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Carrer Sant Doménec 19, Barcelona, Spain

Try other places first

The "menu del dia" is usually disappointing and in smaller portions, so its better to chose directly from the menu. Few vegan options, and those few not so inviting. It's not so expensive but you can find better and cheaper places around the same area. The vegetarian menu is good, if you are living in Barcelona you should give it a try, but not if you're in a quick visit. The place is usually crowded and staff is neither kind nor unkind.

Seoul 143-200, Gwangjin-gu, Gueui-dong, 53-10, Seoul, South Korea

Just the best

This is the best vegan buffet I've been to up to date. The variety of food is huge and all the different gluten, bean or soya meat (or kongkogi in korean) dishes are just awesome, much better than in Europe. You can enjoy Korean as well as western style vegan meals. Juices, vegan desserts and ice creams available. Price is very good on weekdays, 12.000 won, less than 1€. I will surely miss it when I leave Korea.

Carrer Escudellers 42, Barcelona, Spain

A vegan gem in the heart of Barcelona

The best place in Barcelona for vegan fast food and take-away. The variety is huge: around 20 kinds of different burgers (including those with frankfurt, bratwurst, vegan chicken "taquitos", vegan bacon, etc). They have many different and tasty vegan sauces, vegan cheese and complements. They also serve vegan tapas and dishes like cous-cous, rice, noodles, soups, etc., depending on the day.

Regente Mendieta 15, Barcelona, Spain

Good if you are in the area

One of the few vegetarian restaurants in the Sants - Les Corts district, so if you happen to be around and need some vegetarian place to eat, it's a good option. Food and price are good, but sometimes vegan options are poor (it depends on the day, since the menu changes every day). The staff is nice, but the place is always crowded, hot and noisy.

Plaza de la Quartera, 3, Mallorca, Spain

Onfe of the best options in Palma

I found this place through happycow.net and I am most happy I did. Everything was excellent. The menu (13,5€) includes three courses which you can choose from several options (vegetarian & vegan), plus a dessert (I had a delicious brownie cake with hazelnutts), water or a glass of wine and bread. They also served some tasty olives while waiting. The food was so good and inventive. I highly recommend it.

Seefeldstrasse 2, Zurich, Switzerland

Really good

Lots of options of vegetarian and vegan food, raw and cooked. I was amazed at the variety: salads, noodles, rices, legumes, tofu, seitan, boiled or fried potatoes, fried jalapeños, onion rings, vegetable salty cakes, lots of different sauces and seasonings. They charge you for weight, so it comes out really expensive if you want to eat a lot, but you should definitely go there at least once if you visit Zurich. Also very nice vegetable sandwiches which are a good option for breakfast. Sweet desserts increase significantly the bill.

Calle Bruniquer 26, Barcelona, Spain

Great at lunch-time

Very nice little restaurant with a menu del día consisting of a varied salad buffet (which includes excellent hummus and strips of tasty tofu), a soup of the day and a hot course like indian thali. Almost everything is vegan. They serve naan bread with cheese but you can ask it only with garlic seasoning. They have also tasty desserts like different kinds of pies, ice-cream, fruits, etc.

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