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Calle de la Ballesta 13, Madrid, Spain

Leftie, fast food place

03 Oct 2013

A nice place with very friendly and helpful staff. No english menue, but the guy at the counter translated everything- he was very friendly!

It's more a quick fast food place than a restaurant were you sit down, also the atmosphere is like that. But thats okay.

I had something spanish, it was a bit boring, but I think it was my fault not taking something else. The kebab sounded promising.

The cake was amazing! Just 2 choices, caramel and chocolate. Great fluffy dough with a lot of cream.

15, rue Lucien Sampaix, Paris, France


02 Mar 2008

These two guys, who were really friendly. Perfectly speaking english (i think the're from america). When we went there they didn't got much vegan stuff, but we bought a take away salad witch was super good!Little cozy place. Also got muffins, sandwiches...all vegetarian. Only Nice!

405 E 6th St, New York City, USA


17 Aug 2015

Very great restaurant - menue is amazing, interesting smoothie mixtures, people there really know what they are doing and what is good for you, your soul and the environment. I had a absolutly delicious meal with perfect seitan, avocados, self made vegan kefir cheese and it came with starter and yummy kale salad.

Staff was really friendly, music was great. Good place to go for dinner in the evening, but in the day is fine too.

Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany

great vegan cakes

02 Aug 2010

nice people, good ambiente, food is okay...but the cakes are awesome! fresh and homemade. try them.

Marienburger Strasse 38, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany

much to expensiv for that food

02 Aug 2010

the girl who was there, was not the friendliest won, not a big choice of food (specialy vegan)- but cool creationens. i eat the stewed cucumber with estragon sauce. it cost 10,50 euro. all biological and fresh- but taste was not that good.

yes, and there was no vegan dessert.
think i'll not go there again.

Warschauer Strasse 33, Berlin, Germany

wonderful, perfect for dinner

17 Jan 2015

Mio Matto is a very cozy, yet elegant and stylish restaurant with a beautiful view on Friedrichshain. Perfect for a dinner, romantic but grounded and not to chic. Very friendly staff, helpful and explaining. 4 course menu was excellent with little snacks inbetween. A very tasty, thoughtful and creative trip into vegan gourmet cuisine I can only recommend. My highlight was the dessert: marzipan-foam with (on the table) caramelized apple and crumble.

Pretty expensive, nothing to enjoy on a regular basis, but that might just make the experince more unique.

Puecklerstrasse 32, Berlin, Germany

nice and friendly

02 Mar 2008

vegan store. People ther were really friendly and offered us a sleeping place. Really alternative. The best vegan sweets!Check out kreuzberg.

Costanilla de San Andrés 16, Madrid, Spain

Great buffet!

03 Oct 2013

I was very happy about the food by weigh system and tried everything vegan at the buffet. I really liked the salad, they were experimental and very tasty. Vegan aioli and mayo. The food was fresh, well presented and there was a big variety. Very good spiced! I felt repleted and good afterwards. The do fresh squezzed juices at the juice bar.

The place is REALLY colorful. Not my style but I enjoyed it very much, because there was so much love for details.

A pitty they just had one vegan cake.

Price was also totally okay.
English spoken.

c/San Juan de Letran, 13, Malaga, Spain

Lovely, small place

03 Oct 2013

El Piano is a lovely place- the owner is very nice and welcomes you warmly. I liked the food because it was so international (african, indian, andalusian) and good spiced. You can choose from different dishes and get them in special plates or "boats" (to take away).

It seems to be a nice vegan community, also the owner brought out cookbooks with the receipts.

The cake wasn't my taste.

Barnabitengasse 6, Vienna, Austria


02 Mar 2008

i think its the only place in austria were you get these vegan marshmellows. food is good. they sell there also vegan stuff like chocolate and sweets and...and they got the biggest selection of chopmeat i've ever seen.

Nostitzstr. 33, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

well thought

04 Jun 2012

I was at freckles 2 days ago and loved the atmosphere. Cozy, nice CD (all white and tuerkese). Two very friendly girls served me and gave me welcome feeling. They really care about what they sell you. It's vegan cake perfection. I would have expected more cakes, but I think it's because they are fresh open.

Go there, it's lovely.

Grazbachgasse 33, Steiermark, Graz, Austria

really nice

02 Mar 2008

For me as a vegan ginko is really good. The got every day vegan stuff and sometimes everything. Try the vegan cakes, they are awesome!(you dont get this good cakes anywere else)Its a self getting restaurant, what is really cool because you can choose what you want. service is very friendly and speaks english.They dont use microwave, and they only use gas-heating that doesnt destroy energie of the food. The ambient is super nice with music and atmosphere is good.You can also choose fresh made juices and coffee (fair trade) is also tasty and you can get it with soyamilk.Everyday they got also indian food and also food alround the world. Big salad-buffet. Food costs 1,10 Euro per 100g, so around 5 euros. Lots of food is biological too. For every vegan it is THE Restaurant in graz.

Schivelbeiner Strasse 34, Berlin, Germany


04 Jun 2012

I was so amazed of the wide offer of vegan goods that I was unable to make a desition and just bought a cheese after 20 minutes.

Althought it's expensive it's very execlusive and you feel good spending money on delicious vegan goods.

Enjoy not reading the ingredients! :)

9 Rue la Cerisaie, Paris, France

good food, bit expensive

02 Mar 2008

I was there 2 days ago,staff was friendly and spoke english. It was nice sitting in a whole vegan restaurant! Food was good, little bit tasteless and super healthy. We eaten really much but price was to high for this food.Desserts were good but 3,90 euros for a cakes is defenitly to much.Ambient was nice,really alternativ. Water and tee was for free.

Fjallgatan 23 B, Stockholm, Sweden

really expensive

24 Jul 2010

nice feeling, great view, good food (selfmade bread) nice vegetarian restaurant +vegan wednesday&bqq. BUT buffet ist not worth to pay 200 kroner, that is 22 euros! you can eat as much as you want, but this is really to much! cakes cost 5 euros.

Calçada do Sacramento 36, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

Amazing vegan lasagna

03 Oct 2013

Buffet style restaurant with great food. One of the best vegan lasagnas I have ever eaten (I took it 3 times). With a lot of vegan bechamelsauce. Also indian dishes.

Cons: Not well presented, atmosphere isn't nice- what is a pitty, because the room is big and you could something out of it, and great food should be enjoyed in great atmosphere.

Sørkedalsveien 10B, Oslo, Norway


02 Mar 2008

good food,really tasty, little bit expensiv. Service was friendly, perfectly spoken english.
really nice place

Kollwitzstr 54, Berlin, Germany

my dessert was a vegan miró

04 Jun 2012

hello there, I was at lucky leek and although it's small and hard to get a place it's a nice place to go. It's more the "romantic-eve-dinner-place", in contrast to Berlin's vegan fast food places. The food was very god and interesting and my dessert had similarities with a picture of Joan Miró. They really endeavoured.

But, it's expensive.

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