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135 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington, USA

wonderful staff, top notch food

Don't let the strip mall exterior fool you, this is among the standard setters for local Indian meals! The menu has a specific veggie section with vegan options and a staff that won't look at you sideways if you are vegan. The staff here are all around great they are friendly, inviting and hospitable. When you step in you are enveloped in the delicious smell of lentils and spice, it makes my mouth water instantly!

This spot primarily serves a takeout crowd and thus it almost always looks empty but they do a steady business of takeout and deliver which is testament to the quality of the food. For those who dine in the staff generally bend over backwards to keep customers happy. They work hard and it shows and it is also clear they are deeply appreciative when this effort is recognized by customers. The place is small so although separated by a divider your food is being prepared only a few steps away. On top of the great food and great service the food is a real bargain for what you get. At about $10 a head with tip we usually end up with 2 meals worth of leftovers for the next day. you pay fast food prices to get high end restaurant quality.

Default spice level here is very very mild so be sure and ask for "medium spicy" or hot if you like classic Indian flavor. Be sure and try the dal mahkni and some onion naan

115 Main St, North Woodstock, USA

beautiful location decent food

If you are reading this you have already figured out that central to northern new Hampshire is a vegan food desert with very limited options north of Concord. Cascade Coffeehouse is located in one of the most beautiful parts of New England that has for the most part yet to be ruined by yuppies building second homes, chain restaurants and shopping outlets. The fate that befell N. Conway. The atmosphere is great. Very homey with a nice spot to eat outside. A number of vegetarian sandwiches, coffee and baked goods. The sandwiches can be ordered vegan. A library of consignment books is for sale adding to the classic coffeehouse feel. The sandwich are good, nothing mind blowing but you won't leave unhappy. Good lunch or morning spot.

128 Hall St Ste H, Concord, USA

can't be beat for vegan treats!

Although it is basically located in an industrial park, and if using the phone app you might think your GPS is leading you astray, this is a must visit spot for veggies and vegans in the area. Most certainly the best vegan baked treats I have ever had. Beats anything I have eaten in NYC or other vegan hotspots like Seattle or Portland. It is the vegan baked goods that define this spot but they do have a great assortment of full meal options on the menu. All of which are delicious, I have eaten just about everything on the menu and loved them all.

If you dine in be aware that the primary function of this place is as a bakery to supply stores and it feels like it, but the meals are outstanding with truly fresh ingredients and hot out of the oven breads.

I am fantasizing about a tempeh BLT right now!

Be sure and have a vegan whoopie pie before you leave

487 Cambridge St, Allston, USA

recomended but not if you don't like fake meat

I love this place but I enjoy vegan "meat" products like soy peperoni and such. My wife on the other hand finds fake meat and cheese products to be nearly as repulsive as the real thing. As a result she really doesn't like this place at all. If you are the sort of vegan or vegetarian that misses meat and cheese, or at least can enjoy plant based versions of those items(like me), this is a great spot for classic pizza joint comfort type foods without worrying about what you are eating. For those vegans and vegetarians who find meat and animal products fundamentally unappealing even the synthetic variety, this spot, and others nearby like grasshopper are not for you.

I give it two thumbs up but be aware of your dining partners feelings about soy sausage and the like.

45 Day St, Somerville, USA

Not Your Typical Pizza Joint

Vegan pizza on the menu and lots of vegan and vegetarian customization possible here. The pizza is amazing cooked on site within the seating area in a wood fired stone oven. Lots of locally sourced and organic ingredients. Be sure and order the organic salad it is amazing!Lots of great drink options as well, also with a focus on locally produced and seasonal items. There is always a vegetarian pizza special which varies from day to day BUT ask about rennet in the cheese as they often call pizza with an animal rennet cheese "vegetarian". A great natural eating environment and great food with bowling onsite.

12 Farnsworth St, Boston, USA

delicious sandwiches and baked vegan treats

I have eaten at Flour at least a dozen times and I am always amazed at how good the bread and sandwiches are. Really excellent lunch and breakfast spot. The vegan baked treats like cookies and cupcakes are only offered intermittently now. I think greater customer demand will make them more frequent. This is a sure bet for lunch and breakfast in the area but be aware that on Saturday and Sunday the place will be PACKED with families from the neighboring children's museum and waits for food and tables can be substantial, often hitting 20-30 minutes. That said if you have kids it is a good place to get quality food with lots of veg options after a visit to the Children's Museum or Boston fire museum. Otherwise your options are a chain restaurant or decidedly non-veg spots. In the warmer months it is very pleasant to eat outside. Truly one of my favorite sandwich spots in the city and one of the few, if not only, veg friendly spots in the neighborhood.

131 Sherman St, Cambridge, USA

Wonderful Vegetarian Mexican Option

I love Jose's, I almost never get Mexican due to the ubiquitous use of chicken stock in cooking Mexican rice. All the rice here is vegan as are all the bean options so you can feel safe when ordering knowing there are no hidden sources of animal flesh. Staff are friendly and professional and there are often musicians playing live Mexican music. Excellent cocktails too. If you like Mexican but won't go out to buy it for fear of lardy beans and chickeny rice this place is for you. Oh yeah and the food is exceptional!

116 N Beach St, Daytona Beach, USA

nice staff, cool vibe, dense food and massive portions

Happy to find on a road trip. we enjoyed all of the food we ordered but it was like a Thanksgiving feast with massive portions and dense carb heavy food. As a result there was a lot of waste from our meal. So if you are really hungry or looking for a feast this place is great. However my wife was turned off as she wanted something lighter. I should note that we are northerners and find southern food to be very "heavy", as in loads of carbs and fat, in general so it might just be a southern thing. I ordered a veggie burger which was great and a side which was probably 1000 calories worth of (delicious) sweet potatoes. you may want to ask for a half portion of sides. Rice and beans was particularly well seasoned and the vegan lasagna was fantastic.

the staff were all super nice and friendly but the service and payment process was disorganized and I'd worry about things getting messed up during a busy time.
The bottom line is its a great place with tasty food but unless you ate looking for a Thanksgiving feast consider asking for a half portion of sides. I find food waste to be a moral problem and the large portions encourage waste.

315 Broadway, Arlington, USA

my new favorite restaurant in Arlington

I fell in love with this place, great atmosphere and an exceptional veggie burger, not your typical boca burger but a unique in house made veggie patty. The wraps and salads are great too. The menu on the website does not do justice to the amazing variety of food you can get here. A true independent feel, VERY veg friendly despite not being a purely vegan or veg restaurant and fantastic food.
I can't wait to go back.
PS try the organic fries and the veggie of the day!

485 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, USA

classy spot for quality Indian food

Very classy spot with great atmosphere and probably the nicest bar in town. With millions of vegetarians in India, Indian restaurants are often an easy choice as having a vegetarian section on the menu is an intrinsic part of the cuisine and not an afterthought, or a case of lots of "fake meat". This is a great eat in spot for a nice night out after or before a movie at the Capitol, or for takeout when you want to eat at home but not cook.

The menu choices for vegetarians are extensive and all are delicious. Be sure to specify how spicy you want your meal as the default depends on the waiter and will range from bland to the fiery pits of hell levels of intensity(just the way I like it!)

Also a great place for mixed veggie, vegan and omni groups as all will end up happy.

Staff are all super nice and if you like veggie and vegan dishes that aren't pretending to be meat it is hard to go wrong here.

561 Windsor St, Somerville, USA

you have never had chocolate until you have Taza

Simply an astounding experience for those who love chocolate. The most intense chocolate eating experience you can have! Truly once you eat this chocolate all others start to taste like sugar and nothing more.

115 4th St S, La Crosse, USA

no vegan options, not worth the stop

I am traveling by on a cross country trip and was happy to see a vegan friendly stop in LA crosse. Sadly this place has no vegan options unless you count coffee. Not worth the diversion from rt90. LA crosse is a cool town though and root note is hipster cool with good coffee but I walked away hungry.

135 Main St, North Woodstock, USA

amazing beer selection few , but tasty, veggie opt

In a tough area for veggies this spot has a small selection of veggie meals and the only thing labeled vegan on the menu that I have seen in town. I found my "southwest style "veggie burger to be delicious. Impressive selection of in-house beers . A good spot for mixed omni veggie groups and a really fun adult night spot with an outdoor bar but still plenty of families and kids before 8.

166 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, USA

sugar sugar and more sugar :-(

I was very excited to have a vegan restaurant come to Arlington and eager to check it out. We ordered three entrees and three appetizers. All were so incredibly sweet it was like Willy Wonka had made candy versions of Pad Thai, Tofu and Seitan! I have a pretty bad sweet tooth but this was completely overwhelming, I felt as though I had eaten cake and not dinner. Even my 7 year old commented on how sugary the food was and only ate a few bites. If you decide to check it out I would suggest specifically asking them to tone down the sweetness. I suspect that this is not a vegan owned restaurant because I can't imagine a vegan cooking with this much added sugar in simple tofu dishes for example. I do like, that unlike many Asian vegan restaurants they do not try and describe the dishes as fake meat. It is disappointing to say it, but we will not go back here. Although I love to support vegan restaurants I can't recommend this one.

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