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3424 Cambie Street, Vancouver, Canada

Friendly Staff and Good Food

11 Aug 2012

The place is entirely vegan and the staff are really friendly. I like the bean curd skin roll with broccoli and mushrooms, and the sweet and sour chicken, and the crispy pancake appetizer.

407 Fitzwilliam St, Nanaimo, Canada

Delicious Vegan cupcakes

29 Mar 2011

I had a chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing and it was great, despite being gluten-free! As a vegan, I usually try to avoid gluten-free things, but these cupcakes were amazing. It even inspired me to buy the Babybakes cookbook!

292 Kamehameha Ave, Hilo, USA

Vegan burgers

18 Aug 2009

I had a vegan burger, with Amy's brand American patty and vegenaise. They also had a vegan taro burger on the menu, but the server told me it not as good. I also had a glass of chocolate soymilk. Conveniently located on the main strip of the little town. There is nowhere to sit, it is takeout only.

202-1833 Anderson St, 2F, Vancouver, Canada

My favourite!

06 Aug 2011

The vegan plate is perfect for one person, it gives you everything vegan on the menu. The vegan platter is great for two people if you can convince someone else to get it with you! I love the pakarwa, they are battered and deep fried potato slices, so delicious!

203 E Pender St, Vancouver, Canada

Vegan Coffee Shop

01 Sep 2016

The owner is nice and can tell you about where his tea and coffee comes from. We were able to try buckwheat milk for the first time. We had it in a black tea and it was good. He has all sorts of vegan milks, like almond, soy, coconut etc. and says that he uses a special combination of vegan milks that works best in coffee, for if you like coffee. It's very small, just a couple of seats at the counter where the coffee is made. I don't like coffee, but this place specializes in coffee, so definitely check it out if you do like it.

3406 3 Ave NW, Calgary, Canada

Vegan Pizza with whole wheat crust

31 Jan 2013

They have Daiya cheese for vegan pizzas, and the whole wheat crust and the tomato sauce are vegan. I had a vegan Margherita pizza, with fresh basil and parsley. It was really good. I like how they use a good amount of Daiya. I would probably prefer a normal crust, but for a whole wheat crust it was good, especially if you are trying to be healthier.

2143 W 41st Ave, Vancouver, Canada

Friendly Staff and Delicious Food

04 Jun 2011

The staff always remembers that I need a vegetarian menu and that my boyfriend needs a regular one, even if we haven't been there for a year. The vegan pad thai is delicious, as is the laad naa (noodles in gravy with broccoli), and pad kee mao (rice noodles with thai basil and peppers and tofu). The mango with sticky rice for dessert is great too, and even their tamarind candies that come with the bill are awesome. While most Thai restaurants will accomadate vegans, I find it more relaxing having a separate menu so I can order like a normal person!

2781 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, Canada

Great vegan burritos!

13 Nov 2011

The jicama salad is really good, and the vegan nachos with homemade sour cream are good too. The vegan burritos made enchilada style are still my favourite though! For drinks, the vegan horchata is delicious, and the hibiscus ice tea is very refreshing.

Updated from previous review on Saturday May 29, 2010

613 11th Ave SW, Calgary, Canada

Acceptable Vegan Options

09 Nov 2013

We went for brunch and had the apple cinnamon pancakes. They were ok. They came with maple syrup. They were a bit healthy tasting for me, as they were made with whole wheat flour or buckwheat or something. I never understand why people seem confused about the fact that white flour is vegan! Anyway, they were alright. Then we had the breakfast bowl, which was supposed to be vegan chili over hash browns, with fried tofu on top. It came with eggs on top the first time. I noticed right away and the server apologized and fixed it. But when the tofu version came it was pretty good. The chili was good, the tofu was thin and crispy, and the hash browns were ok too. My only suggestion would be for them to marinate the tofu first because it was a bit tasteless. Despite that, I enjoyed the breakfast bowl more than the pancakes.

5802 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, Canada

Delicious Dry Ribs!

11 May 2013

I wasn't sure about this place at first, but I think I just wasn't ordering the right thing. The last few times I went I got the dry ribs, and they are amazing. They remind me of fried chicken, which I used to love before I became vegan. So now this is one of my favourite places in Calgary.

44 Kingsway, Vancouver, Canada


13 Nov 2011

Good vegan burritos. The tortilla soup is also good. However, I don't know why they don't use daiya cheese for the vegan options (I suggested it a while ago but they still don't have it). So lately I've been going to Bandidas Tacqueria instead.

Updated from previous review on Tuesday February 16, 2010

108 Stokes Croft, Bristol, England

Friendly Staff

08 Aug 2011

I had the veggie burger and curly fries. The fries were good, and the veggie burger was ok, but not amazing. I was hesitant to try the blt or the sausage sandwich because I don't really like fake meat. However I've never tried the fake meat in England, so it may have been good. The atmosphere was really pleasant and the staff was really nice.

1011 1 St SW Ste 100, Calgary, Canada

Decent Vegan Food

16 Dec 2012

I had a rice bowl with added tofu and it was good. It's a good place to take omnivores when you need somewhere to go for lunch downtown. It seemed like the only vegan things on the menu were rice bowls though, so don't expect much variety.

Bankers Hall, PO Box 22313, Calgary, Canada

Monthly Vegan Potluck

30 Jan 2013

They host a monthly vegan potluck in the upstairs of the Co-op Midtown Market near downtown. Everyone was very friendly.

5052 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, Canada

Vegan Pho

28 May 2011

The spring rolls here are unfortunately not vegan. But the Pho is. I had the Pho Hanoi and it was good. I've never had real Pho so I don't really know, but it seemed authentic. It was served really fast and had huge portions for a good price.

3493 Cambie St, Vancouver, Canada

Less vegan options than Whole Foods

28 Apr 2012

There are not that many vegan products at Choices. If you want specialty vegan products than your better choice is Whole Foods on Cambie at 8th.

3586 Fraser St, Vancouver, Canada


02 Apr 2012

The decor in this place is really cool, with local art on the walls. I had the poutine and the sliders. I was dissapointed that the buns were gluten free, I'm vegan and I eat gluten, so I'm always sad when something vegan isn't as good as it should be because it's been made gluten-free as well. The poutine was good, but it was made with potato wedges instead of fries, which is probably healthier, but not as crunchy. The peppermint chocolate cookies was really good, I didn't even notice that it was gluten-free. I also got the tofu pad thai noodles with peanut sauce to go for lunch the next day.

3068 Main St, Vancouver, Canada

Yummy vegan chicken drumsticks

10 Dec 2010

I loved the vegan chicken drumsticks. My friend (who is not vegetarian) said they tasted exactly like real chicken and he was really surprised! Their broccoli, tofu and vegan egg noodle stir-fry is really good too, although I can never remember the name of the dish. Mostly everything on the menu is vegan, other than a couple of deserts with honey. They don't use eggs or dairy.

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