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Drahtgasse 3, Vienna, Austria

Filling, almost too filling,,,,,,

14 Jan 2009

We enjoyed our meal, the special of the day. It was full of solid filling things, which we liked. Judging by others complaints on Happy Cow, many people want the moon on a stick and would have moaned about this meal being too starchy or carb heavy.

Strada Banu Manta 25, Langa Primaria Sectorului 1, Bucuresti, Bucharest, Romania

delicious despite being healthy

02 Feb 2010

i know few sane people think that anything healthy can taste nice without adding generous quantities of fat and salt, but this place proves that wrong. A really high quality menu with lots of options based on international cuisine, rather than Indian food as you night guess in an Aryavedic place like this.
Sadly they have compromised with people unhappy with the meat free menu and serve fish, such a shame, but in Romania its still pretty radical.
It is not expensive, however as there is so much cheap food in Romania, it might seem comparitvely pricey, but definately worth it.

2 North Parade Passage, Bath, England

Gave it another chance

10 Sep 2009

This is our second review, our first said we wouldnt go back butmy partner complained to demuths and we got a voucher, and tried to give it a second chance.
We enjoyed the food this time but couldn't see how it related to the cost, if we didn't have the voucher.
My Thali was nice, but not like any Thali I experienced in India, we know they can do authentic indian food as the ran a days cooking course in indain food that my partner attended and it was apparently fantastic.
It wasn't horrible, just could have been better.

14 Jauniela, Riga, Latvia

Worth a visit.

21 Oct 2008

memory is a bit hazy as this was some time ago, but I remember a long and highly descriptive menu, large portions and enjoying the meal very much. The atmosphere was interesting and relaxing. Vaguely remember it not being open as often as one might expect.

Admiraal de Ruijterweg 331, Amsterdam, Netherlands


21 Oct 2008

Quirky, I had heard that dutch service was traditionally very "relaxed" and my girlfrind had been here before and warned we would be waiting a while, however SERVICE WAS QUICK!!
The portions were large and the food was tasty.
The staff were very nice, though spaced out (probably wacked out on goofballs!)
I think booking in advance is against the nature of the place, best just to turn up and look at the board, because the printed menu will tantalize, unfortunately in the original sense of the word from the character of Tantulus in ancient greece, who was punished by spending eternity with delicious fruit just out of reach, for trying to feed the gods HIS OWN SON.
We think you should go for the experience and really recommend it. A rambling review that goes well with the place, except the chef won't try to serve HIS OWN SON!
We will be back, hopefully in January...

Tynska 19, Prague, Czech Republic


10 Sep 2009

Judging by the negative comments taste is in the eye of the beholder obviously, or something like that. If that was accurate we would need eyewash and if the food was hot and spicy it could be nasty.
We loved this place when we were in Prague last year, we wont go into more detail as we have left the review too long for details, but the value for money was excellant. Its

Barnabitengasse 6, Vienna, Austria

pleasant little place

14 Jan 2009

When we went we found it friendly and informal. The food we had was good, I had the japanese curry and my partner a stew with dumplings. They were both full of mock meat that tasted delicious, just like my memories of the real thing that taunt me in my dreams nightly,,,,,,It was exceptional value.

V. Vigyazo Ferenc ut 4, V. ker., Budapest, Hungary

We had high hopes,

14 Jan 2009

We had the "big plate", which I enjoyed, my partner didnt like it much though. It seemed a mix of Hungarian and Indian, In hindsight I would rather have stuck to the Indian . I would have liked to try other dishes, I certainly felt the Indian ones looked better than ours. The staff were friendly.

V. ker. Alkotmány utca 20, Budapest, Hungary


14 Jan 2009

We both had falafel filled Pitta and enjoyed it. The staff kept refilling our free mint tea and service was swift. If you like hummus, falafel and similar this should be good.

XIII. ker. Hollán Ernő utca 6, Budapest, Hungary

Nice once we found it.

14 Jan 2009

Its not across from the lizt academy, its vaguely near. It was also obscured by scaffolding when we went. I always find it frustrating when happy cow reviews are negative based on people getting exactly what they ordered, yet I find myself going down that route, I ordered a complete plate, with hummus, phool, falafel, mushrooms, chickpeas and 2 pitta. It tasted excellant, and before my complaint I remind you i was in a place called hummus bar, it had too much hummus, it was good hummus, but so much of it. The moral for me is, think before I order.
The decor uostairs featured a pleasant room made to look eastern and a wall covered in Isreali newspapers.
I had brought a cat along, but there was not room to swing it unfortunately.

4 Byron Place, Bristol, UK, Bristol, England


21 Oct 2008

This is the most indian place in Bristol, very good food for a very good price. They never used to automatically add on 10% service charge without saying though, thats a new thing and if it happens to me next time I go, i wont be going back.

17a High St, Glastonbury, England

We keep going back for more!

10 Sep 2009

This is the second review we have done as we have made so many return trips we felt we had to say more. We have taken to driving the 28.6 miles down on a regular basis.
There are regular changes to the menu and its very filling.
We find the food delicious, its rich without being too rich, and it tastes wholesome, but not too wholesome.
The only problemI have had is getting the journey down to coincide with my favourite meal being on the menu-stilton mushroom and walnut pie.
The Mezze is always on the menu and is superb.
The cake display gives a wonderful feeling of abundance, and the portions are big.
As a previous reviewer said its not got a huge vegan selection, but not mny places do really.
Give it a go, PLEASE!

Krisjana Barona 56, Riga, Latvia

super smashing lovely

21 Oct 2008

We ended up going back several times during our time in Riga. The food was of very high quality, served cafeteria style. the value for money is the best I have ever experienced. It is however somewhere to eat rather than somewhere for a Romantic meal.

113 Gloucester Rd, Bristol, England

a cornucopia of delights

12 Nov 2008

I have used scoopaway for over a decade. It sells everything from ground rice to asafoetida. There's a huge range of stuff. my girfriend is getting me to type this, now she says she has lost the will to live so the review ends here :(

12A York Road, Montpelier, Bristol, England

good stuff

21 Oct 2008

This is one of the most authentic Indian restaurants in Bristol, A thali is a large metal "plate" with several recesses with dishes served served in each of them, so you get several things to indulge in on one plate. They will serve you extra if you are not full, as they would in India. The chapattis (An indian flatbread) aren't included as they were with every Thali I had in india though.
It is good food and a good atmosphere.

The High Street, Glastonbury, England

nice falafel,but,,,,

23 Feb 2009

I really enjoyed this, my partners comment began as the review title does, the thing is the choice of salads was very pickled, several of them but mainly pickled. Fantastic value however, certainly very filling.

Ungargasse 57, Vienna, Austria

Very satisfying experience

14 Jan 2009

So we got there before they opened for the evening, and grabbed a member of staff on her way out to check they would be opening, she seemed on the verge off offering to let us in because it was so cold, but my partner decided we were too emabarrased. we returned soon after (it felt like much longer in the freezing arctic temperatures) I ate a delicious crispy duck style dish and my partner had a pork dish, she feels it was pretty much the best cooked fake meat dish she had ever eaten. I also enjoyed mine a lot.

Kaiserstraße 45, Vienna, Austria

The dark lord Seitan is succeeding-

14 Jan 2009

in his plan to make me eat myself to a type 2 diabetic early grave. We had enjoyed an evening meal at the other location and came here for the buffet, we enjoyed almost everything available and kept going back for more, it was very impressive, fantastic value and I recommend it to any reasonable people.
But don't try to fit everything on your first plateful!!!!!!!

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