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13300 Tecumseh Rd, Tecumseh, Canada

It took 42 years!

I grew up in St. Clair Beach and this is the first health food store to be located in the neighborhood! It's a small store, but they have a wide range of things. I was excited to be able to pick up some YamChop items (from Toronto) and they often have a few interesting items you can't GET in Toronto. They also provide higher end products that Zeher's health food department doesn't have.

Stop in for a fresh healthy smoothy or juice - something you surely can't get from the grocery store!

72 Erie St, Bisbee, USA


I've been to some food co-ops that cater to vegans more (almost all vegan baked goods and take out sandwiches) but what can you expect for southern Arizona? There's tons of other stuff to eat of course and a nice vitamin selection. We did eat a great tempeh sandwich and soup. Plenty of interesting beverages. The staff was really helpful and sweet.

3054 Dundas St W, Toronto, Canada

Little Gem in the Junction

Toronto's FIRST vegan bakery! (Yeah it took us long enough! :P)
Gluten free and tasty as heck. Personally I go ape over the "creamies" - chocolate chip cookie with icing cream in the middle. There are always lots of cupcakes to choose from and they even have savory pastries too. Wish I lived closer!
The chickpea pockets are really great.
Prices are a little expensive.
Updated from previous review on Thursday July 28, 2011

2322 NE 2 Ave, Miami, USA

Worth it

I had a helluva time getting there but when I found it, it was an oasis. A really cute cafe in a mostly wide open grimy kind of downtown location. The cupcakes were super cute with great flavours - I got 6 mini ones. Options between gluten free and regular (thank goodness. For us who can still eat wheat we are getting tired of the mostly gritty gluten free vegan cupcakes!)
When a vegan visits Miami they HAVE to go to Bunnie's!

2090 Wyandotte St E, Windsor, Canada

Raw in Windsor!

If you are use to raw food, you will find it comforting to go here. Standards abound and some really good raw truffles (try as I might, I can't NOT buy one each time I visit.) It's good to have somewhere really healthy to eat in this city. Recommended.

1595 W Highway 89A, Sedona, USA

Very good

Had a sampler plater that was out of this world. Also snacked on a onion rings raw chocolate that was equally good.

2642 Main St, South Chatham, USA

Tasty sandwich

I had a veggie chicken wrap that was very satisfying. They use Diaya - so pizza sure to please any vegan!

25 Hayden St, Toronto, Canada


Gee. I was extremely disappointed. The only thing that excited me was the raw cheesecake I ate. Everything else was uninteresting and lacked flavour.

2920 University Ave, San Diego, USA

pleasant surprise

I went there to get take out lunch but it was breakfast time and lunch wasn't ready. I'm not a breakfast eater but decided to give it a try. I was extremely impressed!
First off, although I have been vegan for 15 years I'm a "new school" vegan. I love the faux meat and the comfort food. The meal I had a Casa de Luz was very "old school". We're talking hippy commune recipes in Vegetarian Times from 1982. Kale with almond creme, a bean and corn dish, a gluten free tortilla, scoop of cinnamon raisin rice, mixed veggies, millet porridge (with coconut), a rutabaga and carrot soup... I don't know how they prepared some of this food but it was SUPER GOOD. For $8.50 you went through the bar with your plate or take out container and basically put as much as you want! I was modest, wanting to keep my appetite for a different dinner, but I'd wished I had taken more!
The only thing that didn't wow me was the raw lemon lavender cookie. But that probably is because I'm getting bored of raw desserts.
This was an incredible meal and goes up to at least top 20 meals I've ever eaten!

655 Bay Street, Toronto, Canada

I still go every once in a while

When I first came to Toronto I loved this place. Yes, pay by weight is overpriced, but I was going to school at Ryerson, so it was convienent. I go back every once in awhile. You can eat just a little bit, get in and out fast. Or you can stay a real long time. It's very casual. That's what I like best about it.
I was REALLY unimpressed when I heard they ship all the hot food frozen from Montreal. Kinda crazy. But I still eat it. They now have some sweet 30% off days for students, seniors, health workers etc. Check website for what day fits you.

478 Queen St W, Toronto, Canada

good food

I didn't have any of the time issues of the last review. The food was really good, although I have to admit it wasn't quite what the menu said. The folks working there sort of seemed not to fit in this "high scale vegan restaurant" but hell I guess I didn't really either! It was just a little odd.
Although I was really into the roast seitan when I first started eating it, towards the end and then as left overs I was actually grossed out. It was TOO much like real meat - with the rubbery fatty part and all.
Anyway, the rest was crafted really well. I'd eat here more if I could afford it!

160 Baldwin St Unit 1, Toronto, Canada

Good Eatin

Really ingenious. Nothing like this in the city. Jackfruit tacos are to die for. They changed the setien so it goes down much easier now :) Everything I've eaten I've liked or loved. The donuts are the best vegan donuts I've had from anywhere. (They are up to par with Mighty - O!) They don't have the donuts anymore but go next door to Sadie's and they have some :)
My only wish is that they offered some veggies or something. I always feel like I'm eating somewhat unhealthy meals there...
Updated from previous review on Thursday July 28, 2011

3088 Griffin Rd, Dania Beach, USA

little place

I can't see the rhyme or reason of this little cafe amongst strip malls but I drove out of my way to try the food.
I got the Avo Island which was nice but definitely not filling. I THINK I also got dessert which I ate later. It was decent. The french toast looked really intriguing and I wanted to come back for it, but it was just too far out from where I was staying. I'll check it out if I ever go back to town.
I bought some fun soap too :)

2366 Yonge Street, Toronto, Canada


I would sometimes eat at "Kale" when it was located in Noah's Health Food on Bloor. I always felt a little sad afterwards because it was more expensive than I wanted and the food was, as another reviewer perfectly put it "uninspired". I wanted some UMPH! Instead it made me "hmmm..."

140 Spadina Ave, Ste A101, Toronto, Canada


The food just didn't impress me. I usually have a hard time choosing a dish because there are so many good options... but this time I had trouble because nothing spoke to me. And then the food was just ok. There's a lot of options in Toronto. It's nice they are totally vegan.

1263 Queen Street West, Toronto, Canada


I ate there for Sunday brunch. It was totally awesome. the fake eggs were superb. The rest of the food was soooo goood. Recently I went back and found it is no longer open on Sundays mornings. I am confused and sad. I guess I have to go back and order the items as side options. I hope the eggs are available. The owner said something about how it she has to start the night before!

253 Gerrard St E, Toronto, Canada


I really enjoyed my cup of fresh almond milk and sunflower butter cookie. Tasted really fresh and made with love. Let's get this stuff in other locations!

588 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Canada

Wow! Toronto Vegan store!

Toronto's first vegan store has me so excited! No looking at labels and all those treats you eat are available for one stop shopping. PLUS the only place in the GTA with Sweet and Sara marshmallows! PLUS Boardwalk Chocolates vegan truffles!

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