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1812 Government, Victoria, Canada

for some reason, i still find myself going there

09 Nov 2008

not 100% vegetarian! vegan options can be limited, and staff have been extremely rude to me and unknowledgeable about vegan/vegetarian food, which makes me wonder... too bad they don't use rennet free cheese on their vegetarian items - and according to the staff, "there's no such thing a cheese without rennet!" i still go there for the bread though!

Borsov 2, Praha 1, Prague, Czech Republic

what a nice place!

12 Dec 2008

loved the atmosphere of this restaurant. had really amazing food here, excellent service, and cheap! great place to spend an evening!

1812 4th Ave W, Vancouver, Canada

good food, but small portions

09 Nov 2008

portions were smaller than typical indian restaurants, and the curries were not as good as most indian vegetarian dishes. however, there were many more options, which were very yummy!

18 Merrion Row, Dublin, Ireland


10 Mar 2010

super quick and large range of food goes on your plate. really only need the small plate because they load it on!

19 Wicklow Street, Dublin, Ireland

quick and tasty

10 Mar 2010

had a good selection and the food i chose was really good. similar to govinda's, but atmosphere uch nicer!

56-58 St. Mary Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

my favourite!

10 Mar 2010

the food was so amazing. lovely setting, great service, and the food was plated beautifully. will definately be going back! mmmmm

Tynska 19, Prague, Czech Republic

all veg

12 Dec 2008

went here when i was having trouble finding something vegetarian, so i was happy enough to be able to eat. the food was ok. i also found most vegetarian restaurants in prague were exceptional.

5-560 Johnson St, Victoria, Canada

bland, bland, bland

09 Nov 2008

it's great to have a vegan buffet, and there's a lot of selection. but, none of the food has any flavour. it could be SO much better if they just used a little spice and seasoning! also, it's surprising how much it ends up costing when it's time for the weigh in! i do love their tempeh and tofu products. they sell them at the restaurant, and i think are cheaper then in the grocery stores.

94 Hanover St, Edinburgh, Scotland


09 Nov 2008

we loved henderson's! had dinner there, and the portions we so huge, i don't think i've ever been more full! lots to choose from, great atmosphere, and above all excellent food!

Parkán 105, Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

a highlight of our trip

12 Dec 2008

went here for dinner and ate inside and then finished off the night sitting outside having drinks along the river looking up at the castle! such an amazing place to relax and enjoy the character of krumlov. went here again the next day for lunch, and ate in the sun along the river watching baby ducks playing. the service is very friendly and personable. there are many options to choose from, it was hard deciding what to order!

1958 Kirschner Rd, Kelowna, Canada

finally a vegan restaurant in kelowna!

09 Nov 2008

tasty food, large menu, great service.

617 Johnson St, Victoria, Canada

i love lotus pond!

09 Nov 2008

i've been going there for years! they have a big menu, and the meal packages are a really good deal. pretty much eveything on the menu is really good! the servers are usually pretty rude, and the decor is nothing special, so i especially like getting take-out - and it's always quick.

Uguisudanicho 15-10, Royal Palace Shibuya 103, Tokyo, Japan

a favourite!

17 Dec 2008

took a while to find, but well worth it!! coming out the main exit from shibuya, facing the infamous crosswalk you'll want to look to your 8:00 and head that direction, across the pedestrian overpasses, over to the guitar area. then head up one of the streets for several blocks. the restaurant is on a corner and across/near a post office. lunch was great, you get to choose 3 dishes and comes with soup and rice, i think around 1000 yen. dinner was also great with a changing menu. no set meals for dinner, and a little more money. great atmosphere, friendly staff who speak very good english. i will be back again!!

2724 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, Canada


09 Nov 2008

i've only been there once, and i was really disappointed. the food was pretty poor, and the service sucked. but the menu was huge, so maybe we just didn't choose good dishes. i will give it another try!

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