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41-1025 Kalanianaole Hwy, Waimanalo, USA

Neighborhood Gem!

16 Nov 2015

Came across with some reviews of this restaurant while checking things on-line. Although I don't live on this side of island, I decided to give it a try since this is Sunday morning and the traffic was not bad at all for Kailua bound from City. I am so glad I did, there used to be not much choice of vegetarian restaurant on this side of island except for health food stores...but not anymore! 'Ai Love Nalo is local, vegan, and according to previous reviews, they are non GMO. There's no store name/sign at the front but as you drive along 72/Kalanianaole Hwy in Waimanalo, they are in the same block as the big M(yes...) where Sweet Home Waimanalo used to be. You can park in front of the restaurant, or around the corner of the M on Aloiloi St.
The menu items are all sounding interesting, local/traditional Hawaiian inspired vegan dishes such as luau and laulau which none are originally vegan or even vegetarian! I went in before their kitchen opens so the only items I had today at the restaurant were breakfast: parfait & smoothie, but both were sooo good(glad I ordered small, they are very filling!). I really wanted to try their lunch item but I was already so full, I decided to had the Medi bowl to-go. AND, the medi bowl was awesome!! I will definitely go back there to try the Hawaiian dishes as well as some dessert items for sure!
Updated from previous review on Sunday November 15, 2015

961 Akepo Ln, Honolulu, USA

Fresh made Tofu!

27 Feb 2015

If you love tofu and other tofu products, local & freshly made here in Hawaii, this is the place to go. Away from touristy district but worth a visit. Their products are sold at supermarkets in town but once you try the products straight from this factory, you'd know the difference. My absolute favorite is fresh age-tofu/atsu-age(deep-fried tofu): little crunchy in the outside. It goes really well with plain soy sauce & grated ginger. They also sell so-called "off-grade" products but don't be fooled by its name. These are the products that's either partially burnt, misshapen or crumbled, and nothing wrong other than appearance-wise. Their Yudofu(warm soft tofu) is melt in your mouth, but unfortunately they would not provide you with containers. Make sure to bring a large container with lid if you're purchasing them.

829 Kapahulu Ave, Honolulu, USA

Does not appear to be open by looking

16 Mar 2009

from the outside but they are, you'll see it once you're in. The inside decor is kind a darker, maybe that's why it's hard to tell. I went there for late-lunch and I was the only one in the restaurant! Price & portion are both reasonable. There's a separate vegetarian menu but they also accommodate to your request. I found soy milk on the menu, too. I had Penang curry with Tofu, and a couple of others, they were all delicious! Service is very good - the waitress asked me if I'd like certain herbs they use in the dishes I ordered. When I told her that I don't know much except for Lemon Grass & basil, she explained what other herbs are like, and even told me she'd put them on the side so I can try if I like them:) Only problem is the parking, there's no designated parking area for this restaurant. Maybe I'd park at Safeway across the street next time.

2001 W Swann Ave, Tampa, USA

The BEST in Tampa, I miss this restaurant!

12 Dec 2008

Although I never ever had any negative experience, I agree with other reviews: YES the neighborhood is not the best, and YES the service maybe slow sometimes BUT their food is the best without any doubt! I love sabrina's sandwich. Their onion bread is the BEST I've ever had. My other favorite was the live spaghetti marinara with treatballs, they were soooooooo good! My non-vegetarian friend even loved it. They often change menus and they changed it to Alfredo now but this is also good, too. The one I really really miss is the raw sweet potato pie! I don't know why they don't make it anymore - when I went there last time, I had to ask why. I was told that the lady who makes the pie has been so busy she discontinued making it, however, if there's enough demand, she may re-consider. So, if you're curious, demand her to make it. I guarantee you won't regret it. Lastly, for those folks who complain about service, avoid going there on Saturdays as it usually gets packed quickly with longer waiting. Try during day times on weekdays instead.

I with I could go to this restaurant again. I really really miss Grass Root!

100 N Beretania St, Honolulu, USA

I love this restaurant!

19 Jun 2009

I've nothing bad to say about this restaurant. Only problem is the location: although the address is Beretania, this restaurant is actually on River Street. The place is hidden behind the similar name of...well, Seafood restaurant! which is owned by the same person. Anyways, I got there just in-time for Dim Sum after wondering around looking for this restaurant. Was well worth it. The food was great, the service was prompt, and the price was reasonable. I am so psyched that I finally found a place where I can get vegetarian Dim Sum here in Hawaii! I had the steamed buns(forgot the name), beancurd wrapped veges, dumplings, and few others...they were all yummy. If I didn't have to worry about parking, I'd probably be staying longer & overate(I parked on the main street across the bridge at the 1 hour-limit parking meters. Later found out that there's parking in the building that restaurant can validate for you...). I was near-stuffed and happily walked out from the restaurant. Regarding "the service", although I didn't have any negative experience, I believe the problem is definitely "the language barrier" just as the previous reviewer posted. If I needed something, as soon as I looked around & smiled at any of those waitresses who walked pass by, she'd usually stop. BTW, I had a brief conversation with the lady/owner at check-out by commenting how great the food was & how much I enjoyed them. She smiled & asked me if that was my first time, and told me to come back again. Oh yes, I'll definitely be back!

3045 Monsarrat Ste 5, Honolulu, USA

I wasn't impressed at all either...

17 Mar 2009

I hate to give a negative review but I had to agree with the previous one. Not much option for vegan/vegetarian. I, too had to get the vegewrap, and Yes, it was just as the previous reviewer posted: carrot, hummus, and spinach(not lettuce, though - they may have changed it)...that was it! I also noticed that the wrap was not made to order. It came right after I ordered it on the paper plate covered with aluminum foil. It must have been made long time ago. $8 for that wrap is definitely an overprice. Disappointed.

2525 S King St, Honolulu, USA

This store rules!

12 Dec 2008

This is the only health/natural food store in Honolulu that I feel comfortable shopping at. Unlike other health food stores that also carry non-vegetarian items, everything in this store is vegetarian or vegan. I don't have to worry about product may contain non-vegetarian ingredients or additives. I love their selection of items, too. You can find almost everything you'd need for vegetarian/vegan grocery - from deli items to household cleaning items. I disagree with the post on the store is over-priced compared to Wholefood. Although not cheap, I think they are very reasonable. They have more selections than wholefood.

3441 Waialae Ave, Honolulu, USA

Nice little healthy juice bar!

31 Jul 2016

Recently discovered this tiny gem just across the street from Town in the so-called "gourmet town, Kaimuki". They've been in the spot, doing business for a couple of years now. I drove passed by countless times without knowing anything...what a pleasant surprise and oh wow, what was I missing? Menu consists of vegan friendly smoothies/juices & healthy veggie snacks/meals. Veggies & fruits are local and very fresh. I had Deep Green Smoothie & Surfer Bowl, they were all delish! Only a couple of parking spots in front of the place that's also shared with the store next door, so parking maybe a bit of challenge if you stop by during their busy hour, Same goes for the dining option, better order it to-go. Other than that, girls there are very helpful & accommodating. I'm happy that I found my favorite veggie fixing spot right here:)

Updated from previous review on 2016-07-31

1614 S King St, Honolulu, USA

New addition to my list:)

08 Aug 2010

Just like Peace Cafe, I drove along King Street few times looking for this place but always passed it because of the small store front. The sign is also small just like other stores within the same block, the store is also often hidden behind numbers of cars parked in front of it. That say, finding this restaurant, as well as a parking spot would be a bit of problem depending on the time & day you go.
When I stop by there on early Saturday afternoon, luckily I managed to find a parking spot. I walked right in.
Inside decor was white-based, brightly clean and well-lit, approx. 6 to 7 tables for dine-in. Price is reasonable, entree is ranged between $4.50 to $7.95. What caught my eyes before ordering was these vegan cupcakes which was not listed on the menu. They are organic and vegan with cashew-cream frosting. Very tempting, indeed.

Staffs are all helpful & friendly, one of the lady helped me selecting the items. I ordered Crispy Rolls and Combo plate.
I sat and looked around while waiting. There are photos of Vegetarian celebrities on the wall(didn't know Princess Di was vegetarian!), as well as some books to read(or maybe for sale). I guess those books are informative for non-vegan/vegetarians but I assumed there's nothing new I did not already know. Meanwhile, customers kept coming in for to-go. One of them came in with own containers and ordered a soup to-go. Seems they encourage eco-friendly/biodegradable containers, & recycling.

Overall seasoning of the food I ordered seemed to be a bit lighter side, or maybe it was not drenched in sauce like some other entrees. The Sriracha one of the lady brought over to me was a great help. Crispy roll was pretty good.

One thing a little bothered me was, though, there's a TV on the wall constantly showing this religious show/news/report which I believe is related to the owner of this international chain. I tried not to pay much attention to it as I'd prefer to stay away from religious topics when I dine. This was the only reason I'd leave 1 star out from the rating.

Overall, I like this restaurant and definitely be back again. I am really glad that I can add another vegan dining option here in Honolulu to my list:)
About the cupcakes. Being a sweet tooth, I bought one to-go as I couldn't really resist it. It was yummy. I'd stop by everyday just to get this cupcake!

2239 S King St, Honolulu, USA

Tiny but cozy:)

06 Jul 2010

I ate at Peace Cafe for the first time today and I am extremely happy to know that there's a decent Vegan cafe here in Honolulu that serves organic and/or local produce, also eco-friendly.
When I first heard about this place, I was not too sure of the exact location.
I always drove down King St to stop by at Down To Earth but wasn't aware of the opening of this cozy little cafe at all. I guess I must have just drove pass by without even knowing it as this cafe is sandwiched between a Mexican restaurant & a smoke shop, and has no big sign you could see from a distance. Unless you either walk passed the store front or watched really carefully while driving(this is NOT recommendable, however), you may completely miss it.
I got there during a late lunch hour. There's a hand-written menu on the huge chalkboard, also daily specials on a small whiteboard right below.
Seems all salads are sold-out when I got there. I ordered a Peace Box out from the Lunchbox menu and cold Matcha(Greentea) Latte.
Because of the size of store, seating was very limited: 1 big picnic table in the middle, 1 small table right next to a counter, and a bar seating along the window at the store front.
The drink came shortly after I sat at a bar. Unlike the kind you'd get from franchised stores, this latte was not too sweet or too bitter. Very refreshing and perfect, indeed. AND Vegan. Just what I wanted. When I had a couple of sip, the lunchbox came.
It was soy-seasoned TVP mince served over a bed of brown rice, mix greens with fresh herbs(cilantro, parsley, and possibly either mint or basil), cucumber, and pickles. I first thought the TVP a bit salty but it accentuated the flavorful veges very nicely. The portion appeared to be small but it was actually quite filling.

As previous reviewers mentioned, they use disposable containers a lot but these containers are biodegradable, even the plastic cups for drinks(refer to the photo).
I also noticed & liked that they limit the usage of disposable utensils such as chopsticks or forks. I saw help-yourself water pitcher & shot glasses at utensil counter - I like this concept, too.

Overall, I really liked this cafe. I'd definitely go back there again.
Hope they'll extend hours in the future, though, so I can go more often!

Nishi-Ku, Kitahorie Jiang 1-17-1, Osaka, Japan

Not bad at all:)

11 Jun 2010

Fed up with salads from convenient stores every day, I wanted to eat "real food". After walked around blocks, unsuccessfully finding anything, I decided to give Prana a try. Luckily, the hotel I stayed was in the same neighborhood, AND happened to be only a couple of blocks away from this restaurant. Since the 2 previous reviews weren't sounding too good, I wasn't expecting anything positive when I initially stepped into this restaurant. As I walked upstairs, I saw this Japanese sign with photos of 3 dogs saying "We are in this premises" posted by the door. I guess I should be aware of them. OK, no problem, I'm ready. As I walked further toward the door, I saw one set of table & chairs on the top of stairs which is right outside the door of this restaurant. There, I noticed that this huge dog was sphynxing but surprisingly this dog did not come out to get me or seem to even move at all. It was almost lunch time, maybe these pooches were already fed? Or maybe I was lucky on this day, I didn't get the "pooch attack" like the previous reviewer was mentioning. First thing I saw when I walked through the door was that this counter with plates and plates filled with tasty-looking appetizers, salads etc. 2 staffs who were working behind this counter politely greeted me as soon as I walked in. They were very courteous. One of them asked me if anywhere I wanted to be seated. My time was limited on this day, also I wasn't sure what to order, I decided to get a to-go. I asked this lady what she'd recommend. She first asked me if I ever visited the restaurant before. When I said "no", she recommend me a bento-box which consists of: salad, rice, and 7 small portions of side dishes. I decided to go with her recommendation. While waiting for the food, the lady asked me if I want vinaigrette on the salad or on the side. Since I knew that I'd eat it right away as soon as I get back into my hotel, I said "OK" on the salad. I believe I waited 10 minutes or so(maybe shorter but felt like forever because I was really starving!) until I got called. I picked up the lunch-box, paid 980 yen(including tax), and happily walked out from the restaurant. Not to mention that I simply dig in as soon as I returned to my room and cleaned all off of this bento box. They were all soooo yummy. My overall experience at this restaurant was not bad at all. If dogs would definitely bother you, then your option should be getting a to-go like I did. I'd definitely return if I visit Osaka again.

66-437 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, USA

I so agree with the previous review!

07 Aug 2011

Sadly, when it comes to food for vegetarians/vegans in North Shore is still limited, either 1)salad or vegetable items from cafe/restaurants that serve meat, 2)granola, bread or pastries from bakeries, 3)shaved ice(seriously! but skip anything with red-coloring). OR, something from farmers market if you were visiting there on weekends... So, what if, I really want to go somewhere that only serves vegetarian/vegan items?This cafe is the one!

I'm very glad I've found this hole-in-a-wall health food joint in North Shore amongst #s of shrimp /seafood wagons, BBQ joints, or seafood restaurants. I must have drove passed by whenever I visited North Shore via Haleiwa, never ever known this tiny cafe had ever even existed! I believe this place used to be called Paradise Found Cafe but I didn't even know anything about the former business or Celestial Natural Foods store itself either which is located just across the street from Bonzer Front, in a building right next to Wave Riding Vehicle! What was I missing here, lol, not anymore.

The place is very tiny. Although you'd see the sign at the store front, the actual cafe is inside of the store, almost squeezed into the very end of property. Seating is very limited: 3 short-bars/counters and a couple of tables, so I assume it'd be packed up very quick if you go there during lunch hours. I went there in the morning right after they opened. As soon as I stepped in, the lady behind the counter told me that their beans are not quite ready yet. I ordered Zen with Tofu which is a breakfast scramble with veges,a side of black beans and rice. I also ordered Immune Booster for a drink. The drink came in few minutes. I didn't wait longer for the food despite of what the lady told me. The food was very tasty with lots of veges in it and nicely seasoned. The drink definitely served up its name, I was bit under the weather on the day but I felt energized after I had the drink.
Seems they have some desserts as well but I didn't get to try one. Next time, I definitely will.

For now on, this is the place for a bite when I visit North Shore, yaay:)

P.S. Not so sure about parking here. I parked in a lot at a community center across the street though...

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