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4005 34th St, Mount Rainier, USA

Save a ton of money

This place is awesome. You have to put a little effort into shopping here, bagging things and finding containers at home for items you're used to getting packaged, but you'll save a ton of money (plus it's environmentally friendly).

I come here once in a while to stock up on pantry items like dried beans, whole wheat pastry flour, vital wheat gluten, nutritional yeast, nuts, dried fruit, herbs and spices. I'm always stunned by how low my bill is. It's pretty easy to get to with public transportation, metro to rhode island ave and then a short bus ride. If I lived closer I'd come here way more often for things like the fresh local, bulk organic tofu and the insanely good vegan ice cream made at a shop on the same street.

So, shop here! Everyone is really friendly, too - even the other shoppers will smile and greet you.

1529 Piedmont Ave Ste D, Atlanta, USA

so good!

I'm in Atlanta this week for a business trip, and I found Green Sprout on this website. They delivered to my hotel room. If only they would deliver to my normal home 1000 miles away! The wonton soup was spectacular. I haven't had wonton soup since going vegan 5 months ago, and it's one of the few things I really missed. This was just like I remembered - the taste was spot on, and the wontons wonderfully soft and delicate. Whoever took my order on the phone was very helpful in guiding me the kind of entree I was looking for, which turned out to be chicken with mixed vegetables. The sauce wasn't gloppy at all, very light and flavorful (I asked for it to be spicy and they obliged). It came with *tons* of fresh, perfectly sauteed vegetables, and very yummy fake chicken. The price was very reasonable, no more than I usually pay for 'normal' chinese food, and delivery was fast. The portions were very generous, so I get to look forward to having this again for lunch tomorrow!

1370 Park Rd NW, Washington, USA

some good, some bad

I love this place for the things it does well, but I've definitely been disappointed here too.

What rocks:
cupcakes (chocolate with chocolate icing - yummmmmm)
cowvin cookie (oatmeal cream sandwhich thingy)
noreos (like a big cake-y oreo but so much better)

What's not so great:
little devil - kind of grossly dark chocolate, not sweet enough, made me a bit queasy.
soft serve - I was *so* disappointed cause the idea of soy soft serve had me excited, but this just doesn't do it. The soy ice cream from the grocery store is way better, this had a bad texture and a very soy-ish taste.
chickpea sandwhich - boring, bland, could have made a much better one myself.

Haven't tried the rest of their offerings yet, but I'm working on it!

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