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235 Division St NW, Olympia, USA

good food

22 Jun 2013

We visit frequently because it's close but also because the flavor is good, too! Very friendly service, but can be a bit slow sometimes. I recommend!

888 W Fort St, Boise, USA

I agree, not a co-op

12 Jul 2012

I agree with another member's review that this is far from being an actual co-op. It's much, much more of a trendy "oh, look at us, we're so environmentally conscious" place to shop for the upper middle class to upper class -- and the prices reflect that.

If I summed up the place in one word: Uppity. (But then, I kind of get that vibe from downtown Boise in general.) C'mon folks, you're just Boise, Idaho; how 'bout bringing down the haughtiness a bit? (I'm an Idaho native, so I'm not just 'picking on' a store that doesn't live up to the standards I've seen in other states. Plus, I've lived in FRANCE and the stereotypical rudeness found in and around Paris isn't even as 'snooty' as the Co-op. Yes, that's saying something.)

It's a decent-size store, so chances are they'll have something you're looking for (but don't hold your breath for true vegan at the deli). They also moved their huge wine section across the parking lot to open up a bit more space for actual groceries. The bits of 'raw' products that are sprinkled around the store seem to get a teensy bit bigger every so often, though the prices are only 'cheaper' because to otherwise get some of the products I'd be shopping online and paying shipping.

I have also been let down a few times by items I'd think I could surely find there and haven't been able to (i.e., ceylon cinnamon). They even started producing their own coupon books, but two items in particular I was looking for which had coupons weren't even carried in the store!!

One pro I can mention is the produce section is large and the items are usually of pretty good quality--some of it local--and you can find more out-of-the-ordinary items that aren't carried at the bigger chain stores. (**A newer grocery store has opened by the mall that carries many of the same items as the co-op with more affordable prices, though the produce section is a bit smaller.**)

Also, for folks sensitive to smell... the store does have it's own unique smell. It's not a bad smell, per se--just different. (Akin to a first trip into a crystal/incense shop as a teenager...?) Needless to say, my 8-year-old niece refers to it as "the stinky store." I've only taken her once and she still asks when we're running errands and are headed to a store if it's "the stinky one."

2413 Harrison Ave NW, Olympia, USA

Way better than typical fast food!

29 Aug 2013

Awesome local business with selections galore! There's pre-cleaned and cut/prepped fruit you can buy by the pound, you can custom blend a smoothie or pick from any of the pre-made goodies or produce items available. (I've only stuck to fruit and produce so I can't vouch for the ingredients in the pre-made items.)

Smoothies come with yogurt (you can have them skip it), and fruit-by-the-pound typically comes with cottage cheese or yogurt (again, you can skip). I've spied raw honey for sale here and when they have their fresh produce stands out front during the summer, the prices can't be beat. (Prices are even better than the place down the street... and better yet, they're SUPER friendly here!)

They're open nice and early so it's convenient to stop in on the way to work and they're open late enough to grab stuff on the way home. Too lazy to prep your own stuff? Thought you had a mango or two for breakfast and realized they were a few days past their prime? This place is the perfect fit.

(I know my review is 'glowing' but no, I don't work here or own it; I'm just a local who wants to see a good, honest, FRIENDLY, LOCAL business survive.) :o)

111 Legion Way SW, Olympia, USA

Awesome goodies & vibe

23 Jul 2013

There's a limited menu (juices, etc.), but they can make just about anything. There's usually a juice of the day & there's a cooler for you to grab ready-made items (raw parfaits, salads w/ raw dressings, their raw naimo bars, and whatever raw goodness they've made for the day).

Great service and great, fresh ingredients. Nice to be able to stop by a 'juice place' that truly understands raw, is allergen-free (aside from nuts), and vegan. They are also knowledgeable and include different itmes such as maca. (Like I said, they know their stuff!

I don't know if they're strictly cash only or if it's like most of downtown with cash strongly encouraged. Only other minor con is the very limited hours of 10a-3p.

1800 W Overland Rd, Boise, USA

Guess I expected more

12 Jul 2012

Overall impression? The food was pretty good but the atmosphere was akin to 'uppity' Boise and the Co-op.

Slow service, though I think that is more in part due to the speed in the kitchen rather than our server.

The overall vibe was unfriendly/unwelcoming. (Something like visiting a coffee bar for the first time and not knowing 'the lingo' while a huffy barista stares at you, waiting for your order. [I'm not saying our server was like this, I'm just trying to explain the vibe in the place.])

The vegan items are clearly marked (thank you!), there isn't much of a raw selection, and there are no vegan desserts (really?!?).

Some of the prices are a little high for what you get.

They are closed on Sunday; not a plus for M-F workers who run errands on Saturday and are looking for somewhere veg to eat.

301 Broadway, Oakland, USA

souley vegan rocks!

06 Sep 2009

Out of town visitor in Oakland for a wedding. Found Souley Vegan on HappyCow and decided to try it out. AWESOME food! Very friendly service, laid back atmosphere and incredible food! I've never had "real" soul food, so I can't confirm authenticity in flavors, etc., but this is a must-eat place!

You can order items a la carte or get their 'everything platter'. We went with the everything platter for $19 and upgraded to the $25 platter which then included red beans & rice and okra--both VERY worth the extra $6. All of the food was super flavorful and the platter portion was more than enough for 2 (we had leftovers). Trying everything was also really nice so we know what to get next time!

The only down fall was: cash only. (it's not too far to an atm, though. She also said they would be accepting cards soon.)

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