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Calle Sevilla 70, Barcelona, Spain

We loved it!

02 Mar 2016

We've been here twice while visiting Barcelona (We actually went there a thrid time, but it was closed). Once for the Brunch and another time for dinner. The staff was very welcoming. We ordered their recommondation and it was magnificent! The Brunch has a very big variety undyou get cava, too! Everything is very reasonably priced, we absolutely loved it here.

Ligsalzstrasse 23, Munich, Germany

Good vegan restaurant

03 Mar 2016

I have been to Bodhis many times since my first review. The food is good. I have liked everything i tried the last times I went, but a little more variety would be nice (half the menu is burgers). They have excellent homemade lemonade and some nice alcoholic beverages (try black Hugo). However, what still bothers me is that you have to wait really long for your food. We never leave there in under 2 or 2 1/2 hours. But vegan comfy food it still is on of our top choices in Munich.

Since I live in Munich, I always check out new vegetarian or vegan places to eat out. I was especially excited about the opening of Bodhi, because the reviews were so over-the-top. I've been there five or so times by now, and the experiences were very different each time. Some of the dishes are truly great (like the Käsespätzle or the Creme Brulee), but others are bland and boring. The service was very, very observant once, but absolutely inattentive the other times. Even when we were dining early and were the only customers the waitress ignored us for an entire hour and almost made us miss our theater show. Overall, the atmosphere is nice, but the prices are too high. I simply cannot recommend Bodhi without a VERY big BUT! because we were dissapointed by the service and food several times.
Updated from previous review on Sunday November 02, 2014

William Street, Kilkenny, Ireland

very good food in Kilkenny

31 Aug 2014

We had lunch at the Cafe Sol in July. Despite the name, it's a restaurant. The vegetarian/vegan section of the menu is generous. The food was really good and innovative. The staff was friendly, but a little chaotic. The ingridients are all organic, and I had a non-alcoholic organic cider from Kilkenny, which was super tasty and I sadly couldn't find anywhere else in Ireland. Prices are absolutely reasonable.
Plus, there's free WiFi.

92 rue Docteur Vigne, Le Havre, France


14 Apr 2016

Since France is not famous for its vegetarian cuisine, we wanted to explore as many veggie options as possible on our holiday. We made a detour of 1 1/2 hours off our main route to La Havre to try and support this little restaurant and sadly, were disappointed. It's a small place with a douzen tables or so and the young owner apparantely does everything by herself. This means tht she cooks two different courses (one vegan and glutenfree) and two choices of desserts (both vegan when we were there) and that's all there ist. She also waits the tables. There's nothing wrong with this concept, but sadly I must say that the food simply wasn't any good. We had a "curry" and reminded me more of a school kitchen than a curry. The rice was bland and the whole meal was kind of cold. The food comes at a very low price, but I'd rather pay more and have a good meal.

3 Place du Vieux Marché aux Vins, Strasbourg, France


14 Apr 2016

We had Köfte here when we made a stop in Strabourg for a day. The taste is perfect and at a very reasonable price. They also make take-away boxes for largere parties etc. We ate inside because it was raining, but the atmosphere is very cheap (didn't bother us). We spoke about the Köfte all week and wanted to eat here again a week later, but Strabourg is impossible for driver and we couldn't find a parking space.

Rambla de Catalunya, 8, Barcelona, Spain


02 Mar 2016

The place is not easy to find to begin with. It's located in what looks like a private apartment where you have to ring the bell to get in. We were a little early (like 10 Min) for lunch and they simply send us away instead of offering us to sit down and have a drink while we're waiting. When we were finally "allowed" inside we were given a slip of paper where to tip your choice of food. You pay in advance at the register and then sit down in a kitchen-like atmosphere while they prepare your food. Overall it was an underwhelming experience. The water mug were empty and when we asked for fresh water this simple question somehow caused them lots of work. The cutlery was dirty and the food, well ... I don't even remember it by now. It was bland, not even hot and left me unsatisfied and unimpressed. The atmopshere is that of a doctor's waiting room, very sterile like you're not allowed to talk. I wouldn't go there again.

34, Quai d'Austerlitz, Paris, France

Great Food, but still Fast Food

08 Oct 2013

The MOB is the Paris branch of a New York based vegan fast food chain. It's beautifully located inside the building of the fashion college, and has an outdoor seating area overlooking the river.
The first neg is that you get no information on the menue. Your order your food at the counter like at McDonalds, and the menue is glued on the cashier counter. So, when you order, that's the first time you see what's to order, but then, there's no description of it (How do your order a Big Mac, when you don't know what a Big Mac is?)
We had Burgers, and a pita with spinach and mushrooms, which was delish! But for being fast food and demanding a lot of work from the customer, it's too expensive. I mean, it's basically McDonalds in vegan (and better tasting, I grant you that), and you order your food, pick it up and clean up after yourself, and they make the biggest possible profit from it, and for that, it's just too expensive.
They have Beer from New York, which was very good (my husband said). The have wine too (yay!) which was hmm-okay.
I'd go there again, though. Dessert was good too

Ursulastr 10, Munich, Germany

Nice but hidden restaurant

02 Nov 2014

I've been to Nathans a couple of times since it opend a month ago. The atmosphere is very nice, with dark wood, chandeliers and dark green paint. The menu is half vegan/half omnivore (nothing in between). One of the owners is the owner of Bodhi also, and he's responsible for the vegan part.
The food was good overall. The raw hokkaido pasta ist amazing. The hemp roast on the other side is simply not good enough for a restaurant. The breakfast is a real hidden secret among vegans in Munich! It's too cheap to believe and absolutely great! The bowl of scrambled tofu is so, so good and a huge portion for less than 6 Euro! We also had the waffles, which were great too.
To sum it up, the food is good, with a range from fantastic to hm-okay. The service is mixed. We had some great waiters. But there was one waitress that served on us several times who was just annoying. Very insecure and without a feeling for timing.
It's a pricey place for dinner though. We payed 100 Euro for 2 persons, including a bottle of the cheapest wine.

C/ Hipolit Lazaro 34, Barcelona, Spain

Good pizza close to Sagrada Familia

02 Mar 2016

We ate here after visiting the Sagrada Familia, which is close by. We were the first customers after opening. The menu is available in english too, whcih helped with all of the pizza toppings! The pizza was very good, but we couldn't finish because it was too much! The atmosphere is not very homy though. It's very empty. But I'd definitely go there again.

Carrer Princesa 57, Barcelona, Spain

Taste explosion

02 Mar 2016

We had no raw food experience at all when we came here and ended up eating here twice in our week in Barcelona. The food ist absolutely over the tops! The staff was very well informed and keen on helping us to decide. I wanted to try a wheatgrass shoot, but they said that when you're not used to it, wheatgrass can have a very heavy effect on your body and I should better not try it. Everything we ordered was simply amazing, I could hardly keep myself from moaning loudly! We took some recipe ideas home with us and tried them on the family. It was not as good as at Cafe Blueproject of course, but it definitely showed us how great and satisfying raw food can be. Don't miss this when your in Barcelona!

10 Quay St, Galway, Ireland

Great comfort food - and wine!

31 Aug 2014

We've been to Galway during the arts festival. So the city was very crowded and there were no tables at Fat Freddy's available at first. We left our phone number, and they called back 15 Min later, that they noe had a table for us.
We had starters and the vegan Quesadillas, which were AWESOME, there's no other word for it! The vegan mayo is the best I've ever had. They also have very good wine, just ask the staff. They know their stuff. Prices were reasonable for the big portions.

24 Boulevard de La Bastille, Paris, France

probably best vegan food in Paris

08 Oct 2013

We've been to the Gourmet Cafe twice when we stayed in Paris this summer. The first time was absolutely wonderful. The staff spoke very good English and even offered help in translating the menue. I tried polenta (very good) with fricasse (very good too) and a green sauce (nil). My husband had the Portobello Burger, which was excellent. For dessert we had tarte tantin (absolutely fantastic! Best thing I ate in Paris!) with raspberry ice cream and chocolate mousse, which was very good too. There were no alcoholic beverages on the menue (always a bummer for me. no wine in Paris? Really?). We reserved a table for the following weekend and talked a while with the waiter about how much we liked the food and left the place very happy.
When we came back for our weendend reservation, it was a different story though. The same waiter tried to seat us at a shitty table instead of the one we reserved (the place was completely empty by the time we arrived, and we had asked fot this table specifically) and didn't remember us at all, even though we had talked for some time and left a very generous tip. The food was good again, but not overwhelming like the time before. Summing up, I still think it's the best food we had on our trip to Paris. The portions are VERY small though. It's a little pricey, too. Not too expensive considering you're in Paris, but again, you don't get much and it feels a little like you pay for the "gourmet" in the name.

9 Rue la Cerisaie, Paris, France

okay place

08 Oct 2013

Nothing special for eating out. The atmosphere ist on the hmmm, okay.... kind of side. It has this vegan-healthy-boring-eco touch, that makes vegan look like strange people from the 80s that smell like herbs. Anyway. The chef was very sweet. There are no waiters. She comes out of the kitchen when she notices customers, and you pay at the cashiers desk. Half of the menue (there are no hand-out menues, just a big blackboard on the wall) was out, so we asked what she DID have, and then we simply took what she gave us. The food was okay. I don't even remember what it was. It's nothing special, and not even seasoned. For what you get, it's expensive. I disagree with the inexpensive-label here on happy cow!
And our glasses were dirty.

Georgenstr. 67, Munich, Germany

sounds better than it is

01 Jun 2011

I've been to cafe iganz two days ago with my husband and a friend, due to my sister's recommodation. While reading the menu, I got excited because everything sounded soo good, with not-so-everyday ingredients etc. I tried the pomegranate lemonade recommended my the waiter and didn't really like it. I had wok glass noodles with dates, sea vegetables, brokkoli and carrots. The veggies were overcooked and the whole dish was just dissappointing. My husband had a starter salad, which was boring (shredded veggies that tasted like nothing, and a dressing alike, that was on the ground of the plate, not even poured over) and a potatoe stir fry, which was okay. My friend had a sweetpotatoe stir fry, which came along with A LOT of liquid, it looked like a soup. It smelled nice, but wasn't as good as I expect when I eat out. All the dishes were like "If I try this at home, it will be so much better"-waste-of-money-and-time, the whole evening was a huge dissappoinment. The waiter, too, was annoying. He tried to be funny und talked a lot, whereas I expect from a waiter to be more in the background, but ready when you need something or have a question. This waiter wanted to live out his extreme personality and interrupted our meal and conversation several times. When my friend asked for a spoon, he hurried away, and then forgot about it. Also, there're no desserts on the menu, just the cakes at the inside counter. I wish we had tried the vietnamese restaurant next door!

Baixa de Sant Miquel 3, Barcelona, Spain

Interesting place

02 Mar 2016

Our apartment was very close, so we stumbled over this place coincidentally. It's a small place, where you can also sit outside. The deccor is inspired by music and instruments etc. are on display. The owner is quite charming and helped us selecting the fodd. We tried the vegan pizza. There are not too many vegan options, though. It was very interesting for a night out, but as a vegan, it doesn't offer you enough to go there another time.

1, rue le Goff, Paris, France

Great store with a very good wine selection!

08 Oct 2013

We've been here a couple of times during our stay in Paris and shopped for picknicks. The selection is absolutely decadent! We tried various spreads, olives, artichokes, veggies, breads etc and everything was absolutely over-the-top! The staff ist very nice, and automatically answered in perfect English (and one case even good German!) when the noticed we were tourists. The whole breads were awesome too! Nice alternative to baguette! We tried various wines too and all of the were very, very good!
Perfect store!
And you can have a picknick in the Jardin du Luxembourg right around the corner!

92 Boulevard de Beaumarchais, Paris, France

slightly less than okay

08 Oct 2013

I was excited to try a loving hut for the very first time and was very disappointed. My husband had a asian-somewhat-bowl which was small and would have probably tastes good (instead of nothing) with some sauce or soy sauce on it, who knows? I had a burger which was good. The fries were the worst kind of deep-fried-baked-in-the-oven-stuff you can imagine. We had a starter, which was okay, but was absolutely overpriced for the tiny bit you got. We didn't try any desserts, because we were so underwhelmed already.
It's not a completely bad place though. The waitress was very sweet and spoke perfect English. The atmosphere was absolutely aweful. Very cheap with plastic flowers and thin paper tablecloths, and a tv in the corner. For what you get it's absolutely overpriced.
When you're in Paris, spend your money on a bottle of wine and a baguette, and you'll be better off by far!

8, rue Xavier Privas, Paris, France

Great Place for a quick snack next to Notre-Dame

08 Oct 2013

We bought falafels here for a quick lunch after visiting the cathedral. The location is perfect. Tiny place with very good falafel. We asked for vegan sauces and toppings and the manager was very nice and helpful. The service girl was not too friendly though. She looked like she just hated all these vegan tourists coming in, or maybe she just dislikes the manager, who we think was her older brother.
Anyway, the food was very good. Note: the hot sauce ist HOT (me likey, but don't say I didn't warn you!)
The place is too small for eating in, so we took our food down to the river and ate there, which is a wonderful place. Top!

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