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12 Pan Rd, Silom, Bangkok, Thailand

Great, Cheap, Street Thai Food

If you're on a budget, in a hurry, vegetarian and like Thai food then go here! As another reviewer said, as you go down the street from the temple it's five shops along on the right (photo added).

It's a very cheap and cheerful place serving (I assume) local workers. I didn't see another foreigner there. I had a plate of rice and a selection of the rest of the buffet. It was nicely spiced, tasty and cost a ridiculously cheap 60 Bhat.

The staff are friendly; they don't have much English, but they try their best.

It's on a street with a number of other veggie options, but this is the cheapest and most of the others are Indian.

Highly recommended.

7 Trubarjeva Street, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Liked it

MASSIVE salad bar. So nice to be able to fill up on healthy food. The rest of the food was good too. Nice atmosphere and great value.

Abu Baker Al Siddique Road, Hor Al Anz, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

It's Decent

I went here in late April 2016. It's a fairly basic, but clean south Indian vegetarian place. I only had a chana masala (a north Indian dish) so others might want to comment on the dosas etc. The chana was nice; nothing special and it cost 17 dibs (£3.40) with steamed rice.

They deliver from 0730-2330 and are open from 0700-midnight daily. Note that it's cash only.

Worth a visit if you're in the area.

Vilniaus g. 41, Vilnius, Lithuania

Bland Flavourless Food

I really wanted to like this place. There were many positives. I liked the atmosphere (young and alternative/hippy), the interior was nice - bricked walls, quirky, the staff were friendly and efficient, the food was very cheap and I liked the fact that you could get alcohol here (so many veggie places don't serve it).

But, and it's fatal for me, the food was flavourless. I had Indian food, but there were no Indian spices at all. No coriander, no turmeric, no garam masala, no cumin. As a result everything just tasted like an unseasoned stew. Filling, healthy, vegetarian, cheap - yes, but not tasty at all.

I went on a Sunday night and it was really busy so it's obviously popular; maybe the food has been adapted for local tastes? I'm glad it's doing well, but it's not for me as I like food with a bit of flavour.

That said, it'd be a nice place to go for a drink. There's a huge selection of teas on the menu. Or just go there for a beer and a plate of chips! The terrace would be great in summer and the location is lovely.

Haad Yuan, Koh Phangan, Thailand

Stunning View, Tasty Food, Cheap!

I stayed at the associated Bamboo Huts/Bungalows for two weeks and ate here two or three times a day during the fortnight.

The food is great. There's plenty of Thai food with veggie/vegan options for everything. There's also a range of western food (pizza, pasta, tacos, veggie burgers, English breakfast) and the usual Thai range of drinks - fresh juice, shakes, beer, wine etc.

In short, it's all really tasty and ridiculously cheap (most main dishes are 100 Bhat). If you're staying at Bamboo Huts you can run a tab for the entire time. The Burmese staff are lovely and (too) hard-working. The location is absolutely stunning; overlooking a beautiful beach.

Bear in mind that to get to this beach you'll have to take a taxi boat (300 Bhat each way) from Haad Rin.

I absolutely loved it.

Zayed Ibn Sultan St. (Main Road), Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

It is what it is

First of all, this place is cheap. We're talking 10 dirhams for each main meal. We ordered two mains, some chapati and a lassi. There was a bit of comedy with our smiley waiter - he could only remember one item from the menu at a time. At the third time of repeating the second item he seemed to get it and off he went to the kitchen. We only got the one main so we can only assume he forgot again...

It's very much a cheap Indian dhaba. Fairly clean and nice enough, but don't go there for a business lunch or a first date! We were the only westerners in there.

The food (aloo ghobi) was greasy. Tasty, but greasy. I liked it!

Worth going to if you're on a budget. Just don't expect to get what you order!

11 Vauxhall Grove, South West London, England

Brilliant Concept - support it!

I love this place. Other reviews have nicely summarised the concept; I can only add that I love the quirkiness of it. You could eat here every day and have a different experience each time - it just depends on who is cooking. I've never had a bad meal at the Bonnington Cafe; it's ranged from average to amazing. With this in mind, don't dismiss it first time if it's not great. Go back on a different day and find the chef you like best.

One other thing I love about the place is that you can bring your own booze. The food is good value too.

Make sure you book in advance (check the website as you need to book directly with the person cooking on the given day).

Definitely recommended.

107/4 Thanon Pan, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand

Good South Indian

The Chennai kitchen is simple, small restaurant located on a street with several other veggie/vegan options. I enjoyed the thali (150 bhat) and a mango lassi (80 bhat). Indian families were eating at two other tables, which is a good recommendation.

95 Landor Road, Clapham, South West London, England

Nice, cheap and basic cafe

This may be the last review on here of the Alkarmel cafe as the owner told me that it would be rebranded as 'The Rhythm Pot' from July 2014. Unfortunately, a lack of veggie customers means that they will have to start serving meat in addition to the vegetarian and vegan options.

This is a shame, but let's not blame the owner - she was very keen to keep it veggie. If it had been supported locally then it would remain veggie, but without that support it would have had to close. A lesson for us all to make sure we support our local veggie restaurants.

The Alkarmel is a basic cafe with a number of changing daily items. When we went there was lasagne, chilli, coconut curry, sweet potato pie, salad etc. I had a bit of a few things and it was all tasty. The portion was huge and we were charged £10 for our two meals and two drinks. Ridiculously cheap.

The cafe is in a relatively quiet residential area of Clapham and was quiet when we were there. It's nice inside; quite basic, but with nice art on the walls.

I wish the new place good luck; hopefully by enticing the carnivores to try veggie food.

59 Marchmont Street, Bloomsbury, London, England

Great food and soooooo cheap

I went for the buffet both times I've been there. It's only £4.95 for lunch and £5.95 for dinner. The food was great and amazing value. It's a bit of a cafe-type place and not the most up-market, but it's clean and has a nice atmosphere. Go there!

Ferhadija 39, Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Poorly run, variable food quality & availability

My last review was written in 2009. Vegehana has since moved, closed and reopened. It now has a fantastic site in the old town and is popular and busy.

I really want to like it, but... They go to the trouble of having a website and a Facebook page, but when they close they do so for months on end and don't keep members informed.

Also, I'm afraid to say, the food isn't great. It is poorly managed. For example, there is a veggie burger. It's ok, but it's huge. When asked why, why not make it normal-sized - response: "the bread comes this way". I should also mention that the veggie platter is bad - consisted of fried mushrooms, some grilled courgettes and aubergines. It was tasteless and badly seasoned.

Most frustrating of all, In my experience they only tend to have half of the menu available at any given time.

Unfortunately, we've stopped going for these reasons. Better options in Sarajevo are Taj Mahal, Global Foods and Tavola (not entirely veggie, but well managed and good veggie options).

2009 review:

I really enjoyed my visit to Vegehana. The food was very cheap during happy hour (6-7pm) at 6KM which is less than £3 (it's 10KM at other times). The staff are friendly and enthusiastically trying to promote healthy eating in Sarajevo. It's only open until 7pm so get there early. They'll deliver anywhere in town at no extra charge. Fantastic - go there!
Updated from previous review on Thursday February 26, 2009

Vlaška 125, Zagreb, Croatia

Good option for a Sunday

As all of the veggie restaurants in Zagreb are closed on Sundays we were left with Venera as our only Happycow choice. It was ok. There were 12 veggie pizzas on offer and the two we had were good and pretty cheap. It's a basic cafe style place about 10-15 minutes walk from the cathedral. Recommended, though I'd have preferred to try Vegi Hop down the road if it'd been open..

3764 Watseka Ave, Los Angeles, USA

I could live in this restaurant

Wow, this was awesome. The best salad bar I have ever seen. So much stuff, so much variety, never saw anything empty. Incredibly cheap. Go.

V. ker. Alkotmány utca 20, Budapest, Hungary

Go there!

I loved this place. OK, so I love hummous. And I'm vegetarian. So it had a good chance with me..

The staff are friendly and served us a free shot of mint tea on arrival. The restaurant is small, more of a cafe really, but has a nice atmosphere.

Then there's the food - wow. Great hummous, felafel, salads etc. I even got a felafal sandwich for lunch the next day and it was incredible. A meal for two, including two takeaway sandwiches for the next day was £14!

We went to the other Hummus Bar (Kertesz) too and it was equally good so go to whichever one is closest.


XIII. ker. Hollán Ernő utca 6, Budapest, Hungary


If I lived in Budapest I'd be here every night!

The staff are friendly. They served us a free shot of mint tea on arrival and advised us when we had over-ordered! The restaurant is small, more of a cafe really, but has a nice atmosphere.

Then there's the food - wow. Great hummous, felafel, salads etc. Really cheap too.

We went to the other Hummus Bar (Alkamany) the following night and it was equally good so go to whichever one is closest.


Wella Devala Road, Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

Best in Unawatuna

Great restaurant. The service was good and, unusually for the area, they had everything available that we asked for. The menu is a combination of Indian, Sri Lankan and Mexican. It was all good. Highly recommended.

City Centre, Deira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Good falafel wraps, but...

Just Falafel is a franchise chain so you'll get the same wherever you go (in the UAE at least). This one is in the food court of Deira City Centre Mall; a soulless place in a soulless city.

The wraps are good so worth going here if you're at the mall anyway. There are other veggie/vegan options on the menu at other places in the food court - it's all fast food, including two Indian places.

I've had the Indian and Mexican wraps. They cost 8 or 12 Dibs (£1.60 or £2.40). They're good, but don't come here especially.

Dzenetica Cikma bb, Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Mixed Feelings

OK, so you come here knowing that the restaurant serves sushi, which would put many vegetarians off.

The owner is helpful and friendly and willing to tailor your meal to your taste and requirements. After a bit of a wait the food was pretty good, but not great - perhaps a bit on the bland side. It was a little overpriced by Sarajevo standards.

It's a nice restaurant; more upmarket than most in Sarajevo. But personally I'd prefer to go to a totally vegetarian place, which in Sarajevo means the excellent Vegehana. Otherwise there's Global Foods or Taj Mahal which are Veg Friendly.

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