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Drahtgasse 3, Vienna, Austria

Lovely place to have lunch in the center

We had a great lunch here on our one day in Vienna. We got the vegan lunch special, soup and soyburgers with potatoes for 7.70, which we thought was very reasonable. The place was relatively full with locals and tourists, with Leonard Cohen playing on the stereo. The food was very good, though it may been after a few days of traveling it was our first real meal.

They had an English and German menu. The waitress was great. It's in a great location, and whole experience was lovely. We would definitely go back.

Múzeum Körut 19, Budapest, Hungary

Inexpensive well located vegan lunch bar

We had a quick lunch here while walking around Budapest. The food was good, in particular the potatoes, and very inexpensive, we shared that "meal" for about 800 forints.

The place itself only had about 7 bar stools, and was very stuffy, but we went outside and ate on the steps next door. The best food was actually the desserts, which come from the health food store (it's actually all part of the same place).

I would check back in a few months, the manager of the store told me that they had rented another location down the street, and were planning on expanding the restaurant some time in the fall of 2012.

Katexaki & Xeimaras, Rethymno, Crete, Greece

Vegan Restaurant in a beautiful Venetian Port

Not totally sure what to say about this place. We wanted to go for dinner, it was our last night in Crete. We had come to Rethymno earlier back from Paleochora, partly because we heard that Rethymno is beautiful (it is) and partly because we wanted to be closer to our flight from Heraklion back home the next evening. The fact that there was a vegan restaurant also helped.

We came by Soul Kitchen about 5:30, because we wanted to check it out, otherwise we would have gone to supermarket and bought our standard Greek food (vegan stuff grape leaves in a can and bread). We were a little concerned about the prices, give the 3-cow rating, so we asked to see the menu, and it actually looked very reasonable, 6 or 7 euros for Vegi-burger plate, and a few others I don't remember for 7 E. We told them we would come back around 7:30, and they asked if we could come at 8:30, so we could eat with the group they had, some sort of Yoga workshop, I think that's their main business.

In any case, we came back and we sat down. We asked to see the menus again, and he said that they really don't have that menu tonight, they have a fixed menu tonight, which was miso soup, vegan sushi, rice, and salad for 15 Euros. We said that seemed like a lot, so he said how about 10. I think he was being nice, but it all seemed a little weird. The food was good, not amazing, neither of us are particular fans of miso soup, but certainly not as good as the other two restaurants we ate at in Crete.

At 10E, it wasn't that bad, as the meal also included dessert. 7E for lunch is fine, so maybe the 3-cow rating is two high.

It's a nice setting, a little above the rest of the city, up near the Fortress, which is a nice area to walk around. They have free wifi, which was good as our return charter flight was moved up 4 hours earlier than we had booked.

Barnabitengasse 6, Vienna, Austria

Great Dinner Place

We had trouble finding a place for dinner as many of the vegetarian places in Vienna are closed at night or outside of our price range.

The restaurant is on a great street with about 20 other restaurants, which we thought was great, having been to so many vegetarian restaurants in cities around the world in the middle of nowhere. There is an English menu, which is not particularly informative, (it's probably as informative as the one in German), and the staff speaks no English at all. A young Austrian woman seated next to us, said that even though it sounds a little weird, she recommended the Cordon Blue. However, as people who also keep kosher, we had no idea what it was. (It's vegetarian ham and vegan cheese around a vegan weinershnitzel.)

We also ordered something like Japenese Tofu with vegetables, which was a little spicy, but a terrific sauce. Both dishes were about 7 EU which was less than the other restaurants on the block. The whole neighborhood was a little funky. At the table next to us, the group was sharing a bottle of wine (I think BYOB) and drinking from the bottle. It was actually quite refreshing as most Austrians seem rather straight.

We would definitely go back, in fact we tried to go back the next morning as we picked up our car and drove out of the city to get vegiburgers to go (3 EU) However, we made one wrong turn and ended up getting horribly lost.

144 W 4th St, New York City, USA

Grandchild of Zen Palate, Child of Nobo

Go Zen is the new restaurant by people formerly involved with Zen Palate and Nobo (the children of Zen Palate) and in place of the Vegetarian Paradise II. We've eaten at all 3 over the last 20 years, but all the locations over the years which have all closed, VPII just a few months ago. They refurbished the VPII space, new couches, better lighting, still great location, and the menu is sort of a combination of the 3, and all great. It's a little more expensive than VPII about 12-15/ entree but still a great deal, with some lunch specials for $7.

We ordered a the Beijing Seitan, and Soy Cashew Saute, and BBQ Seitan with Yakisoba Noodles Plate. All amazing, and more than enough for 3 hungry people. We will definitely come back.

I was actually pretty upset when each of these restaurants had closed, and glad to see that at least this one is back.

They've added a few other non-Asian items to the menu such as GoZen Burger and GoZen sandwich, which might be good for a change.

I found the food less oily than Buddha Bodai in Chinatown, felt more healthy, though we love that place as well.

Johannisallee 7, Leipzig, Germany

Go to Liepzig so that you can eat at Green Soul

We spent a lovely evening at Green Soul. The food was fantastic, the place is beautiful, I can't say enough good things about it.

We ordered the Goulash and a Seitan Dish. Both portions were large, we couldn't order more after that.

The place is recently refurbished, done in a very minimalist fashion, with old furniture. At night, the lighting is dim and romantic upstairs, more family oriented downstairs. The owner has put in a lovely kids room downstairs, so kids feel comfortable while their parents eat.

It was about 10 minutes from the train station by car, we didn't try the public transportation, but there seems to be a tram nearby.

The prices were very reasonable for dinner about 10-12E for the main entrees.

All of the staff was very gracious, we will definitely come back!

8. Budapest, Bérkocsis u. 23., Budapest, Hungary

Lovely restaurant in a neighborhood bar

We enjoyed a nice evening here with a friend we met on a walking tour of the Jewish Quarter. The restaurant is actually really a neighborhood bar with a vegetarian kitchen.

The prices for entrees were very reasonable, less than 1000 forints, and the portions were fine. I believe they change them nightly. The food was not amazing, but the place had a nice ambience, and provided a nice break after walking around the city all day.

Ferenciek tere 2, Budapest, Hungary

Favorite place in Budapest, but a little hot

We ate here twice in our visit to Budapest. I can't really praise this restaurant too much, great food, good prices, wonderful waitresses and staff. Even the other customers were nice.

The first night we were really hungry, we took the Rainbow Platter for 3800 forints or 17 dollars. They told it was food for 2, i think it was really food for 5. After stuffing ourselves, we still had plenty for the next day at the hotel. This dish includes many of the specialities of the place, including the grilled seitan, which was fantastic. A lot of paprika, cabbage and other traditional Hungarian ingredients. We felt that we were not just at yet another vegan resturant, but rather an authentic Hungarian one.

The last night in Budapest, after spending a few hours at the Szechenyi Baths (a must see) we were exhausted but not that hungry. We ordered the millet burger and another side dish which was more than enough for the two of us, at 1500 forints.

We would certainly go back and highly recommend this place.

The only problem with the restaurant, is that it is way too hot. Both times we were there, it had already cooled down outside, but was still at 30 inside the restaurant. It's really unfortunate, because the place is a few steps down from the street, with windows to a courtyard, so with a small investment in exhaust fans to vent the hot air out of the place, it could be quite comfortable. I hope the owners will read this reviews (and others) and rectify the situation.

Our last

Paleochora-Chania, Crete, Greece

Excellent vegetarian restaurant in beach village

We can't say enough about the Third Eye and Paleochora. You come to a beautiful village, full of mainly Greek tourists, and right off the beach is a beautiful gem of a restaurant, which is mainly vegan.

We had dinner here twice. The menu changes daily, all the dishes were about 7 Euro. The first day we got a curry and an Indonesian dish with peanut sauce. The second day we order Somasos with chutney and salad, and another curry.
They also served us great bread and garlic bread, and at the end of the meal, when we couldn't eat any more, a plate of watermelon.
The workers are all from one big family. All the vegan dishes were clearly marked.

My wife also went for breakfast (while I was hiking the Samara Gorge nearby). She particularly like the nice atmosphere.

My only suggestion (enhancement) is that they try to provide vegetarian cheese. The owner told us that this father makes the feta himself, but he wasn't sure about the enzymes. If they could have assured us the enzymes were not animal-based we would have eaten the feta as well (after a week in Crete, we really wanted to try the feta).

We recommend both the restuarant and the town, I would plan my trip around going to the Third Eye!

5 Defkalionos St, Chania, Crete, Greece

Great resturant in Chania Old Town

We arrived very hungry after coming to Chania, directly after our flight from Iraklion. We found this resturant, at the end of the harbor in a quiet area. We ordered a Cretian green bean and potato dish, and a stuffed grape leaves plate which was large, tasty, and very filling. The owner was incredibly nice, explaining which dishes were vegan, served us homemade warm bread and apple cake, and sat with us. About half the items on the menuy were vegan, and at 8 Euro for main courses, not very expensive. We would definitely go back the next time we are in the area.

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