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Wienerstrasse 19, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

Nice idea, but...

... not dissimilar to my criticism of Yo-Yo's in Berlin:

Tables are DIRRRRRRRRRTY... you'd be very worried touching it, for having to take your clothes to the dry-cleaners afterwards or having to put them in the washing machine upon returning home.

The menu is interesting, though little emphasis on 'health'. The staff varies too frequent. One get's the impression working there is often a means to an end for a very transient bunch of part-time Berliners.

However, when I started to visit this eatery, I was genuinely blown away by the excellent french fries... although the quality has gone down two years on.

Another difference to last year is, the fact that they now do some sort of unidentifiable salad. Last year, when I asked for a nice big juicy slad, I got a little bowl of just plain chopped iceberg lettuce. It was the saddest salad I had ever seen. No fantasy and totally lovelessly prepared.

A wipe with a clean soapy cloth every time someone has eaten is NOT a great luxury, but somethign every customer has a right to... though in Berlin, clean tables are a rarity.

Two cows are just right for this place.

Gaertnerstr. 27, Berlin, Germany

Not very compelling...

... are the words I feel my fingers force me to type.

With many eateries in Berlin, it's a fact that they are mostly NOT run by staff or owned by proprietors who do not have a background in the food & beverage industry (Gastro in German). This often reflects in they way these business are run. Try to find a freshly wiped clean table is impossible. So called "bussing" is considered outlandish and, their bad service by often uninterested, unfriendly and unkempt staff seems to be what your custom gets rewarded and met with.

This is the case with Yo-Yo's Foodworld too... and is the reason why I do NOT and never will repeat my visit.

I have photographic evidence of what a take-away portion of chips (french fries) looks like... so I am not being vindictive here.

I see no reason why, yes, even in a veg(etari)an restaurant, the service could not be more professional.

With due regret, I am being forced to give this restaurant an undeserved 2 cows, though 1 would have sufficed.

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