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4/39 Woolley St, Dickson, Canberra

Wonderful fresh flavour and variety

Au Lac makes me salivate at the thought of visiting Canberra (which is generally not a happy thought for a Sydney-sider).

In true Vietnamese style, it prides itself on fresh vegetables cooked but still crisp, with mock-meats thrown in, and flavours that are simple but can be extended with provided herbs. The restaurant has a variety of foods on the menu, but none has failed to please the tastebuds.

Cook & Phillip Park CRN, Sydney

Too posh and westernised to be worth it

Bodhi serves reasonably tasty, fresh food. But it's just lacking in interesting or authentic Asian flavours, throws in too much oil and sugar, and charges far too much for the park-side views and posh lampshades. Yum cha's a more pleasing experience than the main menu, but Green Gourmet in Newtown is tastier and cheaper (yet unfortunately only open from midday).

Thanon Song Wat, Samphanthawong, Bangkok, Thailand

great vegetarian japanese

I had never imagined a vegetarian Japanese restaurant. But amid Bangkok's Japantown of sorts at Sukhumvit Soi 55, Chijuya was a pleasant surprise. In addition to some very good sushi, we had a lovely vege-seafood soup and some fried eel (mushrooms with sesame). All very tasty, and tea is complimentary. And while it's not as cheap as food on the streets, it's also no more expensive than a lot of restaurants in the area.

424 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn

Tasty with extremely good value

A wide variety of curries and dals, some more tasty than others, but all very cheap (we had maybe 8 small curries plus a handful for crisp rotis for $20). Run by a mother-and-son duo with a very homely feel to the food. Great for takeaway!

255 Waymouth St, Adelaide

Simply tasty food

Malaysian food -- except for the occasional laksa offered by a Thai or Chinese joint -- is not something I've found often in exploring Australia's vegetarian restaurants. Here it is pulled off with simplicity, producing large, subtly-flavoured portions. Service from the couple running the homely, quiet restaurant was friendly and fast.

4 Burwood Road, Concord

Excellent food, homely atmosphere

I have not been disappointed by a single meal at Wei-e Era Cafe, and though I don't live near Concord, find myself going there just to eat some Taiwanese. The food is flavoursome (but not overly-sweet or salty or oily like some other Asian eateries) and fresh, but also interesting and inexpensive.

Each time I and my partner find ourselves ordering too much and leaving with cramps because everything on the menu just demands to be tried, and yet the servings are plentiful.

313/37 Moo 10, South Pattaya Rd, Pattaya, Thailand

friendly staff; tasty meals

Good food, if very simple decor.

112 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst

Uninteresting food at poor value for money

Even as a non-vegan (see reviews below), every visit to Govinda's has left me underwhelmed. I must admit, I walk away full, but mostly because I feel I need to get my money's worth when the food just isn't that interesting, and the buffet shows little change between visits.

470 Cleveland St, Surry Hills

Great quality Indian diner

Maya very rarely disappoints. Its curries are flavoursome (and varied) and its dosas are crisp; the vegetable biryani is not to be missed. Getting a thali (mixed plate with curries, pickle/yoghurt (raita), breads, dessert) is probably the most popular order; if you're sharing with a friend, it's cheaper to order from the four daily curries in larger containers, plus rice or naan.

And if Indian sweets are to your taste, or you're looking for a snack (samosa or a variety of chaat), there are plenty to go around.

It can be a bit noisy, but the bollywood video clips only enhance the flavour.

44 Erskine St, Sydney

Tasty, fresh food

Peace Harmony serves some very tasty dishes -- almost all with mock meats -- and some creative departures from Thai stock-standards. However, I can't recommend any of their appetisers, and generally find the food a bit too sweet. Also good for take-away. Definitely the best-value vegan offering in Sydney's CBD area, perhaps only rivaled by the Peace Harmony store a block away, on King St.

11 Essex Rd, Mount Waverley

Good selection, mediocre result

I was very impressed by the menu here, but the curries weren't thrilling, and were small for their price: the sag didn't taste like spinach; the biryani was interesting but more yoghurty than I expected. I was surprised at the use of mock meat, given the legume orientation of Indian vegetarian cooking.

They offer a range of spiciness and I continue wonder if we'd enjoyed a better meal had we requested something hotter.

The restaurant is a bit short on seats, with reservations required on weekends.

331 Racecourse Rd, Flemington

A warm, tasty meal from a diverse menu

I had had enough of the Children's Hospital, so I hopped onto tram 57 and tried my hand at Vege Villa, which I'd seen in passing in on Racecourse Rd, but hadn't gone into. It was fairly late on a Monday night, so the place was empty, but every table's menu was filled with a diversity of vegan foods, with a few lacto entries thrown in (milkshakes and gulab jamun, for instance). The raw menu including lasagne and pad thai wasn't of interest on this winter's night, and I bypassed wrap sandwiches, indian breads, and stir fries, looking for something soupy.

It wasn't the soup I was looking for, but I chose the Vegan Tuna over the pho listed beneath it. I'll have to go back to find out what distinguishes Vegan Tuna from the Vegan Fish item preceding it, but I received a full plate topped with seitan (or perhaps soy?) gently deep-fried so that it was crisp and salty on the outside, but soft and a little chewy on the inside. It had plenty of flavour to complement the bed of brown rice, which was otherwise laden with a stir-fry of spinach, broccoli, zucchini, carrot and sprouts in a soy-tahini sauce. An interesting combination, and altogether tasty, the dish was accompanied by a small bowl of miso; not the best miso soup I've eaten, but well matched to the meal and my need for warmth. An enjoyable meal that I wouldn't have imagined at home, nicely presented, for a reasonable price.

984 Whitehorse Rd, Box Hill

Wonderful food with good service

We went in for lunch and must have just beat the crowd. Enjoyed every bite of soups, dumplings etc., from a diverse menu. Great flavour, nourishing and healthy, with speedy service. Highly recommended. If they delivered (I have too many small kids to dine in regularly), one would be tempted to make a weekly meal of it.

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