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222 North End Road, West Kensington, West London, England

Fine if you are in the neighborhood...

11 Nov 2008

After the arduous journey to get there from central London, (taking 2 subways and a bus) we arrived to a virtually empty "cafe" to see a limited selection on the all you can eat buffet. That was the only option for lunch. Although the vegan eggplant parmesan was excellent, as well as the apple crumble that another diner recommended us having (it wasn't on the menu, perhaps the chef had made it only for the restaurant staff?), it wasn't worth the journey to get there. It's fine if you're in the neighborhood, but there was a limited selection of food. We paid 21 pounds for 2 buffets, a shared apple crumble, and a shared bottle of plain water.

772 2nd St Pike, Southampton, USA

A favorite place

18 Aug 2008

How fortunate we are in Bucks Co, PA to have this delectable restaurant in our neighborhood. One can share just the falafel with one other diner, and it is enough food. The potato and corn chowder is so good, that it's become a recipe I make myself at home. However, to order the soup plus an entree is WAY too much food. It's best to go when they first open for dinner, as the place is very small, and fills up quickly. Reservations are a must. I also adore the salads as an entree. Tasty sun-dried tomatoes and interesting polenta croutons. I brag about this restaurant all the time. Always nice staff, knowledgeable about the food, very earthy type people working there.

Prinsengracht 60-62, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cat on the menu?

19 Feb 2015

The quiche and salad were really great. Outstanding. Though I crunched down on something loud twice. I sure hope that was from the poppy seed crust, and not, ugh, egg shells. My sister ordered the salad, and raved about how fresh and flavorful it was. Large portions. I was "hounded" by the resident cat. Ok, sweet cat, not its fault that it lives in a restaurant. But it kept jumping up onto my lap. No, I wasn't going to pet it, I am allergic to their dander. I lifted my plate high into the air, so I wasn't going to accidentally eat cat fur. The waitress witnessed my distress, and calmly scooped the cat up and took him away. Then I saw her grab a dessert from the display case with her unwashed cat hand. Ugh. I know all sorts of interesting things happen to food in the kitchen, but that sure wasn't very appetizing, hence, we skipped on the dessert. Again, the cat jumped up on me, and I figured it was trying to tell me to leave if I wasn't going to pet him. Great way to turn over the tables for more customers. Smart tactic.

92 Berwick Street, Soho, London, London, England

Not worth the cab ride

11 Nov 2008

My sister and I tried to dine at Beatroot tonight. We came, we saw, and we quickly turned on our heels to leave. But we had to sidestep the drunk man who was mumbling to himself as he was stumbling out, clutching a cup of tea. One look at the food that was sitting under the hot lamp, and it looked like all the dirty serving dishes were there to be washed. There wasn't much evidence of fresh food. We were there at 8 pm. The 2 tables inside looked very unwelcoming, bench-style with the floodlights on "Full" overhead. Very stark and uninviting. Uh...no thanks. It had all the atmosphere of a soup kitchen with the vagrant joining us. We couldn't wait to get out of there, and took a 5 minute walk to Mildreds, which was on the other end of the spectrum in terms of ambiance and quality.

611 S 7th Street, Philadelphia, USA

Too Yummy for Description!

22 Apr 2009

Wow, finally, a really fine vegan restaurant for downtown Philadelphia. I've been there three times in one month, and will return often. I enjoyed the low lighting in there, so I could kiss my food before each bite, telling it, "thanks for being so yummy". OK, so my date was laughing his head off watching me do this. We shared the baked seitan and the lemon/peppered tofu. Yes, the prices are high, but if you cook, you can appreciate all the many flavors, sauces, crunchy/salty accompaniments that make each bite a savory trip to outer space. Very time-consuming and tedious to make fine vegan fare. I can appreciate all the work involved with the food. Even after dinner was over, burping it back up (I know, ick) was another taste treat. The smoky and chewy flavor of the seitan was marvelous. Even though I stopped eating meat 16 years ago, I still miss that chewy/smoky meat taste. A pan-fried portabello mushroom doesn't quite cut it. I also loved the blueberry cheesecake for dessert. Nice wait staff, you can tell they are proud of the food they bring out of the kitchen. Now if all meat-eaters could taste how good food is without the dead animal. I wish we had a Horizons out on the Main Line. You should call for reservations, as one time we didn't have one, and ended up eating at the bar, which was fine, but not as romantic. And I couldn't kiss my food as much.

1020 19th Street NW, Washington, USA

Not worth the journey

14 Nov 2008

Sigh...another wasted trip to try this place. I really read the reviews, and each one was raving about this place, so I thought I'd really enjoy it. No, I did not. There was a heavy grease smell in the air, so now my clothing and coat reek of it. No bathrooms here, so you have to exit the restaurant, and use the bathroom in the basement. OK, I was told by the cashier that the most frequent item people had was the "chicken java", which was put into a panini style sandwich with vegan cheese, roasted red pepper, fake chicken meat (it was sooooo tough, it was difficult to actually swallow), and to ruin it, it was flavored in a hot chili sauce. I am not a spicy food eater, so I was really disappointed. But even if I had ordered it plain, it would still be tough and chewy. So, I spent $31 in cab fare to try the place out. Very limited seating, I sat facing the window, wishing I had gone somewhere else. Maybe this would have been fine if I was already in the area, but it really was a take-out kind of place. Is there any way that Happy Cow can separate those restaurants that are sit-down, waiter served experiences, to the sandwich fast-food palaces? I hope I spare one innocent person from making the trip there. At least both my Ethiopian cab drivers made up for it in personality.

4 bis Quai Papacino, Nice, France


18 Aug 2008

I had been here before, several years ago. And had the opportunity to dine there again. When I tried to make the reservation in English, they pretended not to know English. Luckily I DO speak French, and the waiters like to only speak in French, though they will speak English if forced to do so. The dinner as of August 2008 is 29 Euros (no other drink than a carafe of water). The first course was the yummy filled potato with rice and potatoes that other reviews have listed. I was actually full just on that, and was wishing I could have just paid for that for dinner. Second course was a strange steamed cabbage leaves, filled with overly cooked lentils. Almost had a diarrhea consistency. Tasty, but not pretty looking. Third course I barely made a dent in. Undercooked "Napolean" (layered vegetables) of undercooked pumpkin and red peppers. Not worth the effort to try to find a cooked portion, so I passed on it. Waiter wanted to know why I didn't devour it. Next course was excellent. A cheesy lasagna (I took off the smoked cheese off the top). A perfect portion. 5th course was the fig tart and tasteless accompanying fig ice cream. I had to quickly leave to catch the bus back to my hotel, but it took forever to pay for my bill. No credit cards accepted. Of course, as I raced out the door, I saw my bus leaving without me!! I was fortunate to get the last bus of the evening 20 minutes later. I do like this restaurant very much. Very friendly wait staff.

89 Rangoon Rd 01-04 Urban Lofts, Central Singapore, Singapore

,Lucky Stumble

03 Dec 2007

Today, I was searching for a vegan restaurant, walking around. I didn't want to eat Indian (sorry, I love India, but cannot enjoy overly spicy food loaded with chilies and cumin). I literally stumbled upon this wonderful restaurant. I loved my lunch so much (avocado salad, shepherds pie (too spicy), and yummy chocolate banana pudding, that I returned for dinner and had the vegan burger. Lovely woman chef, very petite and unassuming, but delicious combinations of flavors. Nice staff, I'll be back tomorrow and the next, and will always wish I were back in Singapore for more food from this restaurant.

152-154 Curtain Road, Shoreditch, London, England

Fine Vegan Dining

12 Nov 2008

We spent three days in London, sampling as many vegan restaurants as time would allow. Although, not centrally located, we felt that SAF was well worth venturing eastwards. Having had a wonderful meal at SAF in Munich, I really wanted to introduce my dear sister to this fine restaurant. The staff were very informative and friendly, and full of information about the food on the menu. We were joined by another couple, and so had the opportunity to taste many different items on the menu. The stand-outs were the Budda Bowl, the cheese plate of nut-milk cheeses were outstanding, the caviar appetizer, and the apple cheesecake. Wow. Yes, the portions were small, but allowed for room to eat many courses. We left the restaurant feeling satiated without feeling stuffed or heavy. A definite return for us. Our guests were a meat-eater with an allergy to dairy, and was thrilled to find that every item on the menu would be allowable. The ambiance was modern and serene.

601-B S New York Ave, Winter Park, USA

Comfort Vegan Food

22 Apr 2009

I went here twice this week, as I like to go to different vegan restaurants around the world. Not an easy place to find, as there were missing street signs (I guess all the signs are used at Disneyworld instead). Nice employees who work there, especially Jeff, who would give me good advice about what to order. I could tell he really enjoys his job. I had the appetizer of steamed edamame, but got tired of opening them up. I would dip them in the accompanying soy sauce, but they would sometimes sink to the bottom of the container, and there was no way to dig them back up.
I had the pecan-encrusted eggplant as my entree. Great contrast of creamy mashed potatoes with brown gravy and the crunchy coating.There was some kind of alcohol used in the topping which I didn't like (I don't drink). The accompanying vegetables were heavy on the green pepper and oil. I had 2 cookies to go for later, but I was very disappointed with the taste. A bad oily, aftertaste from it. The second day I had the "dilly Philly" sandwich, as I live in Philadelphia. I found the pan-fried seitan very tasty, but the sandwich itself was very dry, and I ended up just picking out the insides. The accompanying cole slaw was the best thing that day. I had to move to the outside tables, as there was a strong and permeating grease stench coming from the nearby kitchen. Not appetizing, although those 2 window tables close to the kitchen were charming. I ate outside in the covered porch, but was surprised how many hairdressers from the beauty salon next door would walk through the porch area for their hourly smokes. Ick. Good prices on the food, but the credit card slips need to include a place to leave a tip.

Fjallgatan 23 B, Stockholm, Sweden

Be prepared to share your table

25 Nov 2007

I went to this restaurant tonight after not being there in over 10 years. Always happy to see a good vegetarian restaurant after all these years. Cold, wintery evening, I was there at 6 pm, waiting for my hunger to happen. This place is unique in that it stays open from lunch into dinner, so you're not starving by the time you get to eat at 7 pm. Because it was a Saturday evening, 6 pm meant that I had to find the less likely to start making-out couple to join their table. They didn't speak English, I didn't speak Swedish, so we got along fine. Very few solo diners, mostly young couples. Good food, I got the cheapest choice, buffet only, smuggling in my bottled water in my coat pocket. I have also been here in the summer, and the view and eating outside makes this place very desirable in the summer. I was a bit squeamish about the communal serving spoon in each dish. I wonder how many cold and flu germs I picked up? Not a low-fat meal. But very good hummus, and lentil dishes.

24 rue Rambuteau, Paris, France

Please make a salad dressing!!

12 Sep 2008

I went here tonight to give a place a try, as I'm always looking for my next "favorite" vegetarian place. I read all the many reviews, and some were favorable, and some were not. I appreciate all that had written in with their experiences. I knew to make a reservation and to make an early one, so I wasn't eating my meal in someone's lap. I got there just as they opened, but because the waiter was late, it was another half an hour before any food was served to me. I was beyond famished, and a dog outside the restaurant was beginning to look delicious to me. I had the complete menu, which was 22.50 euros. I chose the "salade verte", which was greens, but no dressing (what is it with the French and the no dressing thing?) I was given a spray bottle of vinegar and another bottle of oil. Yuck. It's not difficult to make a delicious vinaigrette. Had I known it was going to be a tasteless salad, I would have chosen something else to eat. My quinoa burger was delicious. And the chocolate mousse was very chocolately, and I only ate half and shared the remaining with the friendly folk next to me. Another family came in, and I recommended the crostillant that I was enjoying. It came with a side salad (again, no dressing), a timbale of pureed sweet potato, and I chose the mushroom sauce. I could have inhaled three of these deep-fried morsels. Very friendly service, I was well tended to, as I spoke French to the handsome waiter, and translated for other people in the restaurant.

45 Lexington St, London, England

Mildreds was our savior

11 Nov 2008

We arrived hot-footing it from a disaster of an aborted attempt to visit the neighboring vegetarian dessert, Beatroot" a few blocks away. The charming waitress welcomed us with open arms, instructing us to wait a few minutes to get our own table, and not share it with strangers. We each had the daily burger, loving that we also ordered the sweet potato fries. Yes, it was overly loud inside, they need some kind of sound-proofing in there, to absorb the sound. All the waiters were very kind, especially when I'd sincerely ask,"Can you turn down the noise in here"? They all agreed that it was way too noisy in there. I can see how that grates on their nerves night after night. Noise pollution at its worse. Dessert was the chocolate raspberry torte, a vegan dessert, but too chocolately towards the end. You can also just order one scoop of ice cream with hot fudge sauce. Dinner with tip was 37 pounds.

Tongguang Bldg, 12 Nongzhanguan Nanlu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Music too loud

28 Nov 2007

I went here for dinner, based on the hotel's recommendation. Not easy for the cab driver to find. Friendly staff, only one person spoke English, and it seemed like forever for her to come over to take my order. Everything was a la carte. Not an expensive dinner, but the food was served out of sequence. I hated the taped Chinese opera music that was blaring out of the loudspeaker above my table. It almost sounded like propaganda music. Service was extremely slow. Marvelous dry ice presentation of the sweetest mini tangerines.

19 hs Sint Jacobstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands

trust your instincts

10 Feb 2015

My sister and husband were with me when we finally found this hole in the wall. And yes, this is what it was, a hole in the wall, and not in a good way. Very bad vibes when we looked in. The owner looked and acted high, the one table had an oil cloth on it, which probably started out as a regular cotton cloth, but over the years, it had probably never been washed, the "oiled" look, probably from the oil in the air. We walked by here two times, one time being brave enough to just go inside. We should have trusted our instincts. The stench was enough to make us make a beeline out of there. There is nothing quaint, or "chill" about the place. It's a dump. If it looks dirty and the smell is bad, that is your indication that it's time to find another restaurant. If it's dirty IN the restaurant, what do you think the kitchen looks like??? No, not cool. If this were in the US, the Dept of Health would shut the place down, period. Not worth it.

12-14 Heddon Street, London, England

Perfect lunch

11 Nov 2008

My sister and I were soaking wet from a very rainy day in London. We enjoyed our lunches very much. A large buffet of freshly prepared cold and hot dishes. The 2 chefs were constantly replacing the dishes with fresh food. The coconut peanut balls made from tofu, the marinated green beans, and red salad were wonderful. I could have just eaten that, and been quite satisfied. You pile what you want on your plate, and it is weighed. Our 2 plates and bottled water were 28 pounds. Not cheap, but a typical price to pay in an expensive city. A free piece of bread is included with your meal. Lovely decor inside. Extremely friendly staff. Would definitely return to this restaurant. I've been to the one in Zurich, Switzerland as well.

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