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Calle 49B Unit 74-22, Medellin, Colombia

3 cows for good, basic food

01 Jun 2014

I went one day in May 2014. The food was basic, but good. On the day I went, they had tomato soup, tomato and lettuce salad, rice-veggie stirfry, mock meat, cake, and a juice drink. The current price is 10.000 pesos, which seems a bit much for what I got. In my humble opinion, the places in downtown Medellin have tastier food at lower prices. However, if you're already in this neighborhood, you may as well give this place a try. The Arbol de la Vida restaurant isn't too far away either.

Av Brasil 1998, Pueblo Libre, Lima, Peru

Good food at a good price

22 Nov 2014

Just when I think I have tried all the veggie restaurants in Lima, somebody posts another one and I have to go check it out! I have already been to their other location in the historic center of town, so the food was familiar, but I got more to eat at this location.

Just like the other location, this one has the buffet so you can see what you are ordering. As of November 2014, it's 7 soles for 4 different items, plus a glass of tea. There were plenty of tables there, and most of them were taken at 100pm when I was there.

If you would like to visit this place and you're in Miraflores, see the bus instructions for the Donde Ines veggie restaurant... instead of getting off the bus at Javier Prade Oeste, just go about 10-15 more blocks and watch the building numbers as you ride along. Get off in the 1900 block and the restaurant is on a corner.

Jr Carabaya 715, Lima, Peru

Good food, good location, good price

30 Oct 2014

This place was good for a lot of different reasons. They don't have haute cuisine for pennies, but it's a great value.

First of all, I like the concept of the buffet where you can see the food you're ordering. This really helps when you're in a foreign country. Even if you don't speak Spanish, you can simply point to what you want.

The price is only 7 soles, as of October 2014. For that price, you choose 4 items in the display which they put on a plate, and that includes a glass that you fill with either sweetened or unsweetened tea.

The flavors were good on the 4 items I ordered. The only thing I didn't like is that the food wasn't very warm.

The location is good if you are in the historic center of Lima, where a lot of tourists go.

All in all, a very good value in this part of town.

Calle 93 # 46A-11, Medellin, Colombia

Nice little restaurant in an expected place

06 Feb 2016

This is a nice little restaurant that started up in January, 2016. They only have two tables, but they were both available when I visited in February. The meal of the day currently costs 8500 pesos. The day I went, the meal included soup, the main plate with 5 different items, and a juice blend (beets and blackberry). The items on the meal of the day are posted on the wall, but they are working on getting a steam table display case so you can see and choose what you want. It's located a bit far from the areas where a typical tourist would go, but it's easy to get to using the Metroplus bus system. Just take line 1 or 2 towards Parque Aranjuez. Tip: get off at Berlin station when going to the restaurant, and then walk down the hill to Parque Aranjuez station when leaving the area.

Carrera 15 4N-13, Armenia, Colombia

Nice place in Armenia

22 Mar 2016

I went here twice in March of 2016. Once for lunch and once for dinner. When I arrived at dinner they didn't seem to really be expecting anyone to order food at night time, although they do have a printed menu. I picked the gratinado and she made it on the spot and also I got a batido de fruta. I thought the food was okay and it was nice to have a place open at dinner time. A couple of days later I went back for lunch and enjoyed it a lot more. The lunch of the day is 8900 pesos and it comes with a bowl of soup, the main plate with several items and the salad bar. It's a good deal for a lot of food

Casimiro de Moya 7, Gazcue, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

A good place in a good location

21 Mar 2007

The food here is good (although nothing spectacular) and there's a wide variety. Each item is priced individually and a normal meal will be around US$4-5. When you enter take a tray and plate and then help yourself to the buffet. There is water available just after the cashier station. This restaurant is within walking distance of the colonial zone, but it may be a bit far for some.

Carrera 16, Unit 7-71, Buga, Colombia

Very good food here

20 Jan 2012

I arrived around 1230pm; there are only a few tables but the place didn't fill up at lunch time. You might miss the place as from the outside there is no sign that it's a restaurant. Just look for the big green double door. There's nice music playing in the background, and there's a lot of natural light. The day I went, the meal of the day consisted of: Cream of vegetable soup with quinoa, the main plate had veggie spaghetti with mock meat, garlic bread & salad. Also fruit juice and candied kiwi for dessert. It's hard to believe this great food was only 5.000 pesos as of December 2011. The lady who runs the place said they are open until 200pm, but sometimes they are open later for snacks. If for some reason you find yourself in Buga, Colombia, this is the place to go!

Calle 34 66a -38, Barrio Conquistadores - Unicentro, Medellin, Colombia

Great Food!

03 Jun 2014

I almost never give out 5 cows, but I really liked this place. As of June 2014, the meal of the day costs 9500 pesos. The day I went, it included a bowl of beet soup, the main plate with 5 or 6 items, a glass of juice, and a small fruit dessert. I wish I could eat this good every day; it was so healthy and the flavors were great. I've never had beet soup before. For a typical tourist, you may not end up in this neighborhood by chance, but it's very nice, and the restaurant is right next to the Unicentro Shopping Center. The owner told me they also do deliveries. When they run out of the meal of the day, they also have tamales, lasagna, veggie burgers, wraps, etc. The owner lived in California for many years and speaks English. Although it may not be in the typical tourist places, this is worth the trip!

Calle Cruz Verde 221, Arequipa, Peru

Good food, open nights and weekends, good price!

05 Dec 2014

I ate here several times during December 2014. I thought the food was good and would recommend it to others. It's a large place with lots of tables and several dining rooms.

The lunch of the day currently costs 8 soles and comes with a lot of food. You get soup, salad, and the main plate (3 choices of the main plate if you don't get there too late). Plus a drink and a cup of yogurt.

Only a few blocks from the main square, and they are open until 800pm during the week, and even open for lunch on Sunday!

167 Cuba Street, Wellington

Just average

14 Oct 2008

I guess I was expecting more after reading the rave reviews on here. I ordered the Gado Gado and didn't like it that much. The menu said it came with a peanut sauce, but the sauce was really mashed sweet potatoes with some crushed peanuts mixed in. An odd combination of ingredients, and it was way too sweet. It seemed expensive for what it was. Not willing to give it another try.

Av. Larco 413, Miraflores, Lima, Peru

Expensive for Lima, good food

11 Mar 2008

I went in October 2007 and March 2008 and the food was good. It is at least 50% more expensive than other veggie restaurants in the area, so I'm surprised it is so busy. In my opinion, the food is only slightly better than the other places, although it has the nicest environment. The fixed lunch menu is 11.9 Soles (about US$4) The other places in town tend to be between US$2 and US$3. An example of what you get for lunch: A choice of either soup, salad, or Ocopa (Peruvian potato appetizer), then the main course of rice, lentils and "meatballs". Everything was fresh and delicious. There was only one waiter in the whole place, so service can be slow here. The food is similar at nearby restaurant El Vegetariano (probably because the woman who runs it used to work for Bircher Benner). If you're here for several days, go to all of them listed on Happy Cow and find your own favorite. This restaurant is busiest between 1pm and 230pm, but there is usually a table available here because it's more expensive than the others. The fixed lunch menu is only available from noon to 2pm, at other times only the regular menu is available, which is not as good a value, in my opinion. The fixed menu comes with fresh unflavored yogurt, to which you can add cane syrup from little pitchers that are on most tables. You also get a glass of emoliente, which is a mild herb drink.

333 W Cordova Rd, Santa Fe, USA

A great healthy choice in Santa Fe

26 Apr 2007

Although it's not 100% vegetarian, it's probably 95%, and the food is very good and healthy. I warmly recommend this place. They have a huge menu with items in all price ranges. Wraps are $6.50, entrees $8.95 and raw entrees $10.50. I had the raw Pad Thai, which was good, although not really similar to Pad Thai which you would get in Thailand. Open 7 days from 7am to 9pm. The restaurant is located inside the "Body" building on Cordova near the corner of Don Diego Avnue.

9819-F Foothill Blvd, Rancho Cucamonga, USA

3 cows for good, basic food

01 Mar 2015

I liked the food here, but it seemed more Chinese than Thai. I ordered the Pad See Ew and it was good, but I can't say it reminded me of Thai food. The Thai iced tea was good. The prices are reasonable. They have a lunch special and a dinner special. If you are in the area, drop by, but in my humble opinion, it's not worth a special trip.

They have WiFi, but the waiter told me it was only for the owner. If that's the case, why not name the network anything other than "Bright Star Wifi"? Not very customer friendly.

Calle 63, Unit 8-28B, Monteria, Colombia

The only veggie option in town I could find

02 Mar 2014

I asked all around town, and finally found this place... as far as I can tell, this is the only 100% vegetarian place in town. The location is in the north part of the city.

They are open continuously from 830am to 800pm, but it's really only a place for snacks, not full meals. They have bread, cookies, products made from soy, juices, yogurt, dehydrated fruit, etc. For a meal, you can combine items such as veggie sandwiches, soup, oatmeal, arepas, tamales and whatever else they may have that day. On Fridays after 330pm and on Saturday, they have Super Arepas (sounds great, but I couldn't stay in town long enough to sample them!). The day I went, I tried one of the veggie tamales and a juice... both were very good.

If for some reason you find yourself in Monteria, please stop by and support this business!

Calle 62, No 24-24, Manizales, Colombia

Good food, good portions

05 May 2016

The day I went here the meal of the day included soup, the main plate with 4 items, juice and a small dessert, all for 8000 pesos. I found the food to be quite good and I look forward to going back. I arrived at 12:45 p.m. and there were several tables available. The people that work there are nice. The street numbering seems to be a bit "off" at this location so just look for the map point on HappyCow to find this place.

Thanon Song Wat, Samphanthawong, Bangkok, Thailand

Not that great

17 Nov 2006

I was expecting more after reading the reviews on here. I ordered the "assorted box lunch" which was a bento box with different items. Flavors weren't really that great. I wouldn't make a special trip to this place. They add 10% service charge to the menu prices.

Calle 93, 42H - 60, Barranquilla, Colombia

My favorite veggie place in Barranquilla

02 Mar 2014

I could only go on one day here, and I really liked it. The restaurant is in a nice neighborhood, and the décor was nice too. The lunch of the day is 8.000 pesos as of January 2014. They are also open on Sunday from 9am to 5pm and it costs 1.000 pesos more that day.

My meal came with a bowl of soup, a juice drink, and the main plate with several items. Very good food, and it was my favorite veggie place in town. I wish I could have come back but I ran out of time in Barranquilla. They told me their current schedule (aside from Sunday), is 900am to 600pm.

Calle 59, No. 10-59, Bogota, Colombia

Very good food in the Chapinero neighborhood

18 Mar 2010

I really liked this place. At this restaurant, you pay first at the little counter in the front, then take any seat. They will ask you if you want everything that comes with the meal-of-the-day. Just answer "yes" to try it all. They will also ask you which juice you want (they usually have 3). Usually they serve a soup, and then the main plate which comes with several items. The closest Transmilenio station is Calle 57. When exiting the Transmilenio, walk north a few blocks, then turn right on Calle 59. There are other veggie places located in this neighborhood as well, but this one is now open on Sunday. They told me the hours are 8am until either 3-4pm. As of March 2010, the meal costs 7300 pesos Monday thru Saturday, and 8300 on Sunday.

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