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1425 E Southlake Blvd, Southlake, USA

Love to Shop Here

07 Jan 2013

Grocery shopping here is so much fun. The atmostphere is warm and inviting. I could get lost for hours and not realize it. There are so many options, and is one of the few stores near me that supplies vegan substitues for cheese, eggs, and milk. The restaurant connected to it is decitant as well.

1620 Broadway Ave Unit F, Seattle, USA

I Love Pizza

07 Jan 2013

Was starving and didn't feel like eating out, so my boy friend and I decided to try this place for takeout. SO GOOD. We got the vegan option, and I believe we got some sort of California named pizza but without the chicken on my half. I ate my entire half if that helps to explain how good that place was.

9101 Blvd 26, Ste 101, North Richland Hills, USA


07 Jan 2013

I go here almost every single day with or without my boyfriend. They have the friendliest staff. I was short on cash one day, and a girl that worked ther paid for me!! I was blown away by here good deed. Their vegan crumble coffee cake is to die for, and I love getting their coffe of the day. It'such a cozy little shop; I feel at home when I'm there.

914 Melbourne Rd Unit 914, Hurst, USA

My Everyday Lunch

07 Jan 2013

I go there almost everyday for lunch and dinner. I have a big appetite, and the fact that it is a buffet is awesome. I can go for as many helpings of salad I want, and I'll be stuffed after.

1314 W Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth, USA


07 Jan 2013

First time I went there was with my AP Environmental Science class, and it was so good! I was the only vegan there, and to see the rest go from being skeptical about the food to loving it made me really happy as well. I recommend that place to everyone vegan or meat lovers!

225 Randol Mill Ave, Southlake, USA

Love It

07 Jan 2013

This is the closest grocery store to me that supplies vegan replacements such as milk, cheese, eggs, yogurt, ice creams, and meats. Their vitamin selction is great and it's not hard to spot what is vegan, because its almost all of it. They also supply protein powder, shampoo/conditioner, and other body cleansing products. I go here all the time. The only problem is that their organic options are not very big, so finding organic apples is a bit tough for me.

4505 University Way NE, Seattle, USA

Cozy Spot

07 Jan 2013

I love it there. Although it is small, it is so welcoming! Their sweets are great, and coffee here is so fresh. The staff is helpful with choosing something, and enlighten the customer about the different ways they make coffe. They informed me on a lot about coffee at least!

1700 Madison St, Seattle, USA

Fun Place

07 Jan 2013

I had a blast looking around at all the different products they had for sale! There is so much to choose from. Their produce is so affordable; I almost fainted when I only had to spend $2.00 on 7 apples! Usually I fork over about $8.00 or so. Love going there!!

1026 NE 64th St, Seattle, USA


07 Jan 2013

My boy friend and I were starving for lunch one day and decided to run inside to see what they had. They had a huge option of foods to pick from in a cafeteria set up. I thought the amount of food I had on my tray was going to make us broke, but surprisingly it wasn't. What was expensive was the price of groceries we got when we decided to go shopping after we were done eating our delicious food.

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