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Rataskaevu 8, Harju, Tallinn, Estonia

Tasty, great dishes!

This restaurant had some really interesting vegetarian dishes.
The price was ok and the food was really delicious.
If you go there, try their vegetarian mushroom pate, it's AMAZING!
It's located in the old centre, and pretty much everyone knows where it is (even if they don't, the old centre of Tallinn is quite compact, so it will be easy to find).

Vilniaus g. 41, Vilnius, Lithuania

Nice but so...so....SO SLOW

I went to two vegetarian restaurants in Vilnius, this one and Shiva Bar.

I ordered Tibetan dumplings here. Don't get me wrong, they were delicious and cheap. But the service was SO SLOW...

It took them AGES to get me the dumplings. And the problem was, they didn't really fill me up (they were good, but they were small and few), but by the time I finished them and realized the dumplings weren't enough, it was too late. I wasn't gonna wait so long AGAIN for a second dish, so I just decided to pay, leave, and finish eating somewhere else.

So, keep this in mind, the food is good, but get ready to wait a long, long time...

507 Columbus, New York City, USA

A bit disappointing

I'm sorry, but my experience in Cafe Blossom was a bit disappointing.

The dishes weren't that special and they were quite expensive for what they were.
After reading that it was one of the best vegetarian restaurants in NEW YORK CITY, I was truly expecting something more, and I'm not super picky!

Considering I got better food at much cheaper prices in other places, I was disappointed. I'm sorry to say that it doesn't live up to the hype, especially after I went to Zen Palate the next day and got much better dishes for a fraction of the price.

Klaipedosstrasse 3, Vilnius, Lithuania

Cozy and tasty

I went to this restaurant on my visit to Vilnius and it was a very pleasant experience.

The place has an interesting decoration, and the menu offers lots of options (the only problem was that their drinks menu wasn't fully translated in English, at least the part with the soft drinks, so I had to ask the waiter what the things were, but the food menu does have an English translation).

The price was decent and the food was pretty good. The atmosphere of the place was quite cozy and relaxing.

I guess my only issue was that the food took a bit too long to arrive. I think I was one of the first customers of the day so maybe it was because of that, but a pleasant experience anyway!

663 9th Ave, New York City, USA

Loved it

I won't lie, this one was one of the best vegetarian places I've tried.

The outside looked kinda shady (the lights of some letters weren't working, it seemed empty too), I wasn't even sure if it was open, but I was brave and went inside anyway. What can I say, after a disappointing experience in "Cafe Blossom" when trying to find vegetarian places in NYC, the food here was really really good!
After one bite, I was like "now THAT'S what I'm talking about!"

Also, much cheaper than Cafe Blossom.

Try it out, you won't regret it.

Sulevimagi 5, Tallinn, Estonia

You'll feel like at home

I'm shocked the other reviewer says this restaurant is hard to find. The Tallinn old centre is quite small, as long as you have the street and the number, you can find anything (and considering this restaurant is right on the corner, right under the NUMBER 5 [edit by staff]). Anyway, I uploaded a picture of the corner that shows where the restaurant is. People may not know where it is, since it's not very famous, but then again, in this age of smartphones, who needs to ask people on the street? (I don't even have a smartphone, I just found it with a centuries old invention called MAP)

I went to this restaurant on my visit to Tallinn. I knocked on the door and the owner told me that they would open at 8 pm. I suggest you make a reservation before going (it's a small place and they have an unusual schedule, so it's better if you tell them how many people are going, and how many are vegetarians so that they would know how much food to get ready).

I arrived at 8 pm and I was treated like I was visiting some distant relatives! Since I was on my own, the owners conversed with me. They are really nice and interesting people (and they speak English, btw).

The menu seems to constantly change. They didn't give me a written menu, they just told me what they had. Since I'm an explorer of foods, I ordered pretty much whatever they had. I had some amazing Russian-style pies filled with vegetables, then I had a delicious soup (I don't usually eat soups, but I decided to try and see what they had). Then I had a salad. Afterwards I had a great chocolate dessert. I was expecting a pretty big bill but NO! It was quite cheap! And the food tasted 100% homemade.

It was great. I was lucky I went there on my first night in Tallinn, because unfortunately, it was closed for the following 3 or 4 nights. So, if you're planning on visiting Tallinn, I strongly suggest this place (call them some days in advance to see when it will be open though), and Aed is also pretty good, so go to both.

Skolas iela 12, Riga, Latvia


I had never been to a "raw" restaurant. I usually go to normal vegetarian places or to restaurants with vegetarian options.
So, this was my first time eating "raw", and oh boy, it was great.

They had so many options, it was quite difficult for me to choose, so I asked the waitress to help me out. I ordered a pizza, that instead of traditional "dough", it was made of green nuts. It was quite delicious.

Afterwards, I ordered a sandwich to take home, made of pumpkin bread. Extremely tasty too.
I'm sure I'll go there again next weekend, I really wanna try some more of their dishes that I didn't get the chance to try!

I guess my only con was that the pizza took a little longer than I expected (I've never been to raw places before so I'm not sure about what the speed for a dish should be, but I felt it took a bit long). But after eating it, trust me, it was worth the wait!

Varsovia 3B, Colonia Juarez, Mexico City, Mexico

Vegetarian Mexican dishes... What could be better!

I went to this restaurant twice. I always felt Mexico City was not really a vegetarian friendly place, but that's been changing in the last couple of years.
I always imagined that vegetarian restaurants would offer generic vegetarian dishes, but Yug offers so much more than that:
Apart from the traditional Mexican meatless dishes, Yug has created vegetarian versions of traditional Mexican dishes. The menu offers many options, too.

I came here with 4 other family members (none of whom are vegetarian apart from me) and we all loved it. And trust me, when I say that my meat-loving family enjoyed a vegetarian restaurant it means it must have been pretty good.

It's also quite close to the Angel of Independence (which is actually called "Column of Independence" and it's not an Angel but the Greek Goddess of victory "Nike", but I digress), so if you're a tourist you can go there and take pictures of that famous monument.

The prices are really cheap, compared to what my family of 5 would've spent in some other restaurant.

If you go to Mexico City and want to try some Mexican dishes with the vegetarian twist, go here!

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