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Carrer Riu Güell 31-33, Girona, Spain

Are you a vegan? Avoid this place like a pest!

For a change I decided to give this restaurant a go. A bit of a dissapointment. After asking for vegan options, I was only presented with three vegan options so it kinda felt like an omni restaurant to me. If you are a hungry vegan with little money to spend, you'd be better off going to an omni restaurant where they'd give you exactly the same foods but half the price. I don't think I will go there again on my next trip to Girona (Catalonia).

Plaça del vi 11, Girona, Spain

VEGAN PARADISE a must-go if you are vegan

I absolutely loooooooove this place!

Do not expect a restaurant setting, but more of a catalan style bar where you can have a croissant with a coffe in the morning, some resonably light lunch in the afternoon, and a beguette with a wide variety of deli and juices&drinks in the afternoon... oh yes and desserts to die for. If you are looking for a place to try veganised versions of authentic catalan foods, this is your place.

My only criticism would be that the food isn't obviously "home-made" (most of it) and they heavely rely on fake meats instead of being more imaginative in their creations.

Owner speaks both Catalan and English which is great! All in all, a fantastic place to eat, relax and get a taste of catalonia cruelty free.

54-57 Allison Street, Birmingham, England

I'd only go there if It was my last place to eat

I have really tried to like the warehouse cafe as it is one of the only two decent vegan caterers in Birmingham, but I just find it so unimaginative and overpriced, consisting mainly of curries, japanese foods and burgers. The manager seemed to take my feedback completely the wrong way and the food was almost cold.

Great desserts and friendly waiter, if you are a yo-yo dieter, this is the perfect place for you as the portions are small.

All in all, I wouldn't go there again unless it was the only vegan eatery left in Birmingham.

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