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2510 E Grant Rd, Tucson, USA


03 Feb 2016

We went there for dinner in January and were very disappointed. I'm not sure how informed the clientele is about Indian cuisine, and am mystified how anyone could have enjoyed the food. We ordered a vegetarian meal: tarka dhal, aloo gobi and palaak paneer. I've never seen dhal served as a paste - as stiff as mashed potatoes and the vegetable dishes were tasteless. It seemed that the cook forgot to add any spice.
I was interested in trying their dosa there, but am not going back based on my a la carte experience.

585 Osprey Ave, Kelowna, Canada

Not so super soup

01 Jan 2015

We stopped in one afternoon for a bowl of soup and warm carrot bun with coconut butter. The "cheesy" soup was disappointing in taste and a little hard on the digestive track, while the carrot bun was quite lovely.

Springfield, Kelowna, Canada

King of the Farmers Market

27 Feb 2014

I enjoyed some great tasting soup and a plate of snacks at King’s Veg Food Stall. It’s a nice family operation with good food. If they had a restaurant operating year round I would go there a lot! - but you can only find them during the outdoor Farmer’s Market season, and Saturday mornings at the indoor winter venue.

1958 Kirschner Rd, Kelowna, Canada

Great Food and one of a kind

30 May 2013

We enjoyed a fabulous meal at Lake Tai last week. It was freshly prepared and very tasty. The ingredients and seasoning were authentic, and there is no MSG! This is the only purely vegetarian (in fact, vegan) restaurant that we have found here. What an oasis. We will definitely be back.

120-1876 Cooper Road, Kelowna, Canada

Healthy Staples for the Community

27 Feb 2014

I was so excited to find a “health store” that sells more than pills. Nature’s Fare is big, well organized and in touch. There are a number of stores in the province, but I’ve only been to the one in Kelowna. The produce section is great. Lots of locally sourced organic items. The Bistro adds to the charm and community of the store, but my gripe is that meat is not separated effectively. I won’t eat from display cases that have meat items beside and juggled serving spoons. However, I have enjoyed fresh juice from their juice bar.
The staff is really informed and helpful for everything, from details about obscure items/techniques to finding things in the community. Many times there has been a demo or info session setup when I’ve been shopping there. There are lots of grocery aisles with a good selection, a great offering of books and magazines, small bulk section, large area for supplements and beauty products (the money makers), as well as a bunch of new agey products. I’m happy they are in business.

1334 Kingsway, Vancouver, Canada

One of my favourite restos in Vancouver

18 Mar 2014

The food is excellent, each dish is distinct and the menu has a huge selection. I often wish I could be there with a large group of friends so we can try more dishes. The wait staff are fast and efficient. The place is clean and the opening hours are great.

1023 St Laurent, Montreal, Canada

New Owners

17 Nov 2012

We've enjoy very nice vegetarian meals at the Hong Kong restaurant in the past - but things have changed. We went there last night and asked for the separate vegetarian menu . The restaurant has new owners and the menu has changed. The vegetarian options have been significantly reduced and they are now listed in the regular menu with everything else. That triggered some concern for us, so we asked for confirmation that vegetarian really meant vegetarian. The guy said, he wasn't so sure about the preparation, use of chicken stock and real veg recognition anymore. We lost our appetite and they lost our business. We got up and left.

2051 W Warner Rd Ste 7, Chandler, USA

South Indian Gem

03 Feb 2016

We went on a Tuesday evening in hopes of finding a good south Indian dosa. To our delight, it happened to be a sampler-night for Dosas and Uthappams that night at the Ruchi restaurant. Feeling happy about our fantastic timing we opened the menu to see an impressive list to choose from: 17 dosas and 7 uthappams, served with sambar and chutney. Between the two of us, we sampled and enjoyed 6 different creations, accompanied by a flow of delicious sambar and two kinds of chutney (coconut and tomato).

Our dosas and uthappams were flavourful, colourful, and smelled divine. Authentic all the way! I was so seduced by the experience, I could have easily eaten too much. I calmed myself down with a reminder that we can come back again – and we will. The service was perfect in every way: friendly, fast and informative. This place is a gem.

And more: They offer a buffet if you come for lunch; which apparently is very popular. And if you prefer to order from the menu, that option is available at lunch time too.
The place is big with lots of seating. I also saw a low table which provides an option to sit cross-legged.

2115 St-Denis, Montreal, Canada

In praise of Yuan

18 Nov 2012

I love this place and often go there with friends so we can share dishes. The food is always creative and great tasting. The family who own and run it are truly beautiful, generous, and kind people. I think that comes through in their offering. I even bring omnivores here and they love it.

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