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2007 Broadway St, Sacramento, USA

Vegan With A Great Meal

08 Jul 2010

My partner and I have eaten at Andy Nguyen's on a regular schedule for the past five years and have never had a bad meal. The food is always excellent and a place that can almost be guaranteed to satisfy guests, especially out of town guests, whether they are vegan or not. Many of our guests have committed that it is one of the best meals they have very had. There is a wide range of Vietnamese foods on the impressive menu and all taste of fresh ingredients, individually prepared, full of exciting flavors, and with a professional presentation. I do not think that there isn't a better vegan restaurant in Sacramento. My partner has to have an Andy Nguyen's fix at least once a month.

Admittedly, the service can be slow so allow yourself some extra time for a please meal; this also includes lunches. If a person plans to have slow relaxing and fantastic tasting meal at very competitive prices for excellent quality, Andy Nguyen's is the place.

3500 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, USA

A "To-Go-To" Place in Sacramento

16 Dec 2009

Au Lac Veggie should be on every Vegan's "to go to" place in Sacramento. Do not let the location (next to a "rough" neighbor) detour you from a great meal. The small staff knows the difference between vegan and wheat-free and other diet restrains. And, the lunch specials cannot be beat in cost and taste. The last time my partner and I had lunch at Au Lac Veggie, he kept saying "These fried egg rolls are fantastic! The best that I have every tasted! I cannot believe that the lunch special (he is the all time sweet tooth and ordered the Vegetarian Chicken Sweet-Sour) is only five bucks; it's more than I can eat! (He did finish the soup and the whole plate including that large mound of Asian brown rice - scooping the rice in with the brightly colored red-orange sweet-sour sauce.)

When I explained to the waitress that I could not tolerate wheat or gluten, the staff (cook actually) was quick to accommodate and only served an order that was vegan and wheat-gluten-free. I was quick to note that, as with many vegan Vietnamese restaurants, the mock meat dishes are made of soy and not seitan (hooray, hooray).

Upon leaving the restaurant, my partner asked "Can we eat here tomorrow? There are so many items on the menu I want to try".

6511 Savings Pl Unit 100, Sacramento, USA

Yea, Yea, Yea!

17 Sep 2013

Yea! Yea! Yea! There is another reasonably priced, great vegan Vietnamese restaurant in Sacramento with many gluten free delights and great flavored items on the menu! My very happy and humble blessing to Buddha! I ordered the ‘Quang Style Noodles’ and my partner ordered ‘The seven Treasures’; both were fantastic. I just love those combinations of flavors that only the Vietnamese seem to be able to produce. AND, the owners are absolutely delightful to talk to and helpful with the menu.
All in all the meal was a very pleasant surprise and we will be going back (although I was a little embarrassed on the speed my partner put away the meal).

On a side note: "Bodhi" is a Sanskrit word that means "awakened" or "enlightenment". The Bodhi tree was so named because the Buddha attained the awakened state or enlightenment under its spreading canopy.

531 Divisadero St, San Francisco, USA

Herbivore Going Downhill

05 Aug 2008

Three out of the five people in our party could not eat their meal at the Herbivore on Divisadero in San Franciso. My daughter had the Pad Thai that came without any seasoning, tofu, etc. and tasted like a soggy dish rage. She sent it back and got a very small diner salad. Even thought she told the waitress that dish was not prepared correctly and had no tofu, seasonings, etc. the waitress sill charged for the meal. My daughter's boyfriend ordered the Lentil Loaf. The Lentil Loaf was something like out of the early ages of vegetarian foods (frozen, or prepared in a cellophane wrapper) and tasted yuk. It was suppose to come with a Beet Sauce, but it came with a salsa (maybe to cover for the yuk). The "seasonal vegetable" turned out to be sautéed Chard (one of the few vegetables he could not eat - it was a shame that the waitress didn't tell us what the "seasonal vegetable was"). He was only able to eat the mash potatoes and gravy. My partner ordered the Homemade Veggie Berger and it was mediocre at best (the cook should be sent to the little Cozmic Cafe in the little California town of Placerville to find out what a modern-day Homemade Veggi Berger should taste like). All in all the meal was very disappointing. I noticed that there were very few customers; I guess the word gets out quickly. I have eaten at this restaurant many times, and each time the service and food is getting worse.

134 E Canon Perdido St, Santa Barbara, USA

Very Enjoyable

06 May 2007

After a long drive down Highway 101, our lunch at the Sojourner Cafe was wonderful and relaxing. The menu was very creative and the food great. I ordered the Chili Tempeh Tacos and my partner ordered the Mediterranean Vegetable Nut Burger. Both were professional presented, excellent tasting and the portions were more than we could eat. The nicely crafted dark wood environment creative a casual inviting atmosphere that was very inducible to conversation. I would certainly recommend this restaurant for vegans with specific diet concerns (wheat free, etc.). The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable about the ingredients of the menu items. I later discovered that restaurant's web site does have the menu and even offers some great sounding recipes from Chef Edie Robertson.

530 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, USA

Great Place To Start A New Day

15 Dec 2008

Spending a few nights in Santa Monica, we found our visit to the small Interim Cafe a pleasant surprise for breakfast. Although the decor lacked "interest" the food was great, fast service, the prices competitive, and they had a range of vegan with wheat/gluten-free items on the menu. My partner thought the vegan breakfast burrito wonderful and I really enjoyed the tofu scramble. The wheat/gluten toast was the best I have ever tasted. Both of our dishes were well presented. When traveling to new locations, just trying to find a restaurant that serves a good breakfast and has vegan along with wheat/gluten-free dishes is a real challenge (expensive, half ripe, small dishes of fruit really gets old-hat quickly). The Interim Cafe is a great little place to start a new day.

199 Park Pl, Richmond, USA

Great Place to Eat While Visiting Oakland

21 May 2009

The New World Vegan was great place to eat, just around the corner from the Marriot Hotels in Central Oakland. The waitress was very helpful in suggesting gluten-wheat free items on an extensive menu. The prices were very competitive and the food wonderfully full of Asian flavors. A person can see the restaurant was opened on a fairly minimum budget, but the austere atmosphere is over shadowed by the helpful, friendly staff and great food. I do not think that the citizens of Oakland really know what a jewel they have.

2315 K St, Sacramento, USA

Order the Smoked Tempeh Kale Saled - Eat for Days!

31 Mar 2010

Towards the end of March 2010, the Sugar Plum Vegan is/was still in the "Soft Opening" phase. The young female "Order Taker - Waitress - Only Person To Talk Too" was still in learning-the-ropes and kept having to ask the kitchen staff if certain dishes contained gluten/wheat, etc. I am in hopes that this "Soft Opening Phase" isn't going to last for long. Our offices are only a few blocks away.

The soft opening menu had a nice selection of Paini Sandwiches (unfortunately I am gluten/wheat intolerant), some interesting Sounding Salads, and a couple of dishes that I would guess were Gluten/Wheat Free (something that sounded like vegan cheese nachos; etc.).

I ordered the Smoked Tempeh Kale Salad and was not disappointed! Wow, I thought that they served a salad for all three people at our table. It was massive! And, it tasted really, really great. I am going to have to find out where there get the "soft kale" and "smoked Tempeh". What a delight. I ate myself silly then asked for DC (doggie carton) which provided another lunch for me. I do not know how they made the Kale fresh, but somehow soft.

Ron (my partner) ordered a Teriyaki Tofu Paini. Being a somewhat vocal "picky eater" I was surprised I didn't hear another word from him until he finish at about half the time for me finsh my half eaten Kale (except a "um-um" here and there), then looked up and said "I think I am going to get one those desserts in the case". Not a word from our guest until he quickly finished and said "I am glad you suggested this place".

2612 J St, Sacramento, USA

Sacramento's Gem

25 Jun 2010

This is a great little vegetarian "Corner Market", except it is not on a corner. The staff in friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable about the produces they handle as well as healthy foods in general. When we are having guests for diner, we will stop for fresh French Loafs of bread and frozen desserts that are to die for. If you didn't tell your guest that the bread and desserts were gluten/wheat free, they would never know. Although my partner is not wheat intolerant, he loves to shop there for cookies and breakfast cereals, especially the "Sunrise" Maple. On day when I asked why he likes that cereal over other healthy cereals he looked at me sort of funny and said "well duh, it taste better". Gluten free stores are a rarity wherever you go; but the Gluten Free Specialty Market in Sacramento is jewel in itself.

37 S 1st St, San Jose, USA

Uninspiring Home Cooking

12 Jul 2011

Both my partner me were disappointed in the food at the Good Karma. The Chana Masala was very hot but lacked any rich or deep flavor from middle-eastern spices or herbs, just hot. My partner, who prides himself on being able to eat anything, left it on his plate. The vegan Teriyaki Chicken he ate, but only for the food value, but not for taste or appearance. I had the Chana Masala and Thai Curry, but wondered why they called it Thai Curry. It tasted like overly steamed vegetables with a little super market curry powder mixed in

"None of the items in the case look appetizing!" said my grandson who didn't order anything. We should have listened to him. I am in hopes that it was an off day for the Good Karma, but all the items in the buffet case did look pretty sad. Grandpa didn't make any points with his 13 year old grandson.

115 Third St, San Juan Bautista, USA

Pleasant Surprise

28 Oct 2009

What a surprise to come across the Jardines de San Juan restaurant in the sleepy mission town of San Juan Bautista. The back patios were beautiful, relaxing and a welcome relief from our travels. When ordering, the bilingual staff was very friendly and offered great suggestions for our vegan and wheat free diet restrictions. The menu is marked with the dishes that can easily be converted to vegetarian offerings. The food was very good and well presented. The salsa with the chips was great.

8355 Elk Grove Blvd Ste 800, Elk Grove, USA

Worth the Drive!

28 Jul 2012

My partner wanted to try out the new vegan "Loving Hut" in Elk Grove for months. Today was the day. Having our Toyota pickup serviced at the Elk Grove Auto Mall, we walked the two or so blocks to the restaurant. What a delight; the menu and food were great, and the atmosphere and music was peaceful and relaxing. Plus, the extensive lunch's special and evening menus were "very competitive". The items we ordered had a wide variety of delightful Oriental herbs and spices and great sauces. Everything tasted like it was fresh and right off the vine. My partner noted that he couldn't wait to get back to start working his way through the whole menus, especially the sweet items. It will be worth the drive from Sacramento for me as there were many "marked" gluten free items.

1200 W Northern Lights Blvd Ste G, Anchorage, USA

Great Way to Start the Day

08 May 2012

This was Ron's and mine first trip to the Middle Way Cafe in Anchorage and enjoyed the friendly and helpful staff. Ron dove into his order of Multigrain Pancakes & Fresh Fruit with Maple Syrup and didn't come up for air until it was all gone and said "these were good; I didn't think I would be able to eat it all". I thought he was going embarrass me and lick the plate!
I ordered the vegan Huevos Rancheros, it was OK but next time I think I will try something else. The Menu is interesting and the vegan selections are clearly marked. The staff helped in guiding me to the gluten-free dishes.
When traveling to Anchorage the Middle Way Cafe will be on our "must stop at" restaurants.

5049 College Oak Dr Ste A, Sacramento, USA

A Place To Go Back To!

25 Jun 2010

Great restaurant for the vegans! Nice menu with a wide selection dishes, very friendly and helpful staff, fast service, wonderful tasting food and at a reasonable price. I had a great Wonton Rice Noodle Soup (gluten free) and my partner had the "Island of Paradise". We would recommend both. While shoveling the brown rice, tofu, soy protein, and vegetables into his mouth with the chop sticks, my partner asked "why haven't 'you' suggested this place before"? Bless his heart! I do plan on suggesting we go back many times more to try out other items on menu.

899 E Del Mar Blvd, Pasadena, USA

Vegan with the Best in Pasadena

15 Aug 2012

Having eaten at their Santa Monica Restaurant and had great meals, when visiting Pasadena their newly opened branch was on our radar. We were not disappointed in our light evening dinner, quite the contrary; in fact we went back for lunch a couple of days later! If you want to impress your guests on the excellence that vegan food can achieve, take them to 'Fresh Food Daily' in Pasadena.
The first evening, after driving all day from Sacramento, a large bowl of fresh Curried Carrot Soup (special of the day) was fantastic, relaxing and filling. I think ALL of the curry ingredients had to be fresh including the curry - what great flavors! For the lunch a couple of days later I had a vegetable wrap (Collard Greens wrapping freshly grilled vegetables with seasonings). Wow was it good!
If gluten free is a requirement, be sure to mention it to your waiter/waitress and you will be surprised at their knowledge of the menu ingredients. FDR's menu is extensive and exciting for vegan and GF patrons.

50 S Main St, Willits, USA

Not open for lunch

17 Oct 2009

We stopped by during the week in October 2009, and the cafe no longer served lunch. Bummer!

542 Seabright Ave, Santa Cruz, USA

What a Find!

30 Nov 2012

People that live in Santa Cruz know about this great little restaurant, tourist haven't found it yet. What I love about it is the breakfast menu and the restaurant opens at 6:00am. The wonderful Tofu Scrambles are large, hearty and a great way to start a busy day. Being GF vegan I had no trouble with the breakfast menu; lunch menu might be a little more challenging but I am sure the friendly staff could offer suggestions. Most of the vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Santa Cruz don't open until 10:00am or 11:00am, the Seabreeze is an exception. Being early risers, my partner and I are looking forward to our next trip to Santa Cruz and a big breakfast.

726 Sutter St, Yuba City, USA

Down Home Food from the Farm

20 Aug 2010

Sunflower Natural Food Store and Deli in Yuba City is wonderful! What impressed me most was the separate, extensive Gluten Free Menu in the Deli. Hooray for GF'ers! I had a GL sandwich with fresh vegetables (sprouts, cucumber, avocado, tomatoes, etc.) and a bowl of fresh leek and potato soup. My partner had a vegetarian BBQ Sunshine Burger with sprouts, tomatoes, lettuce, etc. and kept saying this is excellent, wow, this is really excellent. My soup and sandwich were great (something I really missed when going GF). All in all, it is worth the trip up to Yuba City for a change in scenery and menus. Expect to see the hometown locals at Sunflower Natural Food Store. They know where to find good food. It can get crowded at lunch, so do be sure to leave a little time for lunch or call ahead for take-out. They also have some pre-package items that would be great for picnics.

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