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284 Reviews

"Excellent Vegan Mexican Food"
West Hollywood, USA on 29 Nov 2017

"Delicious Vegan Burger / Friendly Staff"
Burbank, USA on 28 Feb 2016

"Delicious & Very Fresh Juices & Smoothies"
Tijuana, Mexico on 04 Apr 2015

"Nice To See Vegan Restaurants in Long Beach"
Long Beach, USA on 27 Apr 2014

"If You Like Macrobiotic Food, You Will Enjoy"
Koh Phangan, Thailand on 16 Feb 2015

"Now Has A Great Vegan Menu Section! Great Juices and Atmosphere"
Tijuana, Mexico on 04 Jul 2016

"Delicious Vietnamese Vegan Pancake"
South El Monte, USA on 29 May 2015

"Lovely Ambience, Wonderful Service, Delicious Food"
Los Angeles, USA on 26 Jan 2014

"Good Food, Great Desserts / Calm Atmosphere"
Koh Phangan, Thailand on 21 Jan 2015

"Healthy, Delicious Mexican Food"
Vancouver, Canada on 27 Jul 2014

"Not the Best Impossible Burger"
Santa Monica, USA on 03 Nov 2017

"Small health food store with many products"
Belgrade, Serbia on 13 Oct 2013

"Large Selection Of Vegan Products "
Prague, Czech Republic on 28 Aug 2013

"Excellent Raw Food / Great Space"
Chisinau, Moldova on 18 May 2016

"Pretty Good Lasagna"
New York City, USA on 03 Jul 2016

"Average food"
Beverly Hills, USA on 06 Feb 2016

"Delicious Lentil Dish"
Paris, France on 10 Oct 2016

"Best Food Yet in Buenos Aires"
Buenos Aires, Argentina on 26 Apr 2016

"Did I Order The Wrong Thing?"
New York City, USA on 03 Jul 2016

"Best Vegan Restaurant in Bogota"
Bogota, Colombia on 20 Jan 2017

"Always delicious food"
Beverly Hills, USA on 25 May 2017

"Positive Vibe, Delicious Wholesome Food"
Los Angeles, USA on 12 Jul 2015

"wholesome and delicious"
Springfield, USA on 18 Oct 2015

"Love This Restaurant"
Tijuana, Mexico on 10 Apr 2017

"Beautiful Store"
Prague, Czech Republic on 28 Aug 2013

"Reasonably Priced Delicious Japanese Vegan Lunch"
San Francisco, USA on 17 Sep 2014

"One of the Best Restaurants in Vancouver BC!"
Vancouver, Canada on 10 Aug 2014

"Average Ramen"
Los Angeles, USA on 04 Nov 2016

"Not Great Service / Average Food At Best"
Denver, USA on 19 Aug 2016

"Excellent Quality / Wonderful Ambiance"
Medellin, Colombia on 07 Feb 2017

"Delicious food"
Los Angeles, USA on 19 Apr 2011

"Delicious raw food / great prices"
Santa Monica, USA on 07 Sep 2009

"Good Smoothies and Create Your Salad"
Outlying Islands, China on 09 Feb 2015

"Late Night Vegan Food!"
Los Angeles, USA on 20 Apr 2014

"Vegan Doughnuts and Vegan Ice Cream in TJ!"
Tijuana, Mexico on 18 Aug 2014

"just OK"
Tijuana, Mexico on 04 Dec 2015

"Hearty Raw Vegan Food / Just What I Was Craving"
Las Vegas, USA on 04 Jun 2014

"Great New LA Raw Restaurant!"
West Hollywood, USA on 31 Aug 2014

"Delicious Desserts!"
Vancouver, Canada on 10 Aug 2014

"Tasty food and A Lovely Owner"
Tijuana, Mexico on 02 Jul 2016

"Tasty breakfast"
Warsaw, Poland on 11 May 2016

"Very Average Sandwich / Slow Service"
San Francisco, USA on 17 Sep 2014

"Everything but the actual vegan hot dog was good"
Warsaw, Poland on 09 May 2015

"Finally! An All-Vegan Crepe Restaurant!"
Los Angeles, USA on 11 Dec 2012

"New Buddhist Vegetarian Restaurant in Arcadia,CA"
Arcadia, USA on 28 Mar 2012

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