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226 SW G St, Grants Pass, USA

LOVE the food, great menu and variety

Love Blondie's vegan menu. Lots of variety, not just sandwiches. I love the quinoa salad, and the hummus wrap. Also the thai curry is to die for.

686 Union Ave, Grants Pass, USA

Love the food, need more vegan options

Love this place but they only have two very similar vegan dishes. They go out of their way to make a vegan sauce with veganaise, I wish they would make more vegan food. Awesome bento bowl though. Very friendly! The granitas are yummy, and they offer organic soy milk or rice milk. nice!

1427 Market St, Redding, USA

Good food

Good food vegan options. Wish they had more options instead of just sandwiches and burgers. Service could use some work. I stood at the bar to get a juice but no one was there. Very confusing on how to get a juice.

Rua Quinta do Bispo 17-A, Portimao, Portugal

Best Vegan Food Ever

I visit this restaurant every time I'm in Portugal. This restaurant is 100% vegan. It is hard to believe they do not use milk or eggs, especially in their delicious desserts. Very small space but worth it! They are two main dishes to choose from every day. Try the spinach quiche if they are offering it.

603 Rogue River Hwy, Grants Pass, USA

Love this place, friendly!

Love this place, everyone is friendly and I can get good veggies at a good price. Sometimes they don't have everything organic, but I get my organic coffee here and they have a good frozen food and grocery section as well.Very helpful in the vitamin/supplement section. Love the employees. They will go out of their way to find stuff for you. They have dollar boxes of produce outside occassionally.

2315 K St, Sacramento, USA

My favorite restaurant!

In spite of a rocky start when they first opened (the Mother's Day brunch was so-so), most everything I've tried here since has been fabulous. I eat here every chance I get. LOVE the spicy greens in the tacos and quesadilla. Love the sweet potato panini and the BLT. A great place to take non-vegans to try the fare. The baked goods are to die for, they sell them at the Davis Food Coop and I am addicted. My only complaint is that the kitchen is always smoky so they leave the front door open in the winter. BRRR!

1201 Redwood Hwy, Grants Pass, USA

Overpriced, produce rotting at 9 dollars a pound

I still go here for incidentals but the produce section leaves so much to be desired. They don't clear expired food. Bell peppers at 9 dollars a pound need to be thrown out.

226 E Main St, Medford, USA

Excellent for Vegans!

In an area where vegan food is few and far between I eat here every chance I get. The chipotle burger is excellent and they use all vegan condiments so I don't have to skip the sauce. They have both a vegan patty and a tempeh patty to choose from. Also quite a few gluten-free products. Sweet potato fries are yummy too. And I haven't even tried the smoothies or salad bar yet!

363 NE E St, Grants Pass, USA

Great food friendly staff!

Great Thai restaurant! Love the Cabbage and Peanut sauce, and the Rad Nar is to die for. I'll pass on the red curry and Pad Thai though. VERY nice staff. Hate the huge goldfish swimming upside down in the very small tank. Have to sit backwards so I don't have to look at it.

1571 N 6th St, Grants Pass, USA

My favorite Thai restaurant in Grants Pass

Great place for vegans, the special rice, Pra Ram and fresh rolls are a must. The Pra King (#55) is also yummy. Sometimes there is only one server so be prepared sometimes to wait. Not always though. Really friendly.

128 SW H St, Grants Pass, USA

Good but not great

The wraps are ok but not great. A bit dry and not exciting. Sorry I wanted to love this place.

428 SW 6th St, Grants Pass, USA

Great red curry

This place is great for red curry but make sure and tell them leave out the fish sauce. The fresh rolls are yummy too. Beware the "vegetarian" section of the menu contains items with fish and fish sauce. Some servers are extremely rude.

Grants Pass area, Grants Pass, USA

Great raw vegan organic!

I was so happy when this place opened! Love the fresh veggies and organic! They've really improved on their portion size too. The Merlin is my favorite!

1611 Lead Hill Blvd Ste 160, Roseville, USA

Great Raw Food

I urge everyone to try raw food, this is a great place to experience it. I have loved everything I have ever ordered here. The pesto pizza is the best. Yes, the portions are small but the food is very nutrient-dense so you will not go away hungry. Warning to vegans, they use honey in some of the ice creams.

1440 Placer St, Redding, USA

Really good food

Loved coming here and finding some great vegan options. I've tried two places in Redding and I like this one the best. Come here every time I'm passing through. Love the community day idea too to serve the people that can't afford it.

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