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Rue la Vieuville, 24, Paris, France

Sweet and cozy but...

A tiny place where a woman cooks for you. Feels like going to someone's house. Which can be either great or terrible.
If you're in a hurry, don't go there. This a slow food restaurant :) I didn't wait for long but the place was almost empty and I could guess that it would take forever to serve everyone if the place was full.
You pay 13€ for the menu, which has salad, lentils or beans and the main course you choose. My seitan had too much ginger in it (and I love ginger) but the rest was great. I particularly liked the hummus. The apple crumble is also delicious.
A fine choice for one of those days when you feel like strolling slowly. You can climb the hill, see the views, stroll in Montmartre, eat here, have a cafe with Amelie Poulain and end the day at the Seine, thinking about how our obcession with time ruins our life. If you're not in the mood for this, skip this place and have a Falafel. Hmmm, Falafel... :)

Rua Dr Afonso Cordeiro, 71, Matosinhos, Portugal

The best vegetarian restaurant in the area

The food is great and there are always three different dishes, as well as the salad buffet.
The price varies with time. At lunch it is moderately cheap, at dinner it is more expensive and at dinner on weekends it is yet more expensive. The menu is not the same, however, so you get what you paid for.
The atmosphere is nice and the staff is usually friendly.

Rua Pedro Hispano, 1190, Porto, Portugal

Good vegetarian food but not my first choice

The vegetarian food here is usually great and I go there a lot. Still, it isn't on my recommendations list, for two reasons:
1 - Unless you go there for the economic lunch menu (about 8€) it is really expensive.
2 - Despite being labelled as a vegetarian restaurant, it actually has more meat than veg dishes. Also, it can be hard to find vegan options.

9 Rue la Cerisaie, Paris, France


I'm not crazy about macrobiotic restaurants, because they always serve food that is neither bad nor good, although healthy and satisficing. This is not a bad place to eat, but you can get better in Paris. If you want a "detox", though, this is your best choice.
Note that there is only one plate and you eat whatever the cook serves you, which is a mix of grains, salads, seaweeds and pickes.

31 Rua das Parreiras, Celas, Coimbra, Portugal

The best choice in Coimbra

This is a great vegetarian restaurant. The food is great, there are always vegan options available (including dessert), the staff is nice and there is a nice terrace. One of the best veg in Portugal and one of the few choices in Coimbra. Unfortunately, dinner is not served.

Rua Miguel Bombarda, 34, Porto, Portugal

Some of the best mideastern food you can get

Although non-vegetarian, this restaurant is possibly the best place to eat vegetarian food in Porto. In fact, the restaurant has become a meeting place for many vegetarians and the veg menu has been increasing by the week.
The food is excellent and the prices are low. You can even eat outside.
If you like hummus, fatouche, killis ichi, tabouleh, stuffed aubergine, etc., this is the place for you! Also be sure to ask for the semolina cake in the end (vegan).
The owner, Simon, is constantly making up new dishes, most of them vegetarian. Ask for what's being served at the moment, not all of the food is on the menu.
Some meat-eaters go there for the shawarma too, but most clients are vegetarian.

Rua do Bonfim, 134/140, Porto, Portugal

There are better ones

Expensive and non-veg, so not quite the best place to look for food. The food is at best reasonable. It has a nice shop and the upper floor is a nice place to be but the prices are too high and the food is below average so I've quit going there.

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