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1909 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, USA


. . . if you want decent Indian food. I went to the luncheon buffet yesterday, and not only was the offering ungenerous (basmati rice, 3 dishes, and naan, with some iceberg lettuce as 'salad'), and overpriced ($8), the food was what I can only describe as awful. There no heat to it (which I could've tolerated), but even worse there was NO spicing! All 3 dishes (none of which was labeled BTW) were so overcooked they were mush, and they were BLAND, BLAND, BLAND. I've been to mediocre Indian restaurants before, but I've never encountered allegedly Indian food that was so tasteless -- at least the other restaurants TRIED to utilize the wonderful array of Indian spices.

Fort Mason Center, Building A, San Francisco, USA

Not recommended

My wife and I have been to many vegetarian restaurants, but our visit to The Greens for brunch on a recent Sunday left us quite underwhelmed. It's definitely not one of the better places we've been -- it's several steps below our favorite, the Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca, NY.

The prices are fairly steep considering that the food isn't of gourmet quality and the portions are fairly small. And it was FAR from being an intimate dining experience -- for most of our meal we could hardly hear each other because it was so noisy (we were in the smaller dining room).

So, while the location is great, our advice would be to dine elsewhere.

2001 Talmage Rd, Ukiah, USA

Barely OK

At lunch a few days ago, the quality of Jyun Kang's food varied from fairly tasty (my seasonal vegetables with curry plus brown rice) to mediocre (my wife's curried noodle soup). Ambience left a lot to be desired -- it's just a big room with tables and chairs, and since there's nothing to deaden the sound it's noisy when it's crowded . . which it was, probably because it was Chinese New Year's Eve. Service also left an awful lot to be desired -- the waitress was very pleasant, but it took more than 30 minutes to be served. All-in-all, not recommended.

2129 University Ave, Berkeley, USA

Highly recommended

My wife and I have been enjoying Long Life Veggie House for many years because it offers decent to very good food (and we're pretty discriminating) for a VERY reasonable price. Lunch, served from 11:30 to 3:00, is an exceptional value: for less than $5, you get a huge amount of food (enough for 2 meals for us) that consists of one dish with brown rice (unless you ask for white), a spring roll, hot-and-sour soup, and tea. Several additional notes: their fake meat is the best we've ever had; the decor is unremarkable -- one large room that can get noisy; service is usually very good, although some of the waitpeople are hard to understand.

All-in-all, a real treasure.

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