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1087 New North Rd, Mt Albert, Auckland

Pleasant all-vegan cafe

22 Jul 2013

great coffees which can be flavoured with 'lavender' and 'star anise' etc.

nice baking with a small food menu that changes. would like to see them expand their menu to include more cooked food - so far everything ive tried here has been very nice.

the decor is nice and contemporary however last time i was in there there was what looked to be a kids drawing of a swastika inside which i found odd. not sure of the context there but would suggest taking it down.

Updated from previous review on Sunday June 09, 2013

204 Cambridge Heath Rd, East London, England


09 Jun 2013

Very well prepared food - highly recommend the vegan cooked breakfast. The guy who cooks here should be working in a high end restaurant imho.
One of the few places to get nice coffee in London too.

385 New North Rd, Kingsland, Auckland

perfect if you dont suffer anxiety disorders

07 May 2013

the food here is amazing i cant say a bad thing about, the coffee is also excellent.

i live down the road and id come here all the time except for the fact it gets very packed and there is never anywhere to sit down - there is no real sort of system with waiting for seats so it gets a bit confusing and then i have a panic attack and have to leave.

last time i ended up getting take out after some shore moms took the seat i was waiting for.

a few people have said this place is expensive, it isn't - its the same price youd pay at any average cafe in Kingsland for far superior food that has much more manpower involved in its preparation.

hopefully they will expand or something so its a bit more relaxing to eat there.

482 New North Rd, Auckland

Vegetarian Friendly Jordanian

09 Aug 2015

Petra Shawarma is 'vegetarian friendly'. However there is meat on the menu.

The sisters who run the place are vegetarian and there is a vegetarian menu there, of which about 3/4 of the items are vegan.

They are very accommodating to dietary requirements and if you dont mind the wait - (they make everything from scratch even though its not always logical to do so) their food is some of the freshest and best Ive ever eaten in Auckland.

596 Dominion Rd, Balmoral, Auckland

Cheap & Delicious

09 Aug 2015

At Ras Vatika you can eat for under $10, and the food is very good. Its not the best indian food in Auckland but its still really great and I am never disappointed.

Everything is vegetarian and most things can be made vegan or are vegan anyway such is the nature of indian cuisine.

55 Stoke Newington Church Street, Stoke Newington, North London, England

Very good indian

09 Jun 2013

heaps of vegan options on the menu. it may not be the best indian in london but its certainly 'very good indian' in London and very cheap too.

C/ Literato Azorin, 8, Valencia, Spain

set menu is great value for money

21 Jul 2013

i ordered the 10 euro set menu which was great value for money - three courses. the quality of the food here is exceptional and i was particularly impressed by the tempeh schnitzel and carob dessert. very nice wines and beers here too - cant say a bad word about it - highly recommended. the sushi is very nice but a tiny bit overpriced i thought.

20-28 Renfield Lane, Glasgow, Scotland

vegan without making a big deal about it.

07 May 2013

unpretentious with a lot of space good music nice staff good food good price.
vegan without making a big deal about it.

5 stars

6451 E Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, USA

mind blown

21 Jul 2013

went with three other friends and everything we ordered was delicious. if youre not into mock meats there are lots of nice salads and other options but if you dont mind them, the buffalo wings are amazing. would be a good place to bring friends who aren't vegetarian or vegan.

218 Dominion Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland

Breakfast Of Zeus

06 Apr 2014

Limited vegan options but you can tell they are really trying to cater.

The breakfast of zeuss is a great entirely vegan breakfast on the menu, and the vegetarian burrito they make with a vegan option is also great and big enough for 2.

The price is a little on the high side but so are all cafes in central Auckland and I imagine the rent.

You'll spend $20 on breakfast but walk out satisfied having sampled a great selection of hot sauces.

The coffee here is hit and miss, Ive had a few good coffees and some disappointing ones - it depends who is making them.

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