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18 Reviews by mcgyver68

Vancouver, Canada on 07 Feb 2012

"A fine lunch it was."
Winnipeg, Canada on 21 Jul 2011

"A Nice Little Surprise in Downtown Calgary"
Calgary, Canada on 19 Jul 2011

"Late night, hit the spot."
Denver, USA on 16 Feb 2012

"What they said!"
Rocklin, USA on 02 Feb 2012

"A mixed experience"
Vancouver, Canada on 09 Feb 2012

"Growth potential"
Vancouver, Canada on 29 Nov 2011

"Gone downhill recently"
Sacramento, USA on 29 Feb 2012

"Safe and quite good"
Vancouver, Canada on 29 Nov 2011

"OK, this is *IT*!"
Tustin, USA on 12 Feb 2012

"A new habit in Portland"
Portland, USA on 20 Jan 2012

"I don't get it"
Vancouver, Canada on 29 Nov 2011

"Ditto on the Kale Caesar"
Vancouver, Canada on 06 Feb 2012

"Surprisingly good."
Sacramento, USA on 05 Jan 2012

"I'd go again."
Portland, USA on 19 Jan 2012

"It has all been said before"
Vancouver, Canada on 29 Nov 2011

"Long wait, Great Food."
Denver, USA on 18 Feb 2012

"Just what I needed"
Reno, USA on 01 Feb 2012

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