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2800 Leavenworth St, San Francisco, USA

Best vegan food in Fisherman's Wharf

There are not a lot of places in Fisherman's Wharf that have a good selection of vegan food, so I'm so happy that 3 Potato 4 is open for business. Now when friends or family visit and we go to Fisherman's Wharf, I know that there's a place where my wife and I can get some yummy potatoes and soup. Huge selection of sauces that are very delicious.
Small little shop with a cool space theme. Very fast to order and the server was very friendly.

1896 Curtner Ave, San Jose, USA

Huge variety of authentic vegan Mexican dishes

It's nice to be able to go to an authentic Mexican taqueria and order from an all-vegan menu and not worry about what they might be adding to or cooking the food with.
The vegan selection here is HUGE and really top notch. I was impressed with all the food we ordered: fajitas, spanish rice, chips & salsa & guacamole, and tostadas.

I'm exited to go back and try more things on the menu.

377 Santana Row, San Jose, USA

Awesome vegan Indian food

We go to Amber India on special occasions (due to the expensive dishes), but when we do it's always awesome.

They have a really good vegan selection (labeled on the menu), which includes potato samosas and roti.

My favorite entree by far is the Cauliflower & Cashew Bezule which is vegan and so delicious. It's the type of dish that tastes like it has dairy in it, but it doesn't thanks to the magic of cashews. I would describe it as an Indian version of Mac & Cheese, if the 'Mac' was cauliflower and the 'Cheese' was cashew sauce.

This is a great place to go if you're in Santana Row and want a fine dining experience that everyone will love.

The only major downside to this restaurant is it's right around the corner from Veggie Grill which means I'm not as likely to choose it, but at least the food is a nice change from the American comfort food at Veggie Grill.

201 E Campbell Ave, Campbell, USA

Great for social gatherings

Aquí has menu that lists all of their menu items (you can access it on their website or a separate menu at the restaurant). It has a decent number of items, and I really like the Yucatan Organic Tofu. Their vegan selection used to not be as good a year or two ago, but it's much better now and the dishes are very flavorful. They also have a salsa bar which is nice.

Aquí is known for their industrial strength swirls and margaritas, so it's a great place to go to hang out with friends and have a few drinks and food. My main complaint is that it's always really hard to find a table (self seating) and it's really loud (the inside is all echo-y hard surfaces).

It's in a nice location in Downtown Campbell, near other stores and bars. Parking is usually not difficult to find because there's a public free parking garage right next to it.

415 E Campbell Ave, Campbell, USA

Decent but expensive pizza

Since originally reviewing Blue Line, they've made some positive changes.
They now offer Daiya vegan cheese at no extra charge. Their sauce and thin crust dough is already vegan. Pizza seems a little expensive for what it is, but they make a good thin crust pizza (better than Patxi's thin crust, but since Blue Line's deep dish isn't vegan Patxi's is still my go-to vegan Chicago style).

Plant Based Pizza is not too far away if you want to support a local, all-vegan pizza joint with more variety for vegans.

Updated from previous review on Monday March 11, 2013

Campbell Ave, Campbell, USA

Excellent farmers' market

Awesome selection of local, organic fruits and veggies. There is a ton of variety and you can get stuff fairly cheap. Even got some organic tofu.
The food stands are also great -- I had some amazing vegan Indian food (a bit pricy, though).

876 W Hamilton Ave, Campbell, USA

Great tasting food

My fiancée and I were in the mood for Chinese and decided to try this place out. Took us 45 minutes to walk there, but man was it worth it!
It's a small but quaint place, with a nice quiet atmosphere. Hardly anyone actually eating in the restaurant, but quite a few coming in to pick up takeout food.
Their website says they have many vegan options in addition to their vegetarian options, but our server didn't seem to understand what the word "vegan" meant. She was not a native English speaker, so we resorted to asking questions like "Does this item not have any egg in it?", to which we would get the answer "(pause...) No... I don't think there's any egg. No egg." Despite the language barrier, I'm pretty sure we eventually ordered vegan dishes (most of the vegetarian ones seemed to be vegan, except the obvious ones that were not because they came with egg, honey, or cream cheese).
Now, on to the food!
I ordered the Mongolian Veggie Beef (mostly because I've seen it as a popular meat dish at other restaurants but had never tried it and I was curious how it would taste) while my fiancée ordered the Fried Tofu and Veggie Beef with Mixed Vegetables and Thai sauce Sizzling Wok.
The Wok did indeed come out sizzling in a fancy wok heated with a candle. The Mongolian Veggie Beef and nicely plated with some flowers on the side (not sure if they were edible or just for looks).
Everything tasted amazing. The veggie beef (apparently made from mushrooms) seemed like something I've had before at other asian vegan restaurants, and it had a very good texture and taste. The sauces were excellent and had lots of flavor. Some of the best Chinese I've had.

I only had 2 (minor) complaints. First, despite being "vegetarian specialties", the dishes were very much focused on the mock meat aspect and had very little other vegetables other than lots of onions, herbs, and spices. I would have preferred more real vegetables. Second, the prices were a little high for a takeout Chinese restaurant, but it was probably worth it because the quality and appearance of the food was better than any other takeout Chinese restaurant I've ever been to. Also, one way to solve this problem is by using their coupons listed on their website which get you 15% off dinner, and the coupons don't seem to have any expiration date. I plan to use one every time I go. Additionally, unless you are really hungry, it seemed like 2 people could probably share one dish if they both ordered their own side of rice.

10310 S De Anza Blvd, Cupertino, USA

Tasty pizza

Amici's has really good pizza. They use Daiya cheese, and the vegan pizza on the menu has a lot of good veggies on it. I also like creating my own pizza. The servers are always really nice too, and the atmosphere is good.
The only downside is it's a little pricey, but I can deal with that since I love the pizza so much.

1875 S Bascom Ave Unit 190, Campbell, USA

OK choices if dining out with non-vegs

Hobee's has a few vegan choices if you are looking for a place that will be acceptable for a group of people. The tofu scramble is about average, and they have a veggie plate which has a ton of veggies on it with many sauces to choose from (probably not all vegan), but it's nothing to write home about.

I wouldn't go here with just my fiancée since we are both vegan and there are plenty of other all-vegan restaurants in the area, or other veg-friendly places with more interesting choices. But we'll definitely consider this place when non-veg friends or family are visiting who may be unwilling to try an all-vegan restaurant.

Took forever for someone to come to our table and take our order and to deliver the check. Even after flagging down a waitress and saying we were ready to order, it still took a while before anyone actually stopped to take our order.

5430 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, USA

Awesome food

The food here is delicious. They have a menu with a large variety of options, so I always try something new every time. Their tofu buffalo wings are especially good. The atmosphere is great too, if you're into the indie, retroish diner type thing.

2193 Mission St, San Francisco, USA

Great food and atmosphere

Love the food here! The Buffalo Girls (seitan wings) are amazing, best part of our meal. Fries are good too, nice and thick, and they come with a mix of sweet potato and 'normal' potato fries.

Lots of vegetarian options, and our server informed us that all vegetarian options are already vegan or can be made vegan, so plenty to choose from.

I've also had the tofu fish and chips. By itself, it doesn't have much flavor, but it came with vegan chipotle sauce and vegan tarter sauce. Once dipped in those it was really good.

Our server was really friendly, prompt, and made sure we had everything we needed. I liked the general atmosphere too, although it can get a little loud because of all the flat, hard surfaces.

735 Copeland St, Lower Level, Pittsburgh, USA

Awesome raw vegan food

Came here for the first time the other day. I ordered their $15 sampler, which gets you every single raw vegan item on the menu. That means a 9 course meal: 3 appetizers, 3 main entrees, and 3 desserts (although you get a pretty small portion of each, it was still enough to fill me up).
It was some of the best food I've ever had, and I'm not even raw.

5229 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, USA

Good vegan pizza and food

I've been here a few times already and it's always good. Last time I built my own vegan Hawaiian pizza with pineapple and vegan ham.
Nice and quiet place, extremely clean and inviting.
Haven't had a chance to try other menu items yet, apparently most of which can be made vegan if requested.
They have a rewards program too.

1875 S Bascom Ave Ste 405, Campbell, USA

One of the best vegan pizzas in the Bay Area

I love Patxi's! Their Chicago style deep dish vegan pizza is amazing. It's really filling too - don't expect to eat any more than 2-3 slices. The default signature vegan pizza on the menu is really good, but you can also create your own as long as you order it with Daiya vegan cheese.

1111-2 Meridian Ave, San Jose, USA

Great place to grab some vegan pizza

While there are many pizza places in The Bay area that offer vegan pizzas, not many (if any) are completely vegan, so I was pleasantly surprised to hear about Plant Based Pizza.

I went there on opening day with my fiancée and had a great experience. On the inside, it looks like any other take-out pizza joint -- counter to order at, a few small tables, and the mandatory cooler full of drinks. They also have other niceties that make it appealing, such as brightly painted walls with inspirational sayings and bamboo plants. It was very clean and the staff was really friendly.

We ordered a BBQ "chicken" pizza and a Philly Cheese steak. The cheese steak seemed a little small for the price (~$10) and a little lacking in flavor. It was made with some sort of fake meat, lettuce, tomato, and Daiya cheese on panini bread. It wasn't the best I've ever had, but it wasn't bad.

The pizza, on the other hand, was pretty awesome. It had pizza sauce, Daiya cheese, fake chicken, BBQ sauce, and was topped with cilantro. It was really tasty and I'm definitely looking forward to trying some of their other pizzas.

Another perk, if you're like me and like riding your bike, is that it's (almost) right off the Los Gatos Creek trail, so if you live near that you can take a nice bike ride (or walk) to Plant Based Pizza. That's what we did and a nice ride that ended with vegan pizza.

Overall, I think Plant Based Pizza is a great place to try if you are looking for some vegan food such as pizza, calzones, desserts, salads, and more. On opening day, we got the feeling that they have some things to iron out and room to improve, but I'm sure with time and more experience they will become a great Bay area restaurant.

Campbell & Union Ave, Campbell, USA

Small but good selection

There are not many vendors that show up for this farmer's market, but there's usually at least one selling a large variety of organic produce. I can usually get all the most common items I want there. I especially like the allergy-free bakery and Indian food stands that usually show up, although the prices aren't exactly cheap.
Best part is it's less than a 5 minute walk from my apartment.

2006 Winchester Blvd, Campbell, USA

Fun, vegan donuts

When I'm in the mood for donuts, I go here. They have some really good varieties. They always seem to have at least 4 vegan flavors every day.

Be prepared for these donuts, they're giant, sugary, and delicious. You may want to share one if you're not keen on such a huge sugar rush.

2006 S Winchester Blvd, Campbell, USA

Delicious vegan donuts

Every vegan donut that I've tried here was delicious. They are really filling and creatively decorated.
Just ask what donuts are vegan when you walk in -- sometimes they don't seem to be labeled very clearly, but the server always knows exactly which ones are vegan. I think there are usually at least 4 vegan ones daily. My favorite flavor so far is 'Nanner Split' (banana donut, chocolate and strawberry icing).
Also, try to get here earlier in the day. Their vegan donuts tend to be pretty popular, so often times they run out after 5 or 6pm. One time I came in to meet some friends and they were all out of vegan donuts, but as I was sitting there the chef came over and said he had made some vegan donuts just for us if we wanted any. So nice of him!

Beware of the 'Vegan Interrupted' donut (or something similarly named). It's a vegan donut base, but they put bacon on it.

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