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Centro, Calle del Curato 38-34, Cartagena, Colombia

Great atmosphere, and your best bet for dinner

13 Jun 2012

Most veg-friendly places in Colombia are only open for lunch, so it was nice to find a place that was not only open for dinner, but had a really nice atmosphere (we were celebrating an anniversary). Their passion fruit / mango / mint juice was one of the best things we had in two weeks in Colombia. The paella was decent (kind of bland), the pesto pasta was pretty good (although really small), and the hummus and veggie kibbeh were both good by Colombian standards (where there isn't much Middle Eastern food).

The location shown on the map is incorrect. Its actual location is 10.42729, -75.54833 which is the east side of the street on Calle del Curato beteen Del Santismo and Stuart (or on Carrera 7 between Calle 38 and Calle 39 as shown on Google Maps).

See the photos section for the first panel of the veggie menu (they have more options but I took the photo when they were closed and the second page isn't in the front window).

Apic Centre, Muthithi Road, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya

Fantastic Indian veg food

18 Jun 2015

This was the best meal I had during two weeks in Kenya. The mixed bhajia were fresh and crispy, and there was a great selection of fillings. They made sure I only got vegan chutneys, although the mint chutney had yogurt by default.

The garlic masala dosa was also great in both flavor and texture. The sambar was the only thing that was good but not great.

Service was excellent, friendly, and attentive. I wouldn't hesitate to go back.

Stall 0912, 2/F, Bldg 9, Jianwai Soho, 39 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Not very tasty food

31 Mar 2010

I only went here once, but I found the food to mostly be not very good. The spring rolls were tasty (pretty much like any fresh spring rolls), but the "vietnamese seitan w/ vegetables" just tasted like iffy seitan with a bit of hot sauce, and maybe 1/10 of a red pepper, and the tofu with soy meat was salty but pretty flavorless. The pear lily juice was a big glass of gritty paste.

The service was surprisingly bad. I had to get up and go find someone every time I wanted something (to order, to get more water, to get the check). Even then it was really slow.

They are all vegan, which is really nice in Beijing, and they have an English menu (also nice), but I found the food to be really disappointing. Maybe I just had bad luck with my dishes, but I don't think I'd be likely to go back.

Avenida Calle 19, 7-54, 2nd floor, Bogota, Colombia

Decent food, one of few dinner options in Bogota

14 Jun 2012

The cafe / restaurant is actually called "Cafe Libro"; although the sign does say "La Era De Aquario" in big text that seems to the be name of the health food store downstairs. Note that while they're theoretically open until 8pm they sometimes close early if business is slow. Still, this is one of VERY few vegan-friendly dinner options in Bogota, so we checked it out. They had a couple of options, but highly recommended the tamales so we both got them. They were OK; pretty bland but once we got some hot sauce for them pretty tasty. Definitely filling and cheap, and the health food store downstairs has some good snacks. The street it's on is really busy and has lots of street vendors selling interesting things out front.

The location of this restaurant as shown on the map is incorrect. The actual location is 4.60583, -74.07198, on the north side of Calle 19, between Carrera 7 and 8 (closer to 8).

45, Dongdaqiao Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Decent Vegan Fast Food

31 Mar 2010

The main benefit of the Loving Hut from my perspective is simply the ability to order food and know it's vegan. Many restaurants in Beijing may have dishes that appear vegan but are typically made with some animal products.

The food here is cheap, and the English menu is nice. However, the food is a mixed bag, and is almost entirely fake meat (not many vegetable dishes). I had some noodles that were kind of mushy and flavorless; the sweet and sour veggie ribs were decent but incredibly fried and oily, the kung pao chicken was pretty good, the "fish flavor eggplant" was really good (not fish flavored), and the dumplings in red oil were also really good (but super salty).

Calle Tumbamuertos 38-43, San Diego, Old City, Cartagena, Colombia

Decent pseudo-Indian food in a chill atmosphere

13 Jun 2012

We got a mango curry (which was kind of bland and non-mango-y) and a sandwich (I forget which one, but it was in amazingly good Greek pita bread). Both were decent, although a bit pricey for what you get. We also got massages here which was OK but not great.

2606 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, USA

Wonderful Soul Food, but call ahead

22 Jun 2007

I find most of the food here to be excellent (especially the gyro sandwich), but the difficulty is that they often run out of most items on the menu quite early (by 5pm). They will always have the daily specials, but not necessarily sandwiches. So I recommend calling ahead. Service is definitely not super-friendly, but if you're nice to them they'll treat you well.

1503 Columbia Pike, Arlington, USA

Amazing Ethiopian Food

23 Jul 2010

I don't have much to add to the info above, but the food is consistently awesome at Dama, and it's the only Ethiopian place I've ever heard of to offer mock meats and vegan pastries! Be warned, portions are large, especially on the veggie combo!

2409 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, USA

Fantastic, flavorful, raw cuisine!

23 Feb 2012

I was pretty amazed with the food here. Everything we tried was extremely flavorful, from the cashew "cheeze" log to the eco-sausage pizza, to the green burrito. The prices were quite reasonable for raw food, the servers were nice, and the food was just fantastic. The juices were excellent as well.

San Diego, Calles de los Puntales 37-01, Cartagena, Colombia

Great place for lunch / snacks

13 Jun 2012

We went here twice; the first time was in the afternoon so they only had empanadas available (the green bean, spinach, and mushroom ones were all vegan and all pretty good). The second time was during the lunch rush, they were very busy (we had to share a table with strangers) but the food was mostly great. I really loved the corn fritter and Thai stir fry, the salad had a gross dressing but the rest was pretty good and the price was great.

One thing that was weird was that they only brought one plate of food (but two bowls of soup) for the two of us, and it was very hard to get a hold of our waitress to get more.

The location shown on the map is incorrect. Its actual location is 10.42627, -75.54727 (NW corner of Tablada & Los Puntales, or Carrera 9 and Calle 37 as shown on Google Maps).

Also, they're either closed on Sunday or open later that day, I stopped by at 10:45am hoping to get empanadas for the plane ride home and they were still closed.

Calle 20, no. 6-35, Bogota, Colombia

Good dinner option, but limited choice

14 Jun 2012

The atmosphere here is pretty non-existent, it's 1970s style plastic cafeteria chairs in a big mostly empty restaurant. BUT, it is open for dinner! Also, while there's not really a menu, they are happy to tell you about the vegan food that is available. The veggie burger was one of the best things we had in Colombia, the "crepe" (a potato / soy meat enchilada) was pretty good, and the "steak" (soy meat in odd sauce was OK. The food is dirt cheap, and the staff are very friendly. We came back to get a second veggie burger on another night, they were that good.

296 Route 46 West, Parsippany, USA

Fantastic, cheap Indian food

19 Aug 2010

We went to Mysore Woodlands and were really impressed. The buffet (with bonus chat AND dosa or uttapam on Tuesday and Friday, when we went) was $12/each, and the food was really good. They were able to point out which items were vegan and which were not with no trouble, and were happy to make vegan dosas and uttapam for us. The amount of food was pretty incredible, we got two full meals each out of it for pretty cheap.

It was a bit tricky to find, it's on the north side of rt 46 (you have to be heading west to turn into it); and "russo plaza" doesn't have a sign with that name so you just have to look for the woodlands sign.

1775 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, USA

Fantastic diverse menu

16 Nov 2009

This place has a lovely low-key atmosphere in a hard to find location (despite being part of a big shopping complex). The menu is pretty diverse, from healthy choices like steamed kale to comfort food like "cheesesteak" sandwiches. The preparation is wonderful, and they have a good selection of vegan beers and wines to choose from. Definitely my favorite place to eat in Palm Springs.

The one downside is that everything looks good; I found it really hard to stay within a budget while eating there b/c I wanted to try several things.

Carrera 4 no. 12C-54, Local 2, Bogota, Colombia

Great cheap food, open late

20 Jun 2012

This is one of very few veggie-friendly places open for dinner in Bogota, and I think it's open later than anywhere else that we visited. For about $5 you can get a combo plate with falafel, hummus, lentils & rice, salad, homemade peppery potato chips, and stir fry. The mix of Chinese and Middle Eastern food is odd, but it works. The stir fry was solid and the falafel was the best we've had in Latin America. It is on a busy street, and with the very large door open the restaurant pretty much reeks of diesel exhaust, so next time we'd probably get take out.

Calle 11, 2-95, La Candelaria, Bogota, Colombia

Open for dinner, but limited vegan options

14 Jun 2012

We went here for dinner (it was 3 blocks from our hotel and almost all vegan-friendly restaurants in Bogota are lunch-only) and had mixed success. The atmosphere was small but cute; at the table next to us the owner was talking to a large group of people about health food. Service was not great, since she was talking to people we had to get up to physically get her attention when we wanted more water or the bill. We got a salad, quinoa soup, and the vegetable empanada (it was baked which was nice, and was vegan; the quinoa empanada is supposed to be better but had an egg wash). We also got some vegetable empanadas to go but later it turned out at least one of them had egg on it after all. They sell a few nice fruit jams and such. The food overall was pretty good; not amazing but tasty and satisfying.

Calle 24, no. 7-12, Bogota, Colombia

Good variety of food, very vegan-friendly, bland

14 Jun 2012

Like a lot of vegan food in Colombia, some of the dishes here (the "curries") were pretty bland. But the "ham" empanada was good and panela cake and soups were all good, and I give them lots of points for knowing what "vegano" means. We took our guide here (his first vegan meal) and he liked it. Crowded for lunch. It's sort of a buffet but they serve you and give you choices on which items you want.

Calle 15 Unit 3-122, Santa Marta, Colombia

Mostly bland food, but good variety

14 Jun 2012

We got a lunch plate which had unseasoned yellow potatoes, decent falafel, some great fake ham, bland yellow lentils, and decent stir-fried vegetables. The nispero soy milkshake was excellent, the guanabana juice was watery. So the food wasn't amazing, but it was nice that they had tons of vegan options, and it was cheap.

2700 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, USA

Pretty good Whole Foods

23 Jul 2010

They have a good selection of vegan ice creams, fake meats, soy milk, really good organic produce, etc. However, they only have a few vegan baked goods (chocolate chip & gingerbread cookies, and small apple or cherry pies) and a fairly limited bulk section (no bulk spices).

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