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318 Delaware Ave, Delmar, USA

So glad to have found this great place

13 Jun 2013

We got there at 7:30 on Saturday (before hitting the Spectrum) and even though they were having a slow evening and were going to close early they stayed for us. The grill had already been clean but they fired it up again and made a Reuben Burger which was declared to be the best "burger" ever. The owner is friendly and knowledgeable. She has regular classes on how to cook her recipes. We will be going back again and again.

Rua do Cais do Sodre 16, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

Vegan Haven in Lisbon

04 Jun 2012

Found this place on Happy Cow - thanks for the map. We really enjoyed our lunch, friendly staff and owner (Leo). They serve all kinds of meal options but have a few vegan ones. Food was very good and fresh. Check out the bathrooms.

50 John St, Kingston, USA

Will work with Vegans

06 May 2013

Had dinner there with non-vegans, this was a pretty good choice for a very nice meal. The chef knows what he/she (not sure) are doing, wonderful light, flavorful sauces accompany each dish. They use seasonal local produce - always a good sign. While they usually have more entrees they can turn Vegan on the the night we went they only could do a Tofu with mixed veggies besides the Vegan Polenta Napoleon which is want I had. It was very, very good. They did also make us a special appetizer which was terrific. Since the chef seems to understand what vegans want the more vegans that go there the more options they will probably offered.

5809 Clarksville Square Dr, Clarksville, USA

Wow - We can order anything we want!

22 Apr 2013

How wonderful to find a restaurant where a Vegan can order anything on the menu. Well Great Sage is that place. We live Upstate NY and while I cook 98% of what we eat (and love doing it) we do like to dine out once in a while. This weekend we had to be in the Baltimore/Washington area, I had heard about Great Sage so we decided to check it out. We had a dinner there on Friday night and a lunch there of Saturday. Appetizer we shared the ARTICHOKE SPINACH DIP - very good much more artichoke that spinach. For Dinner I had the CHIMICHURRI SLOW ROASTED SEITAN - very good and my husband had the THAI RED CURRY TEMPEH - okay but the noodles were soggy - would try something else the next time. We also shared their SAGE'S FAMOUS CARROT CAKE - disappointing - very dry. Lunch the next day was great we had the SWEET POTATO 'CHICKEN' SANDWICH and the GRILLED REUBEN - both were terrific. We look forward to going back again.

1730 N Charles St, Baltimore, USA

Lost City Diner - OPEN

22 Apr 2013

While in Baltimore over the weekend we were looking for a place for lunch. Searching Happy Cow I found a listing for Lost City Diner which was in the area where we wanted but the listing said it said Closed. I googled it and found it was open again so after calling to confirm we went. What a cool place for the eye-candy decor along - art deco/sci-fi. Some Vegan meals and some that can become Vegan. They also have a great juice/milk shake bar. The Vegan BLT was wonderful but I wished I requested Whole Wheat Bread. Onion Rings are above average. So is the wait staff, friendly and attentive.

C/ Sant Antoni Abat, 52, Barcelona, Spain


04 Jun 2012

We had our last meal in Barcelona at Sesamo and wish we could have gone there more (and More and MORE). Not a hippie place, no tripped out painting on walls and loud rock. We had the tasting meal with two glasses of wine and were blown away by the taste of each dish and the wonderful chef, he came out to explain each dish. He is cute too - kind of like a young Frank Zappa. Although we are vegan there was some dairy in a couple of the dishes. Didn't mind because everything was so tastefully done and the dairy was only used as a condiment. Small place call for reservations.

719 E Genesee St, Syracuse, USA

Hand-crafted Vegan Fare

26 May 2013

When on the road after I think about our route then I think about where to find good food. With Happy Cow that job is a joy. I found Strong Hearts on our way back from the Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center - Auburn, New York. Syracuse is on the way back. What a great find. Real hand-crafted vegan food, made to order. We had a Reuben and BBQ Tempeh sandwiches and I wish I could have eaten more but was stuffed. We did get a couple of cupcakes for later. This is not a fine dining establishment. this is a college hangout, good wholesome, reasonably priced, bus you own table, down to earth kind of place. Perfect for hungry people after a long day of driving and art gazing. I'm giving it an excellent rating because for what they are they are excellent

24 N Main St, Tarrytown, USA

Okay but Dissappointing

29 Jul 2013

We had to be in Tarrytown late and couldn't have dinner until after 9 and while there are not many Vegan options especially at that hour I was hoping the Sweetgrass Grill was going to be better than it was. I was wrong. My husband's black bean burger was of good size and tasted pretty good it seemed prepackaged, as did the the french fries. I only know about the fries because I ordered a daily special the Vegetable Napoleon. It was so small it should have been a single serving appetizer I had to be happy with eating french fries off my husband's plate. The Napoleon was very good, fresh ingredients, a great idea but it was just a couple of slices of zucchini and a piece of fried eggplant on top a tomato reduction. I hardly think it was worth the $18 that we paid for it.

166 Broadway, Providence, USA

Vegetarian but Vegan

11 Jul 2013

While the Grange says it is a Vegetarian restaurant they are able to arrange most of their meals to be Vegan. The food is top drawer, fresh and local. The do Small, Medium and Large plates which seems to becoming popular in upscale restaurants. We had (small plates) the Pommes Frites with Aioli (was vegan) Wonderful. Crostinis that could have been helped by cutting the bread slices thinner, using the same amount of topping it would have been a better dish. The Sauteed Greens - my only complaint was there wasn't enough of them for three people. Medium Plates we had were Korean BBQ Tacos without the Queso Fresco (making it vegan) and the Po'Boy - really, really good. All the dessert are vegan and we had a Strawberry Brulee that was very good.

Wonderful, popular place at least on Saturday night - if I lived closer I would go there a lot.
Updated from previous review on Thursday July 11, 2013

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