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Chmielna 10, Warsaw, Poland

cheap and tasty

28 Dec 2013

As far as I know they're now completely vegan, because when I asked if a certain dish was vegan they told me the whole menu is. Couldn't find it confirmed on their FB page though.

Like said below, if you're hungry and just want some good tasting food to fill you up, this is the place to go. It's pretty cheap (we paid 36zl for a soup and two dishes) and portions are quite big.

Staff speaks English too btw, but if not you can always point the dishes you want ;)

Veenkade 19, The Hague, Netherlands

lovely atmosphere

10 Mar 2013

I don't think anybody can dislike the cosy atmosphere here, with all the different chairs etc. On top of that the food is really good. Once inside we didn't feel rushed and really took the time to enjoy. Only downside is the price of the food, which is a bit high at times. It's worth it in the end, but still a bit much for people on a budget.

Auf dem Papststein 1, Gohrisch, Germany

worth the hike!

29 Oct 2015

The menu doesn't have that many vegan options, but the view and location make up for that. I was anyhow pleasantly surprised to see this chain of restaurants having vegan dishes, in an area where you wouldn't expect it.

That said, the food is tasty and the portions are big. We had a carrot-coconut milk soup and shared a plate of spaghetti, which would've been almost impossible to eat alone.

Definitely recommended as a short trip up the mountain in combination with enjoying the views, feels kind of like being in a mountain hut in the Alps :) Giving it only 3* because of the limited choice though.

Niepodleglosci 80, Warsaw, Poland

intimate and 'chic'

08 Feb 2012

Nice and easily reachable location, just near the park and close to the metro station. The dishes are great, good portions and very tasty. Often very creative too.
The price however is a bit more expensive than the rest of the veg options in Warsaw, but then again this is one of the only veg places in the city which can be called a real restaurant.

Szpitalna 5, Warsaw, Poland

tasty food

13 Oct 2012

Simply good food here, lots of funny discounts and 100% organic. They also seem to care a lot about costumers' suggestions, which is nice. Location is quite close to the central station, which makes it really accessible.

Ferhadija 39, Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

cheap and good

02 Sep 2012

We ate here around two weeks ago, in the evening around 21:00. It's true lots of things off the menu aren't available, but as I understood it that was because we were there quite late in the evening. I'd rather have that anyway than everything always available, after which the restaurant has to throw away a lot of (still) good food.

In short: the food is good and tasty, and cheap above all (we paid 28KM for two persons and even had to take some quinoa we couldn't fit anymore with us in a box they have available for exactly those reasons;)).

The staff is amazingly friendly and helpful, and sincerely apologised for certain things not being available. Good choice to go here!

Besides that, they're fully vegan except for some cheese being offered.

Białoskórnicza 7/8/9, Wroclaw, Poland

relaxed atmosphere

13 Nov 2015

Didn't eat any food here, but the teas are delicious and the amount of choice is huge.

Most of all I enjoyed the atmosphere, there are lots of different rooms and corners to sit, each with their own vibe. Staff is friendly and helpful as well.

Definitely recommended for a quick visit to chill out.

Kleine Overstraat 46d, Deventer, Netherlands

Tasty world soups

17 Feb 2014

This place is not completely vegetarian, because they do offer optional meat in your soup. The soups themselves are all veg though, with at least one vegan option.

Whatever you pick, you can be sure it will be delicious! The atmosphere is nice, with seating at big wooden tables.

Prices are slightly high, 500ml of soup sets you back around 8 euros. For that you do get a 100% organic soup, bread and olive oil + herbs though.

Stationsplein 5A, The Hague, Netherlands

great fastfood

17 Jun 2013

There aren't that many 'unhealthy' veg places, so when this typical Dutch snackbar opened we were curious to take a look :) The food is fantastic, most of it is vegan or can be made in a vegan version. There's also a good atmosphere with friendly staff.

Since it's right next to a big intercity station it's surely a good promotion for veg food and takes it out of the health corner.

In short: Go eat here if you crave some fat vegan fast-food sometimes, you won't regret!

Wielakkerstraat 4, Arnhem, Netherlands

big portions!

12 Feb 2015

Tiny and cute place. There are only a few tables inside, so making a reservation is recommended. The menu changes daily but there's no choice; they only have one dish :)

The food is great, maybe not that experimental because most of the dishes seem quite standard in the veg kitchen, but it's tasty. Getting a vegan option was no problem when calling ahead of time. Mostly their dishes are not vegan, but occasionally they do have a completely vegan menu the waitress told me. We had couscous with sundried tomatoes, a salad with white cabbage, smoked tofu, apple and lettuce and a beetroot cake (not vegan).

I'm used to eat a lot, but was barely able to finish my portion. They serve a lot, maybe even too much. I'd normally eat the portions of the people I'm with to avoid food getting wasted, but I couldn't this time... ;) So for a price of 11,50 euro you get a lot of food.

The interior is nice and cozy, gives it a bit of a living room atmosphere. Some might not like it but I did!

Korte Houtstraat 14 C, Den Haag, The Hague, Netherlands

tasty and fresh

10 Mar 2013

Went here with a group of people, both vegan and meat eaters. I think I can say neither of us got dissappointed. There are enough vegan options to choose from, and all of them seemed very tasty. The owner is very friendly and really knows what products he's serving.

The place is quite small, so it might be you won't find a place to sit.

Schapenzandweg 3, Diepenveen, Netherlands

Good atmosphere

24 Apr 2015

We went here on a sunny evening, the perfect time I think. I had been in this area many times, but never inside the old mansion where Geb & Gaia is located. From the outside it looks posh, but inside the owners created an artistic/alternative atmosphere. Tables are spread out across every room, which gives a nice cozy effect. The view on the surroundings from the big windows is beautiful.

When I asked for vegan options, the waiter didn't know exactly but was going to ask the cook. She came to us herself to point the vegan things on the menu, and to propose making special dishes for me. Nice service :)

The menu changes every three months, and right now they had a middle eastern menu. The food unfortunately wasn't that special, not bad but for the price I expected a bit bigger and more varied portions. Dishes were quite standard, something I could've made at home too. It wasn't terrible at all, just lacking 'something'.

Overall still a positive experience because the atmosphere of the place is just wonderful, with a very varied crowd coming here.

Kruisstraat 24, Den Bosch, Netherlands

relaxed atmosphere

02 Feb 2014

Nice place in a store with a really cool concept! Owners are young and easygoing. Want some tea? Pick your own mugs and pot! I liked the open kitchen, so you can see everything being prepared right before your eyes and meanwhile have a little chat!

Prices were slightly high, but then again everything is organic and fair :)

Perfect for a quick bite when you're in the city and getting hungry!

Oude Willem 5, Friesland, Appelscha, Netherlands

Excellent food

01 Apr 2012

We made a reservation one day in advance and I stated that I would want the vegan version of the menu, which was no problem.
The menu is fixed everyday, so you'll just eat what's on the menu. That's not a problem however, because it will probably be fantastic. The food is truly awesome, very sophisticated and original dishes with the ocassional lesser known vegetables. It's a 'real' vegetarian kitchen though, which means they still use cheese, milk and eggs in every dish. The vegan options were good, but clearly not quite as good as the original menu.
The price might be a bit high, but I personally think it's all worth it for the quality of the food, the service and the atmosphere.
If you're around, go here and you won't be dissapointed!

Fjallgatan 23 B, Stockholm, Sweden

good but expensive

08 Jun 2013

Like most of the other reviewers say; the location is simply fantastic and if that matters a lot to you, go here! The place is very popular and so pretty crowded. The buffet never really seemed to be too busy though, and you won't stand in line probably.

That said, the price was a bit too high for the type of food (paid 175kr, student rate). Something like 120-140 would've been more reasonable. The food was pretty typically vegan/vegetarian: tabouleh, salad, humus, aubergine+tomatoes etc. All very very tasty though!

Havendijk 5, Den Bosch, Netherlands

cozy and friendly!

02 Feb 2014

Friendly people, open atmosphere and easy, cheap food! Don't expect haute cuisine here of course, but you'll get your stomach full with vegan food for 4,5 euros. Can't beat that in the Netherlands :)

Better thank all those volunteers in people's kitchens for providing you with a nice warm meal!

Hoza 29/31, Warsaw, Poland

fresh burgers

09 Aug 2013

Back in Warsaw again, and I saw there were some new places to try! Krowarzywa is close to the city centre on a nice street with lots of other cafes.

We got two burgers, one with seitan and the other with millet. With that you get two different sauces. In total we paid 27zl, around 6,50 euro. Both the burgers were big, filled with fresh vegetables and very tasty! The seitan had a very meaty texture, something I even as a vegan like.

The place and surrounding street has a very hipster feel, and prices are accordingly. While maybe not expensive for Western European standards, for Poland this was a very expensive burger.

Staff (English speaking) is very very friendly and easy-going though, giving good tips what burger to pick and with what sauces to combine it. It seems this place really runs well, there were a lot of costumers at the time we visited. Only downside is that there's not that much place to sit inside and around the place, so you might have to stand eating your burger or walk further.

In short: Don't mind hipsters and a bit more expensive prices? Then definitely go here because the food is fantastic!

Wozna 18, Poznan, Poland

perfect place

17 Feb 2014

Nice place just off the main square, and the only all vegan option in the city! Loved the atmosphere, very cozy although maybe even a bit too small. We had to wait a little bit for a seat.

The menu is simply amazing, I had a very hard time choosing because I really wanted to try it all. In the end we had the starter plates (oriental & mediterranean), a panini and a savoury pancakes. The plates were delicious, but I especially loved my savoury pancake. For this alone it's already worth going.

Prices are ok, not cheap but worth it. We paid around 90zl (22 euro) for two drinks, two starters and two main dishes. We barely were able to finish our portions because they were really big.

To conclude, Kwadrat really managed to combine healthy & delicious in their dishes. Shouldn't miss it when you're in town.

Updated from previous review on Monday February 17, 2014

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