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191 Baldwin St, Toronto, Canada

Sweet place...

21 May 2013

Akram's falafels are one of the best in Toronto. He is a very caring man about his food that he serves and will always give a little extra to please. He's like the King of Kensington. He also makes the absolute best baba ganoush.

1085 Bathurst St, Toronto, Canada

Toronto's 1st is boring and bland-Needs an update

21 May 2013

I'd go back but I keep hearing the same feedback I experienced when I was brought there once. The food is boring the experience was surreal and I ordered the dessert but just as the waiter went to give it to me, the other waitress grabbed it from him and put it on someone else's table. This was on my birthday and they had no dessert left. The waiter went to the corner store and brought back some fruit and made me a fruit cocktail. They do their best to please but experiencing that was pretty rude. The person who got my dessert showed up after me and ordered after me. It was so wrong.

258 Locke St S, Hamilton, Canada

Decent veg food for being a meaty place

21 May 2013

Good salad and pizza even though it's not wood fire. Definitely the best pizza option on Locke Street and in the top 3 for in the city of Hamilton.

666 Dundas St W, Toronto, Canada

great hot and sour soup and seitan

21 May 2013

Some of the food hasn't always pleased my tastebuds here but they do make great seitan and hot and sour soup. Nothing fancy about the atmosphere

87 John St S, Hamilton, Canada

Affinity is an A+

08 Dec 2007

I have eaten at Affinity several times and am quite impressed and am amazed that the place doesn't have a line up. Hamilton should tune in better to good food because they do serve thee best Kung Pao Chicken on the planet. I have had this dish in Toronto, Los Angeles, New York and no one comes even close! I must give attention to other meals on their menu since everyone here raves about Kung Pao! Here goes: order plain jasmine tea then ask the sweet wait staff the proper way to use the 2 cups. One is meant to smell the jasmine... you'll see, it makes tea a very special experience. Next, (and pardon my spelling on their dishes).. their cool rolls are good but the sauce could be more spicy, their Sietan platter is phenomenal, again rises above other buddha restaurants I have eaten at... their hot and sour soup is soooo good and hits the spot if you feel you need an immune boost... try the chicken drum sticks for a fast food healthy experience.. great texture and dipping sauce... DO try the burdock root dish in sweet and sour sauce... I alternate between kung pao and this one. Chewy goodness and now I don't get so bummed when my dog is covered in burs. Once Hamilton bans pesticides and herbicides, I think I may start to harvest them!!... if you want a side of rice, get the purple rice. I would rather fill my tummy with their savoury delights then put a dessert or jelly in after... I am not big into that. Oh, and there is a fish dish there that is quite interesting. You get 3 pieces of fish with a large salad...(it's not the big fish one with the seaweed)... They serve fresh smoothies and veggie juices... They have a fantastic wall of tea and I wish their tea balls that burst into floral bouquets like magic were organic, otherwise it's all fabulous. :) One more thing... I truly believe that the waiter there is the best... he has such a twinkle in his eye. The place is so special and it makes Hamilton a better place to be.

Now, I hope that they are making enough for the restaurant to survive because if they ever shut down, that would be a time to mourn.

1248 SW 22 St, Miami, USA

Great choice

21 May 2013

It's been a few years since Lifefood Gourmet has seen me but I will say that I still crave to this day their raw lasagna. It's divine and yes, they mastered the art of making thee best raw vegan lasagna around. The tea is delicious. I love how they designed the menu to relate to health. The dessert crepes were awesome. There was nothing I didn't enjoy about this place. Sweet owners, quiet and quaint. I hope when I return one day that the food is just as good.

79 Regina St N, Kitchener Waterloo, Canada

Lovely place and food!

21 May 2013

This place is a unique experience with yummy tapa size dishes and teas. The atmosphere is sweet and the service is as well.

2301 Main St, Santa Monica, USA

I crave this place...

21 May 2013

The title says it all. It was absolutely delicious and the people there are very sweet. They know what they're doing.... I only wish I could have their boxes delivered to Canada.

4040 Palladium Way Unit 11, Burlington, Canada

Vegan choices in Burlington are looking up...

21 May 2013

I have enjoyed this restaurant each time I've gone. The service is pleasant and the vibe is chill. Wonderful ambience with decent hours. I am disappointed they have removed the kelp noodle dish from their menu which is an essential choice for any vegan or vegetarian. Everything I've tried so far has been fine except I don't like seeing they buy pre-made rice wraps and the burger they suggested for my friend was very bland. There is room for improvement but they are definitely on the right track. The location is really poor unless someone lives waaaay into suburbia. I felt their menu lost a bit of its strength when they changed it. I hope they will tweak it again. It's a great option for the area to enjoy some delicious raw vegan foods and I hope they will dig deep into the award winning raw vegan restaurants in the US and be inspired! Raw vegan lasagna is an art that I haven't seen mastered around here yet...

147 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Canada

Still one of Toronto's best!

21 May 2013

Fresh is now a classic to me.. Love them. I've had almost everything on the menu for the past 20 years... I've been disappointed only 2 times but both items have since greatly improved... I only miss the original spot on Bloor... It's always upbeat and busy... Not always as cool music from years back... it all depends on who is in control of the stereo.

176 Locke Street S, Hamilton, Canada

Half the time what I need isn't there...

21 May 2013

It would be nice if this location of Goodness Me would focus more on healthy options and less on bags of chips and junk food masked as health food. They say they do this to accommodate all when it results in me not shopping there as it's unreliable.

3455 Fairview Street, Burlington, Canada

Great selection a bit pricey...

21 May 2013

Great selection. This is the best Goodness Me location. The prices are a bit costly. I'd like to see the prices match Organic Garage in Oakville to save the trip.

5-560 Johnson St, Victoria, Canada

Long live Green Cuisine!

21 May 2013

Every time I make it out to Victoria, I enjoy food at Green Cuisine. By far they're the best pay by weight restaurant I've been to. Casual atmosphere... Chill.

12 E 32nd St, New York City, USA

I have flown to NY just to eat here...

21 May 2013

It's one of those gems I go to anytime I visit NYC. I order the Emperor's Tasting Menu Prix Fixe. I wish something like this was in Toronto. It's delicious and I LOVE the space. The last time I flew to NYC was for my birthday a couple years ago. I spent 24 hours in NYC with the main purpose to eat at HanGawi. I hope they are maintaining their awesome for when I visit again. I've been a few times already...

16 Bancroft Ave, Toronto, Canada

yummy breakfast

21 May 2013

It's been awhile but their breakfast still shines brightly in my memory... More later when I eventually make it back.

238 Augusta Avenue, Toronto, Canada


21 May 2013

This place is tiny and sweet! I've enjoyed their salad bowls and soups and delicious crepes served with home-made vegan ice cream which is extra yum! They are very affordable and have let me in at closing time to order and eat in... Very kind of them... They also make home-made kombucha!

27 King William Street, Hamilton, Canada

Basic lunches

21 May 2013

It's nice to see more and more places offering options that are vegan and vegetarian friendly. That said, there is room for improvement here. They have some good options and are on the right track. They have started a suspended coffee program which helps people have free coffee who can't afford to buy one.

1300 Garth Street, Hamilton, Canada

Good until I found meat in my food. Never again.

21 May 2013

This place made a few mistakes by serving meat in vegan dishes. I will not go back there again.

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