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C/ Roger de Flor 216, Eixample, Barcelona, Spain

A local restaurant - great food but no vegan main.

11 May 2011

After been told by the "Maitre'D" on the door that vegans were well catered for, our waiter told us that neither main course was vegan. The two vegans in our party decided to stay, and the waiter was more than happy to substitute their mains with a choice from previous courses. Nice selection for vegetarians from the Menu del Dia, and the food, especially the soups, was exceptional for the price.

The restaurant was very busy, mainly with locals, which itself is testament to the quality of fare and value for money - but not having a vegan main loses them one cow I'm afraid.

1212 Royal St, New Orleans, USA

Plantain heaven

04 Dec 2007

Decent vegetarian food is a rare find in New Orleans, so what a pleasure it was to find Bennechin. It's not a very big place, so you may be wise booking or you may have to wait for a table, but it's well worth it. Though not 100% veggie, there are many varied veggie and vegan options, all reasonably priced. The staff are very friendly and helpful (trust them when they say the hot curry is, indeed, very hot !). I'd particularly recommend the fried plantain as a starter, or even an entree. They do not serve alcohol, but the ginger drink is lovely and very fiery.

Boria 17, Barcelona, Spain

Cheap, cheerful, great vegan food

08 May 2011

We visited Cat Bar with two vegan friends and were very impressed. The staff are friendly and helpful, and the seating area, though quite small, was not cramped.

There is a wide choice of food and, though a couple of us were tempted by the all-day vegan breakfast, all four of us ended up with virtually the same meal. We all had home-made houmus with their home-made bread, which was amazing, followed by burger, chips and beans (or salad). The burger was very tasty and the portion of chunky chips was enormous and delicious.

Cat Bar is only a 2-minute walk from Metro Jaume. On our next visit we will be making the effort to visit more than once !

8a Bowl Alley Lane, Hull, England

An absolute treat in Hull's old town

03 Feb 2012

Having read great reviews of Green Ginger, we thought we'd venture there on a recent trip to Hull. We found it easily enough, and first impressions were good - clean, airy, bright decor and a good friendly reception.

The service was really good - friendly, helpful and efficient - and the food amazing. There were seven main dishes (including two soups), the majority of which were vegan, and all came with a choice of up to three of the salads from their fantastic salad counter - which had at least a dozen lovely salads. They also had a good choice of sweets, some vegan, and drinks both hot and cold.

I had the soy-sage and tomato pie with minted potato, tomato pasta and rice & bean salads, which was all very tasty. My wife had a bowl of spicy butternut squash soup, which I tried and we both agreed it was amazing - very hearty, and served with four chunks of bread. We each had an apple, carrot and ginger juice, which we also could not find fault with - not too sweet, not too "carrotty" and a nice ginger kick. For sweet, she had a peanut butter and chocolate square, which made her eyes roll round (a good thing), with a cup of tea, while I went for the toffee apple cake - again, faultless.

The portions were a good size - filling but not overwhelming, leaving one with just enough room to squeeze a sweet in :-)

To top it all off, it's great value for money - two mains, two fresh juices, two sweets, a cup of tea and a take-away carton of five of the salads for £20 - we will definitely be visiting again, even though we're 75 miles away ! Shame five happy cows is the maximum :-)

Note that currently Green Ginger is open 11am - 4pm on Tuesday-Saturday.

C/Cardenal Casañas 7, Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, Spain

Cheap and cheerful

11 May 2011

This is the smallest of the Juicy Jones' in Barcelona, and is very conveniently placed around 100 yards off Las Ramblas. There is an extensive menu, and everything, especially the Menu del Dia, always provides great value. The food is amazing (especially the home-made houmus and the Thali plate) and the service is quick, friendly and efficient.

C/Hospital 74, Barcelona, Spain

Great food, but service a little slow,

11 May 2011

As with the other Juicy Jones in Barcelona, the food (especially the home-made houmus)is just about faultless. There is an extensive menu, and everything, especially the Menu del Dia, always provides great value. The service is friendly, but both times we've visited it's been quite slow and they occasionally get the order mixed up. On our last visit we were waiting almost 30 minutes for the bill after asking for it.

Carrer Escudellers 42, Barcelona, Spain

Very difficult to find fault !

08 May 2011

Gopal is only a 2-3 minute walk from Las Ramblas and proved to be our most popular eaterie on our recent trip. The staff are very friendly and helpful, and the food is inexpensive, varied and delicious. There are usually 2 or 3 "menu del dia" which are excellent value for money, but every dish we tried was very nice, as were all the cakes.

Gopal also carry a large range of vegan "meats" (Rashers, bratwurst, salami, etc.) and have some great badges. Only problem is that because it's so popular, it's sometimes difficult to get a seat !

When you've eaten at Gopal, pop across the square for a pint of Amstel at Bar Lisa - what the barman lacks in stature, he more than makes up for in friendliness :-)

504 Frenchman St, New Orleans, USA

Quick, cheap, friendly & tasty

04 Dec 2007

We visited Mona's three times during our recent visit to New Orleans and it certainly didn't dissappoint. It's worth the walk from Bourbon Street, and despite being on the edge of a (we're told) non-tourist-friendly area (Fauburg Marigny), it's on a well-lit street just off Esplanade Avenue - we certainly didn't feel threatened by the neighbourhood. The service is fast and friendly, the prices inexpensive and the menu extensive. The food itself was wonderful - the houmus, falafel, stuffed vine leaves, veggie kebabs were all tasty and well prepared. After reading the previous review before our visit, I asked the waitress and she assured us that all the veggie food was cooked seperately to any meat, but you would probably be wise to double-check. The Turkish coffee was wonderfully strong, and after you're meal you can wander round the health-food store section and stock up on veggie and vegan holiday essentials.

Market Street, Hebden Bridge, Hebden Bridge, England

Always a treat

04 Dec 2007

We're frequent visitors to Hebden Bridge and almost always stop at Organic House, even if just for tea/coffee and cake. Almost always busy (which is a recommendation in itself), the cakes on offer always include some vegan offerrings, and are all scrumptious. My one criticism would be that the food can sometimes be a little on the dry and bland side - a selection of relishes wouldn't go amiss, to liven up the veggie burgers in particular. If you can't get in, The Runcible Spoon over the road also does lovely food and cakes, and always has vegan options (but is sadly too "meaty" for it's own Happy Cow entry).

16-18 Newington, 2F, Liverpool, England

Good wholesome food in friendly surroundings

12 May 2009

We visited The Egg Cafe twice in one day on a recent visit to Liverpool, with a couple of vegan friends who are "frequent flyers" there, are we were certainly not disappointed. Much larger than I had expected, the cafe is spacious and well laid out, with plenty of local art on the walls.

For lunch, both my wife and had I had the all-day veggie breakfast which, inclusive of tea and coffee cost us around £8 all in. The breakfasts included two eggs, two sausages, beans, mushroooms, fried tomato and thick, wholemeal toast. Although a little greasy, the breakfasts went down well and our plates both went back empty.

About 5 hours later we were back for dinner, and again we ate for under £10, including soft drinks. My wife had the hummous plate, and I had the chick pea and coconut curry. Both were offered with FOUR salads, including pasta and rice, and we both chose to have a taste of all four - I could have also had boiled rice with my curry if I had had the appetite. The curry was very tasty without being overbearingly spicy, and the home-made hummous was also very nice.

Our friends had tandoori mushrooms, bean burger and garlic bread for lunch (all with the aforementioned salads), followed by carrot, parsnip and ginger soup and the curry for dinner - again, empty plates all round and no complaints.

The service was excellent - very friendly and efficient. I would recommend The Egg Cafe to anyone - vegan, vegetarian or omnivorous.

Five happy cows from four happy diners :-)

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