. Of note: they don't have a drink menu, but you are welcome to bring your own wine or beer with you.

The restaurant is family-owned, and the staff is really helpful, kind, and accommodating to vegans. The first time I ate at Gojo, they immediately knew what we meant by "vegan" and informed us that the everything on the vegetarian menu was vegan except for the fava bean salad, which could easily be made vegan (with oil instead of butter). They will also accommodate any gluten-free requests and give you rice instead of injera if you prefer.

Gojo definitely looks like an unassuming "hole in the wall" from the street, which in my experience is usually a pretty good indicator that the food will be excellent. This is a true gem of a restaurant! Fantastic food, a dedicated vegetarian menu, and very accommodating to vegans.

923 Preston Ave, Charlottesville, USA

Great selection of vegan food in deli case!

09 Feb 2008

While on a business trip to Charlottesville, I stopped at Integral Yoga Natural Foods to pick up some lunch, as -- according to Happy Cow -- it was the surest place for me to find some vegan food. It's a quick five-minute drive from the UVa campus; just from walking through the front door of the shop, it seems like a nice little co-op with a standard variety of health-food items, vitamins, herbs, holistic medicine items, and books. (Note: I didn't do any shopping; I went straight for the deli/juice bar.) The tiny cold case in the back of the store was crammed with at least 10 different clearly-labeled vegan and/or raw items -- eggplant manicotti, dolmades, spring rolls, nori rolls, balsamic veggie salad, and blueberry "cream" pie, just to name a few. The food I tried was flavorful and filling -- I felt like I was eating something I had made myself. They also have a fully-stocked juice bar; my wheatgrass shot was fresh and tasty. Unfortunately, the store has no place to sit and eat -- a few outside tables would be nice -- but that's a small price to pay for delicious (yet cold) home-cooked vegan goodness. One minor downside was that the employee behind the deli case was pretty rude: she repeatedly rolled her eyes and sighed as she scooped out my selected food items, and she didn't make eye contact with me even ONE time while begrudgingly taking my order. Not sure what the deal was there. The cashier at the front of the store was pleasant enough, and I picked up a napkin and a fork on my way out the store to go eat in my car. A nicer deli employee would have made this a five-star (or five-cow) review. Otherwise, a sure bet for fresh vegan/raw food on-the-go! They offer a 10% student discount (with ID), too.

24 rue Rambuteau, Paris, France

Favorite restaurant in Paris

21 Oct 2007

I freaking love this restaurant. As a student in Paris, I went here every chance I could. The staff is so friendly and the food is absolutely amazing. I've had almost everything on the menu and my tastebuds shouted with joy every time. The restaurant is very small, with just one row of adjacent tables; you'll be sitting practically on top of your neighbors, but you're in Paris, and no one really cares. Le Potager is just a stone's throw from the Pompidou, so go there for the morning or afternoon, and then eat here when you're done. Take métro line 11 (the dark brown line on the map) to Rambuteau.

275 Williamson Blvd, Ormond Beach, USA

Lovely little oasis on I-95

01 Aug 2016

I was absolutely thrilled to stumble upon Love Whole Foods one time while looking for a place to find a decent vegan lunch on that barren stretch of I-95 between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach.

Love Whole Foods has several ready-made veg*n items in the refrigerated section. But the real gem is the deli counter, where they have soups, cold salads, sandwiches, wraps, etc. They always have a vegan soup of the day, and they offer several raw items. Everything I've ever had from the deli case has been stellar! So tasty, and you can tell it was made with love and care.

They have a fantastic vitamin section with a very knowledgeable and friendly staff, willing to answer any questions. Also, the restrooms are clean (important when you've been on the highway for hours!). Prices are as expected at an independent health food store.

One time we stopped in, they were having a local health/artisan fair of sorts, with jewelry artists, reiki healers, and animal rescue groups. It was a wonderful surprise!

The only downside is that they usually only have one cash register (of two total) open, and the cashiers are pretty slow. If there are other customers in the store, they'll inevitably make their way to the cashier at the same time as you, and you'll end up waiting 10 minutes to check out.

The building is located several yards off the main street in a quiet wooded area, and they have a peaceful front porch with several bistro tables and chairs. We always get several items from the deli and sit on the porch to relax for a bit before heading back on the road.

We HIGHLY recommend Love Whole Foods for anyone traveling on I-95 in need of a healthy veg*n meal.

Updated from previous review on 2010-08-23

11 W Liberty St, Savannah, USA


08 Nov 2007

The best thing about Mellow Mushroom -- aside from the fun atmosphere and delish food -- is that the staff are friendly and completely willing to accommodate any vegan requests. Our favorite items are the super veggie pizza (no cheese, no butter on the crust), the tempeh sub (no cheese, no mayo), and the tofu sub (same). We've eaten here probably 10 times, and they only messed up an order once -- they caught it before they brought it to our table, and to make up for it, they didn't charge us for the pizza.

1826 NE Highway 101, Lincoln City, USA

Awesome vegan food - just don't expect to be bowled over with friendly service

22 Jul 2016

My husband and I went to Nepali Kitchen this morning for breakfast/brunch. I ordered the Alu Puri (which the owner confirmed to be vegan) off the breakfast menu, and it was delicious and comforting. The puri (fried bread, like roti) was soft yet crispy in parts. The alu (potato hash) was spiced perfectly, full of flavor, and delectably moist (not dry). The homemade "salsa" that came on the side was totally unexpected but equally delightful. Made with tomatoes, herbs, and garlic, it added a light, sweet, pickled flavor to the hash. I put the alu with the salsa on top of the puri and ate it in small portions like mini tacos. My husband (an omni) ordered a meat dish but liked the flavors and textures in my vegan meal much more.

The owner was very familiar with what "vegan" meant and pointed out several items on the menu that either were vegan or could easily be made so.

I can see why other reviewers would say that the owner was rude -- he seemed pretty gruff and standoffish when we came in. However, while we were eating, a friendly customer came in for a takeout order, and after a conversation with her about trekking through Nepal, the owner's demeanor completely changed: he became quite cheerful and laughed often during the rest of the time we were in the restaurant. He even joked with us about our water glasses when he stopped by our table to fill them up. And, as we were leaving, his lovely wife walked over from the cafe side of the building and gave us a huge smile and said, "Thank you for coming in! Have a great day!"

My food was excellent, and I would gladly eat here again, hands down. My advice for others would be simply not to come in expecting the standard American, bowl-you-over-with-kindness type of service.

Updated from previous review on 2016-07-22

8405 Tuttle Ave, Sarasota, USA

Update: Vegan/raw menu eliminated :(

16 Nov 2013

*UPDATE* As of Nov. 1, 2013, Mi Pueblo has completely eliminated their vegan/raw menu. There is nothing vegan on their conventional menu, although they will make you something vegan if you ask. I went back to Mi Pueblo with my family a few weekends ago and was so sad to see the vegan menu gone. They offered to make me vegan veggie fajitas, which were delicious, but I had really wanted something off their raw menu. Very sad. :'( New rating: 2/5 stars.

Original review: 4/5 stars

Mi Pueblo is a local Mexican restaurant that has three locations in Sarasota, and the one off University Parkway/Tuttle Ave has an extensive organic raw and vegan menu. (The other locations do not have this menu.) On this menu, you can order most of the items with either a sprouted wheat tortilla (vegan) or lime-marinated kale leaves (raw and vegan). I've had the Todo Amor (appetizer sampler with two Mexican-spiced patés, fresh guac, pico, and sunflower-seed sour cream), the Tacos de Paz, the Burrito de Luz, and the Ensalada del Sol, and all were FABULOUS and authentic, with very generous portion sizes. I always leave feeling happy and full.

They also have a fresh juice bar with excellent juices. I've had the Jugo Verde (kale, apple, & lime) and the Jugo Rojo (spinach, beets, cucumber, celery), and both were cool, refreshing, and very tasty. My favorite is the Jugo Verde.

The service is super friendly and quick, with fresh chips and a variety of salsas delivered to your table shortly after you sit down. They don't take reservations, but the wait is never long because the restaurant is huge and always hopping. They have a large foyer area with a reception desk where you wait before being seated. The building is a huge adobe-style house (new, made to look old) with Mexican tile on the floor, textured plaster walls, exposed wooden beams, and decorative tile and wrought iron throughout. There's also a bar in the back of the restaurant and a small patio with outdoor seating out front. The whole thing really looks like something straight out of Texas or New Mexico -- very charming.

This location also has easy access to both Tamiami Trail (US 41) and I-75. It's next to a complex/strip mall called University Walk Plaza and is easy to see and get to from the street. It's a great place to go if you're eating with omnis, too, because there's something on the menu for everyone. This is one of my favorite restaurants to go to when I'm visiting family back in my hometown!

1121 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, USA

Amazing hummus!

10 Oct 2008

Sahara has the best hummus in all of Sarasota! They have a nice variety of veg*n options, and the food is always delicious and 100% authentic. They've got outstanding baba ghanoush, stuffed grape leaves, falafel, potatoes, and soups -- all vegan. Definitely worth the trip if you're craving Mediterranean food!

It can be difficult to find Sahara if you've never been there before -- they're in a tiny strip mall on Tamiami Trail between Bahia Vista St. and Sarasota High School. Keep your eyes peeled and you'll see it.

4157 NW US 101 Ste 137, Lincoln City, USA

Fresh vegan options and friendly service

22 Jul 2016

There aren't many vegan dining options in Lincoln City, so finding Sushi Hunter felt like a miracle. Our server was extremely friendly and was happy to confirm for us that the miso soup was vegan. In addition to that, we ordered the vegetable potstickers (gyoza) as an appetizer to split, although with only six gyoza I could have easily eaten the entire dish myself! The gyoza were tasty -- pan-fried on the bottom and crispy on top, with a combination of shredded cabbage, carrots, cucumber, and edamame inside. They came with a small dish of ponzu sauce on the side. For my main course, I ordered the AAC (avocado, asparagus, and cucumber) Roll, and it was unbelievably light, crispy, and fresh. Everything we had here was phenomenal.

The "veggie" options are marked on the menu with a small green leaf. I noticed that one of them, however -- the Agedashi Tofu -- mentioned in the description that it was topped with a sprinkling of bonito (tuna) flakes. So, just be aware that, even if you order a seemingly "veg" item, you may need to confirm that your food not contain any fish, bonito flakes, fish sauce, etc.

Prices are inexpensive to moderate, depending on what you order. Parking was easy and right off the main strip (Highway 101). Sushi Hunter shares a building with Coldstone Creamery, which is easy to spot from the road.

1200 Villa Place, Nashville, USA

Luv this place - Freakin Vegan Taco is the best

01 Feb 2013

Taco Mamacita has a totally separate vegan menu -- make sure to ask for it before they seat you. My favorites are the Freakin' Vegan Taco and the Vegan Grande Chopped Salad, although I've also had the Guacamole Taco and the Vegan Enchiladas. The Freakin' Vegan Taco is SO GOOD -- definitely the best taco on the menu, better than the Jerk Taco and the Guac Taco. As for the side dishes, both the black bean & corn salad and the sweet potato fries are excellent. They have a special deal where you can get two tacos and a side for a reduced price. Also, they're open late (until at least 11:00 pm) every night.

Love the outdoor patio. Fun atmosphere with quirky Tex-Mex decor in a great location near Music Row. Nice, clean bathrooms. Parking can be a little dicey during peak hours, but the key is to find a nearby side street, parallel park, and walk a block or two. There's a pay lot across the street, but on-street parking is free -- you just have to find a spot.

Also, a gelato shop just opened next door to Taco Mamacita, and they typically have 1-3 vegan gelatos (sorbets) available each day!

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