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3200 S Grand Blvd, St Louis, USA

MMMm falafel

This is a nice little place in St. Louis that I dined at for two reasons: it had veg food and it was named after me. Well, not really but we share the same name.

I greatly enjoyed the vegan Falafel Platter with some Persian tea. I had to park out of the way as it is on a somewhat busy street. Too bad they would not give me a discount because my name is Natosha. I will visit again.

6005 Berkshire Lane, Dallas, USA

Delicious wraps!

This is a small restaurant but it is oh so good. I'm an ovo-lacto vegetarian but do venture into vegan/raw when the opportunity arises. Bliss has a delicious Amigo Wrap with "crisp romaine with chili spiced beans, taco paté, guacamole, sprouts, red onion rings, pico de gallo, salsa verde, dash of cumin."

The wrap was about 13 bucks but it's worth it if I only eat raw occasionally. Just thinking about it now makes me wish I was back in Dallas eating one!

5a High Street, Glastonbury, England

Good hummus

My aunt and I stopped here for a quick snack once we arrived in Glastonbury. We only had hummus, which was quite good. And we had a cup of coffee (odd combination, I know). We didn't care much for the staff. Not sure what it was about them, they just didn't seem too friendly.

2 North Parade Passage, Bath, England

Good veg food

My aunt and I ate here during out stay in Bath. I've been a vegetarian for over 14 years and she's leaning in that direction.

While the food was pricey (majority of veg restaurants/foods are), it was very good. I've yet to really meet a veg restaurant I did not like. I do enjoy my food!

We started out with thoughtful bread and the portion was rather large. I had a kind of Asian salad (I forget the name and I didn't see it listed on the website). I enjoyed a Whole Earth sparkling delicious cola and she had Frank still spring water. I would eat here again.

56-58 St. Mary Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

Delight in Edinburgh

While on vacation in Edinburgh, my aunt and I tried David Bann. I had the Grilled courgette, puy lentil with mash and gravy. She had Chilli with sweet potato and chocolate sauce.

The presentation was quite elegant and my aunt said her dish was the best she had the whole trip. The combination of food on my plate was very good and I was thoroughly impressed.

I also recommend ordering the homemade hummus. I am a hummus fiend and this stuff is amazing. So if you're in Edinburgh hunting for a veg restaurant, this is the place to go. It's near the Royal Mile so when you're tired from shopping stop in here for a nice meal!

1738 Sweeney St, Owensboro, USA

Great little store

This is a great store for your vegetarian or supplement needs. The health bar at the back is great. I go about once a month for the super sprout sandwich or super sprout salad. Very good and very filling.

40 Wall St, Asheville, USA

Heavenly hempnut!

It was my first time to Asheville and was looking for a veg restaurant. I have yet to find one that I don't like. Laughing Seed is delicious. I had the hempnut burger with some pasta as a side. Definitely recommend that. Had Blue Sky cola to wash it down. This is a must visit restaurant for my fellow veggies!

2700 SR 261, Newburgh, USA

nice little store

Whenever I am in Newburgh, I usually make a stop here. It's small but there is a pretty good variety of products. You can find supplements, frozen goods, body care, etc. There is also an area that is refrigerated. You will find fresh produce here.

3738 Lexington Rd, Louisville, USA

Another awesome store

I go all over in search of "health food stores" and I visit Rainbow Blossom whenever I am in Louisville. The selection is great and I always find something to purchase.
Updated from previous review on Friday October 15, 2010

17a High St, Glastonbury, England

Nice eatery in Glastonbury

Rainbows End is my favorite restaurant in Glastonbury. Great place to grab a lunch. It's almost easy to miss if you're not paying attention as you're going down the street. It is a bit congested but it's worth it.

71 East Street, Brighton, England

Lovely veg food

Brighton is such a lovely place and eating here just added to it. I highly recommend it to visiting vegetarians. It's a bit "different" but you won't be disappointed.

4944 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, USA

Love this place!!

I found this Whole Foods Market by accident one day while I was cruising Shelbyville Road. It's the first one I had ever been to and I get so excited to go back! It's a great place to eat lunch then do some grocery shopping. Hope one day there will be one closer to Owensboro!

1420 W Hwy 89A, Sedona, USA

Great store

I bought some items here while on vacation in Sedona in 2009. Pretty cool place.

8190 Park Ln Ste 351, Dallas, USA

Pretty Store!!

I almost fell over when I saw this place. It's the biggest Whole Foods I've ever been to. I went there in May 2010 when it just opened. It is so big I didn't get all the way through it. I was a little disappointed in the buffet though. The buffet is a big reason I go. The smaller Whole Foods I've been to seem to have a bigger selection of foods on the buffet. Other than that, this place is gorgeous!
Updated from previous review on Monday October 18, 2010

77 Marylebone Lane, London, England

great indian food

My aunt and I ate at the Woodlands while in London. I had CHANNA MASALA- Tender chick peas simmered in a delicious tomato & light masala sauce. Ideally eaten with a bathura. I did order the bathura, which is a VERY LARGE fluffy bread. All of it was delicious. Indian is my favorite ethnic food and enjoy trying different restaurants.

To drink I had the orange and apple juice. Very refreshing.

2240 Frankfort Ave, Louisville, USA

Soo good

The food is fantastic. I had the Crispy Egg Rolls, which are to die for. I also had the Veggie Sandwich and it had the best avocado I've ever tasted. While I live about two hours from Louisville, I am super excited to go back. The Crispy Tofu and Vegetable and Bean Curd Soup have definitely caught my eye for next time.

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