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Chugchilan-Sigchos Road, P.O. Box 05-01-240, Chugchilan, Ecuador

Great eco lodge without vegan options

Really beautiful location, a cool eco-profile, relaxing atmosphere, nice facilities - and vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner included in price. Makes you feel at home! The only downside I found was that despite cooking only vegetarian, the owner/chef didn't make me vegan food despite saying so. Almost every meal he would come with the standard dish first, only to have to carry it out again and preparing something else. The pack-lunches sandwich he prepared with mayo even though I said "no eggs". Apart from that very good food!

Calle Luis A. Martinez y Eloy Alfaro, Correo Central, Banos, Ecuador

Chill hangout in tourist trap town

We were lucky to find this place on the same street as out hostel in Baños, with generous opening hours, nice coffee and vegan options clearly marked. The personnel was friendly but not all of them were sure about what made the dishes non-suitable for vegans. Not exactly cheap, this is still a good place in Baños, where most things are over-priced. Weird music choice but nice style.

Mallorca 24-266 y Guipuzcoa, Quito, Ecuador

Fair choice, bit pricy

Without putting all focus on veggie choices, there are quite a few things to choose from. The vegan options are mostly beans in different forms, and I felt that the prices were a bit too high by Quito standards. I had a rather normal chilli for $7. My friends didn't get everything they had ordered right away, but had to ask again. The owner is American, she talked to us tourists about her plan for the place and was very nice. Hopefully the place will continue to develop, to be a little bit of a art hub.

Venezuela N8-42, Quito, Ecuador

Nice local place

I've had lunch at El Vegetariano several times, and while it's not as good as nearby Govindas, it's still a nice place in the old town of Quito. The restaurant is frequented by locals, street vendors as well as businessmen, and can sometimes be crowded. The staff is friendly, but does not really know what's vegan and what's not. If you're in doubt, ask the lady at the counter instead of the waitress. They don't have a written menu, so some spanish is necessary if you want to know what's todays deal.

Florida 102, Buenos Aires, Argentina


The food is good, but to pricey for such small portions. Service was better than I expected from comments - after all it's not a cosy local Indian place but a business district fast food joint.. I came back for the tiramisu though, fluffy heaven at 25 pesos! I think they are opening up in other locations: Google it!

Joaquin Pinto E7-68 y Diego de Almagro, Mariscal, Quito, Ecuador

Will return!

Ate here on my first day in Quito, sat next to a nice vegan couple who gave me further tips on how to survive in meat-loving Ecuador.
Had the set lunch menu which was all vegan, cost 5.50. Empanada, Seitan with rice and a juice. Food was good, but could have been great with some more spices. They were a little too quick with serving the main dish, otherwise helpful.

Esmeraldas Oe3-115 (853), Quito, Ecuador

Good cheap food

I mean, to get a full meal for $2.50 is just great, but when the food is actually more than just filling, it's awesome. Friendly place, nice patio, good vegan options.

Carmen Bajo 235, Cusco, Peru

One of the very best!

Okay, I do like chocolate. But a chocolate cake making me cry? Didn´t think that was possible - until I went to Green Point.
This place so very much deserves the reviews here. Everything, from the best-value set lunch for 10 soles to the spotless service and the olive bread to take home is nothing short of amazing.
Great innovative smoothies, beautifully presented raw sushi, and delicious soups. Wow. Wow!

Av. 12 de Octubre 24-55, Quito, Ecuador

Weird service, good food!

When finally everything that we actually had ordered was on the table, the food was great! Nothing special really, but the kind of mixed-east-asian wok I like. Lunch was 3$.

Av Corrientes 4657, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Best value!

Being that Buenos Aires is a bit pricey, this place really was a relief for my wallet. Tasty, fast, lots of choices! Could be said that there are a lot of fried stuff, and is probably pretty high on fat. Also it's a pity they don't have any seating, and there is no park or nice place to sit in the area...

Luis Cordero E 3-31, Quito, Ecuador

Only vegan place in Quito?

As far as I know of, Quinua is the only 100% vegan place in central Quito. It is a friendly place, no fuss, nice colors on walls and lamps. Food was good, service friendly. I thought it was a little weird that the lunch didn't come with a juice, but instead tea. Oh well. I will absolutely be back soon!

9 de Octubre N22-25, Quito, Ecuador

Not impressed

I had some expectations on this place, after reading reviews here. We had the set lunch, which after a good salad buffet and a standard soup, was a dish of potatoes and mock-meat served on a salad leaf. Very uninteresting. My meat-eating friends were more pleased than me, and even though it's wasn't expensive, I would've choose another of the many veggie places in the area. On the other hand, maybe we were just unlucky?

Juan Bielovucic 1392. Lince, Lima 14, Lima, Peru

Very worth searching for!

So, after getting thru half of Lima walking and taking buses I didn´t understand, I could finally hear the sound of silverware behind the anonymous door. Sure a place playing hard to find, it´s actually situated in a house front yard (the way to the bathroom goes thru theri living room, it felt almost too private)!
Since the small place was kinda crowded, I shared a table with a German meat eater who had been coming there for lunch every day the last two years - and I understand him. To get more people to go veggie, we need to see more places like this!
After having waited a bit too long, I was served. The set menu for 10 soles had a delicious salad tower as starter and a good portion of garlic green beans and asparragus with rice. The best was the apple pie for 5 soles as dessert!

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