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705 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, USA

VegHead's Drive Thru

14 Sep 2011

I ordered a Mountain burger (vegan) and a brownie (also vegan) and got the pair for under $13. The burger was great: a tasty patty cooked just right on a nice bun with L & T; and the brownie was rich and smooth.

OK, so the "food" part of "fast food" was fine; but guys, you're aching me with your slow service. I arrived exactly at noon on a weekday, but it took 17 minutes to get my burger-and-brownie order. There were several cars lined up at the drive-thru window, but a few at the back gave up and left. As far as I could see, there were three people working inside: either more people are needed, or more pre-lunch-crowd prep should be done to speed things up. If this is fixed, the place has a bright future.

Updated from previous review on Tuesday September 13, 2011

610 Haywood Rd, Asheville, USA

Firestorm Cafe

14 Sep 2011

The decor and food was very basic. My roll-up was inexpensive but too simple for my tastes. If you're vegan and on a tight budget, this may be the place for you.

Asheville and Black Mountain area, Asheville, USA

Green Light Cafe

14 Sep 2011

The staff was friendly, but got my order mixed up. When they corrected it, it was a rush job through the oven, and therefore was cold; even so, the mole sauce was rather bland. Still, I'm willing to give them another try some time.

40 Wall St, Asheville, USA

Laughing Seed Cafe

14 Sep 2011

As this appears in many travel guides, the Laughing Seed Cafe can be crowded, but don't let that deter you. I had a late lunch on a Saturday and was seated at the bar. The staff is energetic and always polite. The Tempecado (vegan) sandwich was fresh and hearty, even better than I expected, and the mini-salad it came with was also fresh. I'd certainly go back at any time.

165 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, USA


14 Sep 2011

The decor is both modern and relaxing. The food is a cut above the other veggie restaurants in Asheville, offering gourmet vegan at a good price. The owners, staff, and patrons are all friendly. For dessert, the Blackout Pie is a dream!

116 N Lexington Ave, Asheville, USA

Rosetta's Kitchen

14 Sep 2011

Wow, this feel of this place takes me back to Boulder in the '70s! I was forewarned about the rib-sticking nature of the food, but I was happy I went. I had The Mountain, which is brown rice, kale, fried tempeh, and sauce: rather simple, perhaps, but it was tasty; and was served 4 minutes after I ordered. If you're really hungry, this is the veggie place for you!

70 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, USA

Greenlife Grocery

14 Sep 2011

When travelling to Asheville, this was my stop for food when I wasn't going to a restaurant, or when I was stocking up before long drives into non-veggie land. The pre-made lunch/dinner bar was great, providing many choices (including steamed greens) and complete ingredient lists to be certain that a given selection was vegan. The locally-produced artisanal breads and snack bars were great for the road as well.

301 Manufacturer's Rd, Chattanooga, USA

Greenlife Grocery

14 Sep 2011

I was travelling through Chattanooga on a Sunday, when (sadly) Sluggo's North Vegetarian Cafe was not open, so I was glad that Happy Cow recommended this. It has everything a vegan would expect in a Whole Foods, but the service was particularly nice (they were happy to run a stiff artisanal bread through the auto-slicer), and the location was great too (withing walking distance to a park along the Tennessee river).

1461 Woodruff Rd, Greenville, USA

Your Pie

14 Sep 2011

I had a Build-Your-Own pizza with lots of veggies and one "premium" topping (sun-dried tomatoes), which was under $8 with tax. It was a bit small, but you just can't beat the taste of a fire-oven crust. The vegan cheese is tapioca-based and was fine. The staff was very friendly and noted that their four sorbet selections were also vegan. Overall, this was an inexpensive way to get a quick fire-oven vegan pizza, only minutes from the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport. I'll be sure to stop by when I fly there again.
Because this isn't an all-vegetarian restaurant, the system only lets me rate it "4 cows"; but I certainly had a "5 cow" experience there!

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