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364 Roy St, Seattle, USA

Great Chinese food!

11 Nov 2009

I love this place, and while it's not the healthiest with all the deep fried items, they're good and vegan! I brought 6 non-veg friends last birthday and they all enjoyed it!

14500 Juanita Dr NE, Kenmore, USA

Not bad- just limited

24 Jul 2010

This place is truly cafeteria style but it's a great find in a small town where veg*n choices are very limited. I visited on a Friday when the special was Avocado wraps (vegan), they also had some hot choices and salad bar. The wrap also had tomato, lettuce, sprouts and oils and such, it was pretty good but a little too big for me. You select the one you want and pay per pound, but I had a hard time eyeing just how much I'd want. I also tried the watermelon greek salad which was surprisingly good, only problem was I discovered at the end that it had feta in it (I'm vegan), still -good flavors in it. I had a vegan pumpkin bread for dessert - yummy! I noticed some gluten free selections as well.
I think this venue is good for people close by that don't want to cook lunch or breakfast once in awhile, or maybe to meet a friend at, but there just aren't a lot of food choices available.
My whole meal was under $5, so the prices are decent.

3827 5th Ave, San Diego, USA

Not Bad

11 Nov 2009

Was quite as veg friendly as I imagined, looking at the description on this page I see I must have missed the vegan cheese and options somehow. The salad was good, but I think there are better veg restaurants in San Diego worthy of my time and money.

324 15th Ave E, Seattle, USA

Nothing Spectacular

11 Nov 2009

I've had to eat here a few times while working on Capital Hill. It seems to me that the service is extremely slow - it took 20 minutes to heat an item out of the display case - and they are overpriced, you can't get a sandwich under $10 which is too pricey for my blood. The food isn't bad, but if I'm paying that much and waiting that long I can go to Teapot across the street.

7875 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, USA

GREAT Place!

21 Mar 2010

I'm in LOVE with this place! I wish I could go to Vegas all the time now...
Not only is EVERYTHING available as vegetarian or vegan, they also use organic whenever possible. The "meat" products are an owner recipes that use organic and non-gmo products - something that is very important to me.
The food is good, the desserts are divine! And vegan too. The Red Velvet cake for which they are named - around 150 calories so you can afford to eat a whole one, it's yummy.
The ONLY downside to the restaurant, and I visited it for 3 days once I found it, is it gets very busy. And when it's busy it gets slow. I waited 30 minutes for my to-go sandwich, so be prepared. I'm happy it's busy though, I'm glad others appreciate and support this restaurant.
Prices are very reasonable too.
I would give this 5 COWS if I was allowed to.

3442 30th St, San Diego, USA

Good Food!

11 Nov 2009

What a great place, lots and lots of options, I loved it. It was noisy and busy and so a long wait, but the food was great!

3827 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, USA

Not too bad

29 Jul 2010

This is a bit of a hole in the wall, just 6 or so small tables. You order from the counter from a small menu- some sandwiches and a quiche the day I was there. The help wasn't overly friendly nor the place exceptionally clean.
I had a meatloaf sandwich despite not being a meatloaf fan - To my surprise, it was very, very good! The price might have been a little high, but I would go back once just to see what else they had to offer.
I didn't see much for dessert as far as cookies and smores etc that other people mentioned, maybe I didn't look hard enough on the cluttered counter.

3351 Adams Ave, San Diego, USA

This is my must eat at!

11 Nov 2009

When ever I travel to San Diego I must eat here! I can't seem to move past the neat-loaf, but have tried a few other tihngs. The food is good, place is light and airy. The only downside is the staff is a little, um, stand-offish. They are cordial and polite but not overly friendly. Food is great!

17121 Bothell Way NE, Bothell, USA

Not too Friendly

17 Jul 2011

I'm not sure how, in the city of Seattle, this got listed either.
I called ahead as my husband and I were meeting another couple there. The owner, on the phone, told me she didn't have much for a vegan! And she didn't want to ask the chef to create something either. I almost cancelled the reservation, and should have, but instead opted to eat before we left home and eat a salad there. Granted, the salad was very good, but if you're looking for a full meal you won't find one here for you.
This was in March, it's possible things have changed since then so verify for yourself.

3411 N Halsted, Chicago, USA

Great Diner Food

22 Jul 2010

First, know that you're going to a diner! If you think you're going out for healthy food you are mistaken! That being said, it was delicious. I ordered the chicken fried steak- even though I never ate it as an omni- and had a strawberry shake. It was all vegan, as is most everything. The "steak" was very crunchy yet tender inside, the mashed potatoes were appropriately chunky with a perfect mushroom gravy.
I arrived about 630 on a Wednesday night, easily found parking and was seated and served immediately. When I left there were many people waiting for seats though. It is packed and noisy but the servers were friendly and quick.
They had many vegan desserts to choose from as well. A side note - my table-neighbor wasn't vegan but she likes their vegan nachos so well she goes every time she's in Chicago! Prices seemed very reasonable.
I'll go back anytime!

3504 Wynn Rd, Las Vegas, USA

Good Food

21 Mar 2010

Veggie Delight is pretty good food, and I eat there at least once every visit to Las Vegas, but I order the same thing everytime! The Sweet and Sour pork in vegan. It's good, the rice is good, the tea is good.
I definitely recommend this place, but bring cash as there is an extra charge for credit.
Oh, and they do deliver to the strip for $5

801 NE 65th St Ste C, Seattle, USA


04 Jul 2010

Yummy food! I had to try the biscuits and gravy after reading the reviews, and boy was it good! I also had a scramble, potatoes and toast, all of which were very good but not necessarily terrific. A lot to try on the menu so I'll be back many times.
Definite college atmosphere, very casual.
They do ask you to put everything in the bus bin and they will separate to recycle, which I thought was great - very green.

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