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Burbank area, Burbank, USA

Delicious Vegan Burger / Friendly Staff

28 Feb 2016

I had a delicious vegan burger in this restaurant which fills the side of a grocery store. Their food doesn't have that corporate feel like many of the vegan chains that have sprung up all over southern California. The people working here are so friendly and helpful, and I love that everything on the menu can be made vegan.

Retorno Miraflores S/N Col. Altabrisa, Tijuana, Mexico

Delicious & Very Fresh Juices & Smoothies

04 Apr 2015

It is so refreshing to see a new wave of fresh juice and smoothie shops in Tijuana! The owner of this juice bar is nearly finished with his nutrition degree, and it is a pleasure to speak with some who is so knowledgeable about health, raw foods, diet, and juicing. His passion is holistic health and diet, and his shop reflects his true passion.

Their juices are very fresh and his Acai Smoothie that I had was perfect.

The atmosphere is modern and cheerful.

Next time I want to try his vegan menu items. Be sure to tell them you are vegan when you order.

Highly recommended.

340 E 4th St, Long Beach, USA

Nice To See Vegan Restaurants in Long Beach

27 Apr 2014

I was at the a Long Beach Eco/Green event earlier, and my friends and I decided to check out the relatively new Ahimsa restaurant.

We decided to order a bunch of dishes and split them so that we could try a variety of dishes. We ordered the vegan nachos, the tempeh reuben, the vegan BLT, the vegan sushi rolls, and 4 pieces of pie include cherry, blueberry, apple and pumpkin.

If you are looking for a quick bite to eat, this may not be your place, as the service was rather slow.

We started with the nachos. They were decent, but I think this dish could have used a bit of improvement. I think a fresher/homemade vegan sour cream would be a nice addition.

The tempeh reuben was good, but I certainly have had better. What I found a bit strange about this reuben was that it was smothered in barbecue sauce. I think perhaps they ran out of mustard, so they used barbecue sauce instead.

The smoked tempeh on the BLT was tasty, but I figured that both sandwiches we ordered might have been more compelling had they come with sides other than bagged tortilla chips.

The dessert pies were a highlight. The fillings were fresh, and the crust was the perfect sweetness. Although each piece of pie was only 3 dollars, they were a bit on the small side for my taste. We easily demolished the 4 pieces of pie.

Unlike in Los Angeles, where there are loads of vegan restaurants, I cannot be too critical of this restaurant, as there are very few choices in the Long Beach area. I was very satisfied with my meal, and I will definitely come here again if I am ever down in Long Beach.

Moo 8 Sritanu, Sri Thanu Vilage, Koh Phangan, Thailand

If You Like Macrobiotic Food, You Will Enjoy

16 Feb 2015

I am not a huge fan of macrobiotic food, as I often find it to be bland for my taste. I did, however, enjoy my macrobiotic veggie bowl here. If you are looking for exciting, spicy flavors, this is not your place. If you are looking for wholesome and health vegan food, this is a perfect spot.

Calle Brasil 8930-A, Colonia Francisco I Madero, Tijuana, Mexico

Now Has A Great Vegan Menu Section! Great Juices and Atmosphere

04 Jul 2016

The is the only healthier restaurant I know of in Tijuana that is a comfortable sit down place with a very modern, clean look. I ordered a veggie sandwich, a salad and a green smoothie with almond milk, and I enjoyed my meal. Wholesome, tasty, excellent service. This place has a separate vegan section on their menu with vegan ravioli, a vegan spring roll, vegan burger, vegan nachos and more. The vegan burger and nachos are superb! I am going to try the ravioli soon. The juices are great!

Updated from previous review on Sunday November 29, 2015

9611 E Garvey Ave Ste 126, South El Monte, USA

Delicious Vietnamese Vegan Pancake

29 May 2015

Just finished a delicious vegan Vietnamese pancake at this restaurant. I love how Vietnamese restaurants provide a huge plate of greens with the Vietnamese pancakes. not too greasy, and filled with delicious veggies.

The waitresses here barely speak any english, so luckily, there are pictures on the menu. They smile and try their best to help.

8101 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, USA

Lovely Ambience, Wonderful Service, Delicious Food

26 Jan 2014

Los Angeles is not short of vegan Thai restaurants. There
were 23 until Araya's Place opened last week.

You might ask yourself if LA is really in need of additional Thai vegan restaurants. While I find many of them to have similar mediocre food, I cannot say this of Araya's Place.

Way back in 1987, Araya became the first vegan Thai restaurant in Seattle, and the restaurant has finally made its way to Los Angeles.

How is the food? Delicious, not too salty like many of the other veg Thai restaurants I have been to. The service? Perfect. The waiting staff and owner were very attentive and friendly. The ambiance? They spent over 150,000 dollars renovating the space, and it certainly shows, with large black-framed mirrors, wooden accents and shelves, spices and plants on the walls, and overall a lovely ambiance.

We ordered Thai spring rolls and a papaya salad as an appetizer. Warning! Thai food can be very spicy. Even though we ordered a "2" on the spicy scale, had we ordered anything higher on the scale, I think my mouth would have been on fire. I found this Papaya salad to perhaps more delicious than any papaya salad I have had.

The spring rolls were very tasty and nicely presented, but pretty standard tasting.

For the main course I ordered an avocado curry. This dish is very flavorful, and adding brown rice to the meal is essential if you want something to absorb the delicious curry sauce. The presentation of all of the dishes was delightful and I appreciate that they add live-food touches to each dish.

Araya's Place is a welcome addition to LA's Thai vegan scene.

I recommend this restaurant highly. The ambiance, service and food are all top rate.

Haad Chao Phao Kho, Koh Phangan, Thailand

Good Food, Great Desserts / Calm Atmosphere

21 Jan 2015

I joined a few friends today for an early lunch at Art Cafe. This decor is authentic "Thai Island" style, constructed of wood and bamboo and an open, airy feeling.

I ordered a falafel. It was tasty, but have had much better. The side salad was a bit strange, as it tasted like the dressing was pure ketchup. For dessert, I ordered a banana bread which was moist, perfectly sweet and delicious. Their other vegan desserts actually looked much better, but I was craving banana bread.

Koh Phangan has a number of all vegan and vegetarian restaurants with better food, and having eating at several of them, I have realized that this Island offers some wonderful, very reasonably priced gourmet vegan food.

This restaurant is walking distance to our hotel, and if you are near this restaurant on Koh Phangan, I would recommend it. If you are staying on another part of the Island, I would recommend you come here to chill in a calm atmosphere, drink tea, and eat the wonderful vegan desserts.

2781 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, Canada

Healthy, Delicious Mexican Food

27 Jul 2014

Based on other HappyCow reviews, I had a feeling this restaurant was going to be a good choice.

It was later in the evening, and most veg-type restaurants close in Vancouver. Not Bandidas! They were open until 1AM.

Upon arriving, after looking through the window at what others had ordered, I had even a better feeling about this restaurant.

I ordered the tostadas with vegan cheese. Yes, this is a vegetarian restaurant, but all of the dishes can be made vegan. My dish was wonderful. Flavorful without being too salty or spicy. A fresh habanero sauce was put on our table, and I decided to spice things up a bit on my plate.

The portions was ample, the prices were reasonable, and the food was delivered to our table very quickly.

This restaurant is one of my favorites in Vancouver.

5T115 Arrivals Hall, Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau Island, Outlying Islands, China

Good Smoothies and Create Your Salad

09 Feb 2015

the is one of the only airports I know of where you can create your own salad. the smoothies are standard but good, and there are plenty of vegan snacks, but beware of the muffins, cakes, and pretzels, as they all contain eggs. You can pay with other currencies.

Jug Bogdanova 2, Belgrade, Serbia

Small health food store with many products

13 Oct 2013

Although this store was quite small (seems that Eastern European grocery stores are quite a bit smaller than Western European grocery stores), I found this store to have all the vegan products I was looking for. They have numerous vegan meats, loads of vegan snack bars and other snacks, body care items and more.

Belehradska 71/287, Prague, Czech Republic

Large Selection Of Vegan Products

28 Aug 2013

This is a medium sized Bioobchod store. Great selection of vegan products with many local Czech vegan products. Also has hair care, soaps and cleaners.

Eminescu 39A, Chisinau, Moldova

Excellent Raw Food / Great Space

18 May 2016

This is the first raw restaurant in Moldova, and the owner has done a fantastic job.

The space is modern, cosy and stylish, and the food is delicious. I ordered a gazpacho, vegan sushi, and a flax breakfast.

The gazpacho was mild, but tasty. The sushi had quinoa instead of rice, and hit the spot. The flax breakfast was merely flax blended with nuts and topped with strawberries. simple but tasty and a great way to get the omega 3's.

Great to see Moldova offering such healthy, wholesome food in a cool, modern environment.

8771 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, USA

Late Night Vegan Food!

20 Apr 2014

It isn't always so easy to find tasty vegan food in LA late at night. I saw that the Black Rose Tavern just opened in my part of town, and decided to check it out.

I walked up to the front door at around ten pm, and there was a bouncer who checked my ID, and then I was asked to pay to see a couple of bands that were playing. I told him that I was only there to have dinner, and he didn't charge me.

The interior is quite large with a stage and has the "cool black-walled Hollywood look". A long bar lines one wall, and restaurant booths line the opposite wall. I felt like I was the only person there looking for some late night vegan food.

My waitress was very sweet, and referred to me as "love".
I ordered the vegan crab cakes and the jackfruit slider.

The jackfruit slider was decent, but I was hoping for a bit more texture than a mashed up jackfruit patty. I preferred the crab cake. I can't say either dish was mind-blowing, but I love the fact that the kitchen closes at 1AM, and if you are looking for late night vegan food, this is one of those rare spots on the westside where you don't have to settle for a salad or vegetable sides.

If you want amazing vegan crab cakes in LA, although expensive, I would highly recommend Crossroads. I also enjoy the vegan crabcake sandwich at Vegan Grill. If you want a couple of tasty vegan dishes at midnight, then I would recommend you check out the Thai Restaurant scene on Hollywood Blvd, Swingers, and now we have a new addition: the Black Rose Grill.

187 9th Ave, New York City, USA

Pretty Good Lasagna

03 Jul 2016

I finally got the chance to have lunch at what I was told was one of the top vegan restaurants in New York City.My waitress was very kind and helpful.After carefully looking at the menu, I decided on the lasagna. The portion size was perfect for me, as I was hungry. I thought it was good, but I have had better vegan lasagnas. I felt it was a bit too heavy and I think it would have been much better had they put tomato sauce all over the dish. I did enjoy the taste.I'll have to try the other dishes when I go back.

9303 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, USA

Average food

06 Feb 2016

Overall, the food here is quite average. This restaurant is close to where I live, so I have been here several times. I have tried everything from the Pad Thai to the vegan burger.

Gorriti 5657, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Best Food Yet in Buenos Aires

26 Apr 2016

I ordered a red quinoa and veggie sandwich with a rice pilaf and a green drink at this Palermo vegetarian restaurant. I have not been having much luck finding delicious Vegan food in Buenos Aires, but the food here is very tasty and full of flavor.

I like that they also serve raw dishes and breakfast.

A solid restaurant for any meal.

185 Bleecker St, New York City, USA

Did I Order The Wrong Thing?

03 Jul 2016

There has been massive buzz about this restaurant in vegan publications, and they recently opened an LA location, so I could not wait to try By Chloe. The cashier recommended a burger, and I eagerly anticipated what I thought was going to be one of the best vegan burgers around.The burger arrived, and it did not look like what I had expected. I took a bite, and the vegan burger patty was small, dry and did not have much of a taste. Maybe there was someone new in the kitchen, because this turned out to be a below average veg burger. I then ordered and tried the artichoke dip and chips. I really liked this dish, but it was a bit on the salty side. Had I reviewed the burger alone, I would have give this restaurant 2 stars. The ambiance, service, and artichoke dip brought up my ratingI am going to have to try this restaurant in LA and order some other dishes. my gut feeling is that I ordered the burger on an off day.

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