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525 Dempster St, Evanston, USA

Blind Luck Cafe

10 Aug 2012

Blind Faith started right around the time I became a vegetarian (and then vegan). From the strange little hole in the wall to its current lovely sit down, Blind Faith has always been there. Truth be told, I haven't visited Evanston in years, but every time I go back, I go to Blind Faith as part of my "reunion tour." It is always consistently good -- a reliable favorite. Because I was lucky enough to grow up down the street, I also grew up thinking that it was "normal" and easy to be veg, back in the days before tofu was stocked in the grocery store and every meal included a PB & J. Just one of the many excellent things about growing up in Evanston. Go give it a try and say hello for me!

187 9th Ave, New York City, USA

Wonderful & Romantic Meal

21 Nov 2008

I finally went to Blossom this past weekend and it was incredible. My husband had the black-eye pea cake and the Crispy Thai Tofu. Our friend had the port wine seitan, I had the phyllo Roulade. Everything was excellent. The service was fantastic and the atmosphere was very romantic and fun. The flavorings and textures were just right and the ingredients seemed very fresh. We splurged and had dessert, which was a bit much after the large portions. (If you are sensitive to oil ask about the dessert ingredients before indulging). It is expensive, but worth it for a special occasion.

340 Millburn Ave, Millburn, USA

Easy Take Out Soup/Salad

17 Mar 2013

This place is great in a pinch. Mostly take out, with a couple of tables. Nice salad options and always at least a couple Vegan soups and always at least one GF option. Great if you want to grab something quick & filling in Millburn. Plus the staff is nice and helpful.

41 Delancey St, New York City, USA

Sadly, not good

21 Nov 2008

We went for lunch -one of the worst meals we've had.
As a nearly life long vegetarian and recent vegan, the
experience has really made me reconsider my choice to go
vegan. It was that bad. The staff was so sweet and friendly
and clearly the owners care a lot about their mission -they
need some new recipes and better cooks in the kitchen. The food's consistency and the spicing of the buffet choices were the biggest problems. My husband had the cheeseburger and said the taste - the spices and combination of ingredients - and the texture were both bad. I have only been there once so here's hoping it was just an off day.

534 Bloomfield Ave, Verona, USA

At last!

19 Oct 2012

Wow. Go now. No, it can't wait. Gluten Free cupcakes. No cross contamination. So, so delicious!

2879 University Ave, San Diego, USA

Super Fun Meal!

11 Jul 2011

We had dinner recently with my cousins at Spread - various levels of veg*n & meat eaters. I've had many veg*n and raw meals all over the country. I can honestly say this was one of the most fun, memorable dinners I have had -- but not for the right reasons. The offerings at Spread tend toward the delusional. I believe that the owners have good intentions and are passionate about what they are doing, but you can't serve sliced zucchini and call it "raw pasta" or strawberries with toasted choc nibs (I think?) and call it "raw chocolate cake." The descriptions were so over the top as to be comical and the portions small. Some of the food was legitimately tasty and overall pretty healthy (despite the huge amount of oil & salt), but not enough to justify the unbelievable price. I usually won't write negative reviews -- I'd rather just not say anything than do anything to potentially do harm -- but it this case, Spread has got to get more down to earth and do some serious reflection about what they want to be. Maybe it was the Kava we accidentally ingested at Kava Bar down the street (before we realized what Kava is), but I suggest saving your money and go to another one of the many fab veg*n places in SD, or be prepared to splurge and have a hilarious meal at Spread.

12 Park Ave, New York City, USA


20 Feb 2012

Ate there tonight. This place is fantastic. The ambiance, service and, most of all, the food, was beyond expectation.
We went there with kids and it was a great experience. The serene and beautiful surroundings helped calm everyone as soon as we bounced in the door. Remember to look up - the best art is on the ceiling.
The menu is truly exciting and extremely creative. Highlights were the kimchi tofu patties, crispy tofu sticks, tofu with sesame leaves stone bowl (way more exciting than the plain bibimbap), Soy 'chicken' sizzler on a hot plate. Rice noodles in Hot & Sour soup good, but not up to the subtle mingling of flavors and textures of other dishes. The Franchia Summer Rolls were tasty, but just lettuce leaves that required some assembly - great in another restaurant, but overshadowed but the high level of the rest of our meal.
The tea was some of the best I've had. The Lotus tea was sublime. It may seem strange to wax poetic about tea, but Franchia raises it to a new level. They even have a glossy, full-color pamphlet detailing the process used to make it.
Dessert: have the mochi (but give the peanut butter one to the closest kid). Delicious! Save up for this special treat and tae someone you really love -- or want to :)

12 Market St, Saugerties, USA

Happy Healthy

11 Dec 2011

Roni's service & cooking are fantastic. Healthy, delicious, make-you-feel-good veg food delivered right to your house -- what else could a veg*n want?

Roni has been great working with me with my MANY restrictions (gluten, migraine triggers, etc). It's so easy to order weekly or monthly. She basically saved my thanksgiving.

If you are lucky enough to live within her delivery area, or even luckier to live near her store in Saugerties - you MUST try Healthy Gourmet To-Go!

11 Main St, New Paltz, USA

Still Amazing

25 Jun 2009

The hype is true! We went to KARMA ROAD yesterday and it was fantastic...really up there with the all-time best veggie food we've had. The Red Lentil soup was fantastic, filling, delicious. The veggie burger is just what a veggie burger should be -- not trying or pretending to be something it isn't -- it is a great patty made out of veggies & grains. The smoothies were also great - I had the young coconut - so refreshing. We took a lot of food home since we live two hours away and it will be a long time until we get to go back. The kale and cauliflower are (I still have some I am keeping for lunch) fantastic - perfectly spiced. Best of all was the grilled tofu sandwich. As my husband's grandmother, whose lips never touched tofu in her life, would have said, "it was out ot the world and into the next." Well, she actually would have refused to have eaten it...but YOU should go -- it is great.

And yes, the service and atmosphere are friendly and lovely. And, no, we are not related or connected to the place in anyway. We just love good veggie food. This is making me hungry - I am going to go eat my leftovers.

102 Fulton St, New York City, USA

Fantastic Fresh Foods

08 Feb 2013

My husband went to Magic Mix Juicery today and brought me home dinner. Even though he'd been lugging it around for 8 hours, it was amazing. He said the place was great and clean and the staff was beyond helpful & attentive. It is just one of those happy places where the people running it clearly love & believe in what they are doing.

I got to taste the indian summer bread, exotic strawberry banana toast with vanilla maca coconut creme, power berry bagel with almond butter and a kale salad. All of it was fantastic, filling and perfectly spiced. As a vegan with celiac, this place is a dream come true. Even my 12-year old thought it was delicious, so that's saying something.

It is expensive? Heck yeah.
But there is a good reason and it is completely worth it.
Can't wait to go back there. I love this place!! Enjoy!

515 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair, USA

Lovely food and lovely owners

05 Sep 2012

I have no idea how they do it, but Mesob seems more delicious every time I eat there. One of my absolute favorite places to eat in Jersey. I have had Ethiopian food at restaurants across the country and Canada, and Mesob stands out as the best. All the veggie food is vegan, cooked in dedicated pans, I believe. If you call a day before you can order a gluten-free injera (teff only). I have dined at Mesob many, many times over the years and am always welcome by the warmth and true caring go the owners and staff. We are blessed to be close by to this treasure. I'd give it a 5 if I could but, alas, they also serve meat.

20 South St, Morristown, USA

rutherford in M-town!!

17 Feb 2015

The Morristown location of the Rutherford Pancake House is great. Super vegan friendly w/ knowledgeable & helpful staff. Food is excellent. Vegan pancakes, french toast, sausage, tofu scramble, chili, burgers. Uses Daiya cheese. Gluten free paradise. Celiac friendly.

20 Church St, Montclair, USA

Excellent vegan food!

02 Feb 2014

What a wonderful place! The atmosphere, food, service, menu -- everything about this restaurant is terrific. New Jersey is lucky to have Mundo Vegan!!

577 W Mount Pleasant Ave, Livingston, USA

Eh... seen better

22 Jul 2014

People like this place b/c it's got deals and can be cheap. No organics. Produce can be iffy at times. Features long lines, ambivalent staff and harsh fluorescent lights. Good if you are low on cash.

2924 SE Alder St, Portland, USA

Yes, it is true!

06 Aug 2012

We just came back from our two-night stay at The Cherokee Rose. I agree with the first reviewer. The house is homey, non-pretentious place that comes with a great dog! Sandy is a wonderful, gracious host who went out of her way to make us feel welcome and comfortable.

Sandy worked with our many food issues (I am celiac and my husband is allergic to everything in the nightshade family), and she prepared us a delicious, healthy and satisfying meal. Our two kids made themselves at home right away.

Around the corner is the fantastic new vegan restaurant, Caravan, from the people who own the food truck Sip. We also hung out a little at Black and Red, which is near the vegan strip mall. Portland is such an intense vegan paradise that we didn't even make it to the vegan grocery store or Herbivore!

Sandy is a lovely, fun, committed vegan and The Cherokee Rose reflects her personality. We wish her much success with the B&B!

Grants Pass area, Grants Pass, USA

Fantastic Spot

05 Sep 2012

This wonderful place is a must visit. Everything is fresh and healthy served by the fantastic owner. The rice bowls and wraps are fantastic. It is one of those rare places that makes you feel not just satisfied, but nourished.

110 Kinderkamack Rd, River Edge, USA

Yummy & Super Veg Friendly

07 Jul 2013

Took my husband to Green Papaya because of Sally's review. It was so delicious, extremely fresh and they were very vegan-friendly. They even knew to tell us about the egg in the tofu! If we lived near by, we'd be regulars. The papaya salad and Tom Yom soup were especially terrific.

57 Bloomfield Ave, Denville, USA

Better in Denville

26 Jun 2009

Have been twice in Denville location and the food seems better then when in Pasippany location. The restaurant itself has great atmosphere. Especially good are the drinks - I had a mint, cucumber and other stuff combo that was really refreshing. Food is still a little oily and heavy, but pretty good overall and worth a visit.

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