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5812 N Broadway, Chicago, USA


03 Mar 2009

The food is great and the staff is nice. I highly recommend the Spicy BBQ and the spring rolls. The Runaway Potato stew Yakisoba and the Himalayan Spirit are all good, too. I don't think you could really go wrong here. Oh and the drinks: sweet cinnamon and ginger tea is good both warm and cold and the Iced Chai Latte is fantastic.

6207 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, USA

Fantastic & healthy

03 Mar 2009

This place is great! I eat hear pretty regularly and have always had good meals. The dumplings are wonderful, as is most everything on the menu. This food will warm you from the inside out.

130 S Green St, Chicago, USA


25 Apr 2012

This place is great! The menu is interesting and the food is really good--I'm not such a fan of the fake seafood, but that is just a personal preference. I haven't had a meal here I didn't like. I highly recommend the pizzas, the bbq seitan, and the brussels spouts! The atmosphere is lovely and the seating outside in the summer was a nice treat. And the drinks are well worth the price. It is nice to have a nicer vegan option in the city.

Fort Mason Center, Building A, San Francisco, USA

I wish it was better

15 Mar 2009

For all the hype, the food at this place isn't all that great. There are very few vegan options and the it is pretty run of the mill vegetarian fare. I wouldn't recommend it, and since San Francisco has so many wonderful places to eat I'd say you're better off looking for something a little more interesting and vegan friendly.

One last thing: the menu isn't very inventive. I know it is one of the pioneers of the vegetarian restaurant world, but I think some updating of their menu might help. For the prices you're paying you ought to be getting something more than average.

3315 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, USA

Nice New Place, Try It!

27 Dec 2012

I've only been once, but it is certainly worth a try. I went with a big group and we all had varying degrees of happiness with our meals. Items we enjoyed: pastan with tomato sauce and walnuts, jabarito, stewed seitan tacos, and desserts. The menu is a little limited and mixed, but is interesting. The place is new and few has issues to work out, but I sure hope they make a go of it. It is really a nice neighborhoody place and a vegan/vegetarian restaurant is always a welcome addition.

2311 W North Ave, Chicago, USA

Good Vegan Bar Food

08 Mar 2009

They have a good variety of vegan bar food--the bbq seitan sandwich is great (and huge), as are the fries. The Buffalo 'chicken' wrap is a little on the salty side, but still tastes good. Lots of good beer and other drink specials--I recommend the Saturday margarita (it comes in a pint glass), especially on a nice summer day sitting outside in their "beer garden." They also have brunch which is quite good. The vegan biscuits and gravy are tops on my list.

It does get a bit noisy and crowded on the weekends, but it is often worth the wait.

180 W Washington, Chicago, USA

Good Vegan Lunch Option

27 Dec 2012

There aren't many vegan lunch options in the loop, Hannah's is one and the options are good! In addition to the sandwiches, they often have vegan soups and salads. The prices are a bit high, but that is to be expected of anything in the area. There are also an assortment of chocolates that included a few vegan treats.

1901 N Halsted St, Chicago, USA

Excellent Food!

11 Apr 2012

I think all of Karyn's places are pretty great! Karyn's Cooked has a wonderful selection from raw to vegan comfort food. You can't really go wrong with anything on the menu. One of my favorites is the jerk tofu sandwich--spicy and delicious. The service can be a little slow, but other than that I have no complaints at all (and that one is really only minor).

218 S Clark St, Chicago, USA

Very dissapointing

11 Apr 2012

I was so excited for a new vegan option in downtown Chicago; unfortunately the food did not live up to my expectations. It was very artificial tasting and a little too junk-foodie for my tastes. And to top all that some friends and I went here for lunch and had a horrible experience, the costumer service was almost non-existent. So I wrote their headquarters to complain and received zero response. This tells you a little something about how they run their business. The food tastes like fast food and their complete disregard for the costumer's experience mimics the fast food industry. I'm sorry I don't have anything good to say about this place.

221 W Nine Mile Rd, Ferndale, USA

I love this place

15 Mar 2009

This is the best health food store. The prices and selection are great. It is independently owned and run by the nicest people. They are happy to help and willing to take suggestions about products from their customers. I no longer live in Detroit, but I go shopping at the Natural Food Patch every time I visit...I miss them so much.

Join the Carrot Club if you shop their regularly, it is a great perk!

235 S Franklin St, Chicago, USA

Wish the Shakes Were Vegan

25 Apr 2012

Protein Bar is a nice vegan option downtown. I've had the various vegan bowls and they are good and healthy, although I don't really love the vegan cheese, it is good that they offer it. My only complaint is I wish the shakes were vegan, but even their soy protein indicates it includes trace amounts of dairy. I appreciate the fact they are upfront about this and clearly are aware of people's dietary restrictions and concerns. It just makes me said I can't get a Wrigley Peeled, which sounds wonderful!

414 N La Cienega Blvd, West Hollywood, USA

Not Good...

03 Mar 2009

I got their version of a macrobiotic plate. It came with kidney beans, brown rice, sea vegetables, a slaw, and terribly overcooked chard, asparagus, carrots and sugar snap peas--I could barely stomach the sogginess of the vegetables. It was just after they opened, so really there was no excuse. It is a vegan establishment if they can't cook the vegetables well they are doing something wrong. My boyfriend's RFD burger wasn't very good either. The combination of texture and color made it very unappetizing (it looked a little like raw meat), but he said once he got past that it was okay.

My fresh juice was fantastic, but I would say that was the only good thing about our meal.

2323 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, USA

Good beer, okay food

27 Dec 2012

If you can get past the atmosphere in this place--and often 2 hour wait--you can get some good beer and okay food. Vegan options exist, but they aren't that good. There seem to be more vegetarian options. The menu changes occasionally so hopefully new items will appear. The pizzas and the tempeh Reuben are quite good. The beer is excellent!

3411 N Halsted, Chicago, USA

Hit or miss..

08 Mar 2009

Before I moved to Chicago I would often go to the Chicago Diner, but since moving here a number of years ago I can't say I still feel a fondness for this place. It is pretty much hit or miss. I've had good food, but I've also had mediocre food and bad service and I've never had great food. Well, their desserts and shakes are pretty fantastic, but other than that I would have to say it is pretty average. I think they might be resting on their laurels a little bit.

2333 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, USA

Great Addition to Logan Square

27 Dec 2012

I've been making the trek over to the original Chicago Diner for years and I have to say it has been inconsistent over the years. However recently they seemed to have returned to their roots and the quality has improved and I am happy to say this appears to be the case at their new location. Our meals were delicious and things seemed to be working smoothly after only opening a little over a month ago. I am looking forward to dropping by in the summer for their awesome shakes!

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