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Rue la Vieuville, 24, Paris, France

sweet but...

fab location, really sweet place... but, its soooooo slow. the girl running was great but we were there for close to 3 hours ( 2 courses) as she was taking care of the 3 tables and the kitchen herself. Food was good, though not amazing...
I'd go back, but have a snack beforehand to keep the churning stomach in check ; )

Aleksanterinkatu 30, Tampere, Finland

Good selection

No fresh stuff but great selection of dried stuff, vegan staples and pretty much everything you need. (You can pick your fruit and veg in the supermarket opposite : )

Ilmarinkatu 16, Tampere, Finland

Good for takeout

I've picked up lovely lunches here a few times and the food is great! You choose what you want, the staff weigh it and you pay per grams. It's good as you get exactly the right amount and don't end up paying for food you didn't want.

Via Margutta 118, Rome, Italy

Fab place!

Spurred on by great reviews of Il Margutta, I visited the restaurant on my recent trip to Italy. I'd been travelling around Tuscany and the Italian Rivieraa for a week with my omni boyfriend and was just so tired of pasta pomodoro : )When we got to Rome, I insisted we go the first night and it didn't let us down. I had the fantastic vegan menu and my boyfriend had the classic vegetarian. All the food was great and the place was at the very end of a sweet little street (keep walking to the far end, I thought we'd missed it somewhere along the way).
The only thing weird was the huge leather sofas in some tables. I didn't go and check (sorry but could you get up so I could touch your seat? haha) but they did look like leather.. hoping pleather?
Anyways, a life saver and would def go back!!

18 Rue de la Bucherie, Paris, France

Terrible, don't go!

I have been to this one and their sister resto on Ile St Louis... both as bad as each other. I was expecting more as a lot of the reviews are positive but the food was way below par and in my opinion, it's veggie places liek this that give veggie food a bad name.
It's pretty impressive that in a veggie restaurant the veggies are overcooked, tasteless and slimy. Shouldn't hey at least get that right? I can't remember the name of the dish that I had but it tasted pretty much exactly the same as my friend's dish though we were having different menus.
Don't go, whether you live in Paris or you're just visiting... I'd far rather dine in Le Potager du Marais or at Bob's Kitchen.

24 rue Rambuteau, Paris, France

great food

hey, been here twice, first visit it was by accident, second definitely planned! I love the food and my omni boyfriend does as well. Yes, its a little bit cramped but it's in paris, its meant to be that way! ; )

92 Boulevard de Beaumarchais, Paris, France

Great food!

I love this place : ) I live just around the corner and go here often for some takeout (Yes, living in France has taught me to enjoy a glass of wine with food so rather than dining in, me and my boyfriend prefer to take the food home).
The fresh summer rolls are to die for, by far my favourite thing on the menu and my bf is addicted to the Croustilliants (spelling?).. the chocolate cake deserves a thumbs up too.

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