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6108 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, USA

Good food, gluten-free and friendly ambience

We ended up here because our first choice was closed. Glad we did.
Most dishes are raw, but there are some cooked choices. Everything is gluten-free.
The chili and subgy soups were excellent as well as the Sea Green Salad and Forbidden Black Rice with Kale. The Mock Tuna was really different with a coconut flavor.
The menu has bowls of food served in scoops on a bed of lettuce or sandwiches or salads. All desserts are raw.
Simple, yet yummy dishes.
The service is slow, but that is the feeling of the entire place. This is a neighborhood place where everyone is laid back and enjoying the food.
Good for a family, date or solo meal.
Bus stop right outside the door. We thought the neighborhood might seem dicey to some people, but it is safe and a lot of nice folks. Metered parking during the week, not on Sundays.
Will definitely be back.

46 Purchase St, Rye, USA

High value food at high price

Had to stop in Andy's because the food looked so gorgeous. Everything in Rye is pricy, so Andy's is priced accordingly.

However, everything is fresh and well made. Good for lunch. Open atmosphere and well decorated. Not much for a quiet dinner.

13-15 Crystal St, East Stroudsburg, USA

Great for after movie noshq

The beers are amazing. The neighborhood has needed this type of place of a long time.

The vegan choices are few, but so is the menu. We really liked the noodle wraps, but be aware - these great tasting noodles are more like PadThai on butter lettuce leaves. The avocado wrap was too much avocado and mushy. However, the wait staff was great and they do have vegan soups on a rotation.

The atmosphere is good for meeting a friend or group, but not the best for an intimate dinner. There is parking available as well as public transportation nearby. Most of the tables are high 4 tops, so if you come with kids there is only one area for strollers.

Many vegan eat there, so know if you ask to veganize something, they will do it if possible.

213 College St, Burlington, USA

Great simple mex food

Salad was huge and grilled onion & peppers were yummy.also added portobella mushroom. Split 3 ways. Burrito s were huge amd flavorful. Can get wholewheat tortilla. Not cheap but good for price. Can get as hot as you want.

1025 5th St NW, Washington, USA

Good, but not great

Three of us were hungry when we got here. We were really looking forward to the vegan nachos. Not much on them. We had a lot of empty tortilla chips.

We asked if they could make tempeh Reubens with the vegan mayo. They were really good, but a little oily. I would ask about the oil next time.

The choices were plentiful and interesting. The beer was good and we liked that they had local options for so many items. We should have ordered fries with one sandwich and the fruit salad with the other.

Atmosphere is really cool although could get a little loud. The desserts were yummy. The service was a little slow, but not really a problem. Tell them in advance if you have a deadline. We were not in a hurry and did appreciate not being pushed to order. However, our server was sometime not around.

Would be great for a gang or a date. They have breakfast, lunch & dinner.

We would have liked to hung out for the entertainment and would definitely come back.

4088 rue St Denis, Montreal, Canada

Contemporary, expensive, good

Get a reservation for the weekends for this uptown restaurant. The food is mostly organic, a good thing. This makes the price a little expensive.

The flavors are good, but not enough to send you to the moon. The portions are true French portions, although the food is mainly Thai. When it says spicy, it is not that spicy. We ordered the medium spice and could have gone up a notch.

For three people - 2 appetizers, 3 main course, 2 glasses of wine, soda was over $100 and we were hungry an hour later. But it is a great date place and the food is clean without a lot of oil. Service was very good.

Parking is REALLY difficult on a weekend, so take a metro or cab and save yourself the headache.

946 Boardwalk, Ocean City, USA

Just for lunch

We went here for dinner and were sorely disappointed. The pasta was a step above ketchup and pasta. The burger was passable.

Had we come for lunch or a vegan dessert, we would have been satisfied.

905 Main St, Stroudsburg, USA

Our local joint

I posted a review of Everybody's about 2 years ago, but don't know what happened.

Anyway, they are better. The place is beautiful and reasonably priced. The spicy dishes are not very spicy, so ask for more heat. The lentil burger is great. The martinis are not.

We take everyone there and they love it, carnivores and omnivores. Watch the combo foods. They are a mound of veggies with different sauces. I prefer something more than a stir-fry with a sauce. You can get wild rice with entrees instead of white. Ask. The soups are very good,as well as the salads.

Our last dinner was not great. Since asparagus was in season, I asked for it as a substitute. I was charged $4 for 3 spears. I sent it back. This was unusual. Heretofore, they had been very accommodating. The stuffed tofu dish with a marsala sauce is excellent. The portions are very large.

There is no child menu or child portions, so bring your own crayons.

The local wines are fab and I recommend you visiting the winery, (Sorrento's)about a 20 minute drive from the restaurant. The iced tea specials are very good.

I didn't know they had vegan desserts. I'll have to give it a try.

Anatole France 120, Colonia Polanco, Mexico City, Mexico

Okay for lunch

Good soups, but mostly vegan unfriendly. Great smoothies. Almost no vegan choices. Forget finding tofu. Great salad with nuts. The tostadas were dry. Somewhat dissappointing, but not worth avoiding.

199 E 3rd St, New York City, USA

Great Food, Friendly Atmosphere

This is an excellent place to be introduced to Ethiopian food. Very small, but cozy. An entire section of the menu is vegan. The owners are orthodox Christians so they do not use dairy in the restaurant. They have a sampler platter with most veg dishes. Most Ethiopian restaurants serve meals on the bread, Injeera. Your food will come on injeera, but they do have eating utensils should you want them or need gluten-free. Please tell the server you prefer your food served on the plate alone. Your meal can meet your spicy heat needs from none to hot, hot, hot.

They have wine that is good. We liked all the vegan dishes and the dressing on the avocado salad. The service was great. Not a fancy joint, but fine for a date in the trendy, funky lower east side of NYC. Perfect for catching up with friends.

Good for the price.

9343 Culver Blvd, Culver City, USA

Great Food

There were 3 of us and we had to order quick. I ordered sweet potato fries [ok], chicken finger-y things [little spicy and fatty], meatball sandwich [very good], Reuben [excellent, everyone wanted to eat], peanut butter pudding thing [not that great], chocolate cupcake [ very good]. A little pricey, but great quality. We were dashing to and from a photo shoot, so we didn't get to really check life out.

Would definitely go back. Lavender Lemonade was great! Excellent service.

Homero 1210, Colonia Polanco, Mexico City, Mexico

Good food, vegan choices

Great food. Simple. Not a fabulous choice of foods, but enough. The cafe is great and fairly cheap. No alcohol. The "beef" patty was yummy and the salads were great. Best food we had for 5 days in Mexico City. Visit Monet's Chocolates 2 doors away. They don't make anything in advance and are ORGANIC.

146 Ives Street, Providence, USA

Good Comfort Food

Went there as out of towners. They have a few veg choices. The day we were there they had the veg chili and BBQ Seitan Sandwich. The other choices were simply Boca Burgers or Tofurky Kielbasa heated up.

The sandwiches were pure BBQ - fatty, sloppy, yummy. Strictly comfort food. The sweet potato fries were what you would expect.

We would go here again on another "must have comfort food" day. There is no seating inside, but outside had tables. It is on a neighborhood street, so follow the directions carefully.

701 S 50th St, Philadelphia, USA

Best Beer, Great Burgers and Pizza

We have had beers all over and make them. This was the BEST flight of beers we have ever had.
There are 2 types of vegan pizza and a really good burger. The Trio fries are worth trying if you eat fried foods - not overly greasy.
There are salads available, but you will have to put together one from ingredient choices on the menu. Luckily, the staff is great and will accommodate and explain everything.
Perfect for families, hanging with the gang or being a beer snob. Can be a little loud, so may not be the best of an important date.
Public transportation available and some street parking.
Will be back.

933 Ann St Ste C, Stroudsburg, USA

Great choices for small store

Run by folks who care about clean, organic foods. However, owners are Atkins fans. Once a month sale off everything in the joint not already on sale. They are very knowledgeable about herbs, but little science and no medical background. Still I think they are a terrific source in information.

They do a lot of personal ordering. So, come in with your requests.

Insurgentes Sur 1641, Mexico City, Mexico

Nicer restaurant, few vegan choices

The staff wants to serve you right. Most dishes have cheese already added, so you can't request vegan. At least they know what vegan means. Alcohol available. Good for an upscale dinner, nice ambience. No vegan desserts.

5801 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, USA

Simple, yummy, great beer

This is one of those great finds you have to be a local to know. You get exactly what you are thinking - hotdogs and drinks, oh and Tater Tots. There are over 20 different toppings for the VEGAN hot dogs. The toppings are on a menu for vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free. Ordering is a bit tricky, but ask your server for help.

Additional parking across the street and on a major bus line.

You get exactly what you think - a large hot dog with whatever toppings you want as many as you want. The toppings go from mustards and sauerkraut to tex-mex to traditional relish/ketchup.

BEER SNOBS - this is your joint for all kinds of microbrews on tap. You can get a tasting of a beer before you commit, but don't abuse it. Great atmosphere for a fun date or night out with the gang. Great place to watch a sports event.

LUV this place.

Montreal, Montreal, Canada

Neighborhood cafe eager to please

This is a wonderful little cafe, perfect for that cup of tea or coffee during an afternoon break. The food is gluten-free and made on the spot. Even though it is made on the spot, except for soups and desserts, the service is very quick.

The cookies were a little too goo-et, but had a good flavor. The smoothies are very yummy.

They suggest that you call in advance so your order will be ready. They bent over backwards to make sure our take out order was packed correctly.

Very nice and I would definitely go back again.
Not for a dinner date. Does not serve alcohol. Not sure if they are cash only.

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