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Humboldt 2192, Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

decent food, large portions, nice atmosphere

This is a really cute cafe a few blocks from the best place to go at night in BA. The food was okay, similar to what you might find at an average organic veggie place in a US city. I had the seitan picante con plantanos (spicy seitan with plantains (though they weren't plantains, but sweet potatoes)). The seitan was prepared in a savory brown sauce and the sweet potatoes were steamed (I think) and served with sesame seeds. Skip the cocao shake, unless you eat honey. Go for the brownie. It's dry, but pretty delicious (and huge!).

Not really "gourmet," but a decent place to eat in a city where most menus don't have many vegan options.

187 9th Ave, New York City, USA

excellent vegan fine dining

Fantanstic menu! For a three course meal, I recommend the black eyed pea pie, savory seitan and cheesecake. The prices may make it necessary to save this one for a special occasion - dinner for two (with tip) cost around $100. For fine dining, the portions are large. My favorite part about this restaurant, besides the delicious food, is that the menu states "caring for animals" is their main priority (as opposed to serving health food). Also, there are no 'animal-flavored' dishes. Highly recommended!

Chile 1763, Buenos Aires, Argentina

nice indian/asian buffet in the city center

You won't find many exciting dishes at this restaurant, but there is a good variety of decent tasting curries and rice dishes. Great if you are starved, broke, and in near Congreso.

Everything is clearly labeled vegan or vegetarian.

401 Avenue of the Americas, New York City, USA

Not bad, but...

I don't understand why this restaurant is rated so highly. The food is ok, the atmosphere is ok and the service is ok. I ordered their most popular lunch dish (which was basically fried TVP served with greens) and was unimpressed. In fact, if you have ever been to Veggie Heaven in Austin, TX, the dish was identical to their most popular dish, Protein 2000. The juices were excellent, but the desserts were mediocre. At least they were all vegan. I would skip this place in search of something more interesting. There are way better vegan restaurants in the area.

7770 Transit Rd, Williamsville, USA

Yay for junk food!

A good place to go if you want to take a break from healthy vegan food. I ordered the garlic bread with soy cheese (the waitress SWORE the soy cheese was vegan). It was excellent. Stay away from the mock meats, though. Something about the seasoning of the soysage is off. It was actually kind of gross.

10804 Bellaire Blvd Ste E, Houston, USA

Be careful...

I've been to this restuarant dozens of time and everytime the food has been excellent. However, I was told recently that not all the dishes are vegan. Some mock meats have dairy products in them. On their webpage, the say their food has, "no animal products, no eggs and no meat." It does not specify that the dishes are dairy free. Make sure and about dairy before ordering.

1293 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, USA

great place for vegans and non-vegans alike!

This is the kind of place a vegan with non vegan family members or friends (which is basically all of us) dreams of! There are several vegan options including fantastic tomato and pesto bread - almost like vegan pizza- and seitan parmigiana - like a meatball sub. Do not REPEAT do not order the jamaican jerk sandwhich! The spices are really weird and basically inedible. We think they might put licorice in it. Overall, a fantastic surprise!

Rua Voluntários da Pátria, 402 B, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

i have no idea what i ate, but it was delicious

This place is fantastic for traditional brazilian food made vegan. It is located on a tree lined street and is populated with friendly, smiling people. However, not one of these people speak a word of english or spanish (nor, we found, will knowing spanish help you translate the menu...), so be ready to communicate with hand signals and get something unexpected.

Luckily, everything ate was very good (and with a name like "Vegan Vegan," you can feel pretty confident that everything is, well, vegan). We went on a weekend and got one of each "plato del dia" options. Each was basically composed of a salad (either sprouts or collards), a main dish (either beans with tofu or some tortilla thing) and brown rice.

The deserts are all beautiful and taste amazing. Probably the highlight of the meal!

Make sure to be in a walking mood because this place is a 20 to 25 minute walk from the Botafogo metro stop.

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