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1307 3rd Ave, New York City, USA

You have to try it!

16 Dec 2007

It was our favorite restaurant on our trip to New York. The food was fresh and delicious. We had a group of five friends, only two of us were vegans. Everyone loved the food and we were passing around our dishes for each other to try. I had the best vegan lasagna I've ever had. The only setback was that the restaurant was very crowded, but if you're visiting New York you should definitely try it out.

3747 W Shaw Ave, Fresno, USA

Gem for Vegans

02 Aug 2014

The vegan tamales here are so tasty, and I love that they have a nice variety. We loves them so much that my mom orders their tamales for family Christmas. The staff is knowledgable about what is vegan and what isn't. We can have the beans, and they make a great salsa/guacamole.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday February 18, 2014

21710 Valley Blvd, Walnut, USA

Great option for hosting vegan parties

16 Mar 2015

We often go to this Chipotle when we're having a work party or hosting a bridal shower at our house. You can use their catering option and get the sofritas. They include everything and the spread always looks impressive. Your guests can make burritos, tacos, soft tacos, and the serving trays and utensils are included. So easy when you're a busy vegan and need to have something good to serve at a party.

45 8th Ave, New York City, USA

nice atmosphere, okay desserts

18 Dec 2007

We stopped here for dessert, but the vegan options were limited. The vegan chocolate banana muffin was okay and the Blondie we ordered was bad. We tried the cookies too and thought they were crumbly and not worth another try. The atmosphere was nice and perhaps the sandwiches are better, but the baked goods left much to be desired.

428 Chapala St, Santa Barbara, USA


30 Dec 2012

We came for breakfast and ordered lunch to go since we were traveling and their foot was so good. The staff was friendly and knowledgable. Our seat was next to a fireplace and it was nice and cozy. They had a great combination of comfort foods and healthy options. They had lots of good bakery items too. The food was great, definitely would drive out of our way to come here again.

130 E 6th St, Los Angeles, USA

We loved Babycakes

03 Jul 2010

We tried the donuts, cupcakes, brownies, cranberry bread, cupcakes, and cookies with frosting. Our favorite were definitely the donuts. They didn't taste greasy like some other donuts do. They had just come out of the oven and were warm. The chocolate glaze on top was perfection. We didn't like the brownies because they were also cakey instead of fudgy, but I think that's more of a personal preference.

We enjoyed the vanilla cupcakes, the chocolate ones were a little too rich for us. We had just eaten about 5 desserts, so this may be the reason. ;)

The cookies with the frosting sandwiched between them were delicious, and the cranberry bread was amazing. I'll order extra next time to keep at home. They were really busy and were nice and held our order for us while we ran to an ATM. It was opening day and their credit machine wasn't working yet, so we had to get cash in a pinch. Another reviewer had suggested they weren't friendly, but we had a very pleasant experience and thought they were all very nice. We will definitely make a special trip to try them again.

I'm glad to see a bakery for celiacs and vegans. :)

609 E Olive, Fresno, USA

My favorite place to visit

02 Aug 2014

This is my favorite vegan restaurant in Fresno, you really have to stop here as they have baked items you wont be able to find anywhere else. Our favorites are the eclairs, the apple tarts, any of their pastries really, and their breakfast cookies. They also have a vegan sandwich that I lot of my friends enjoy. I personally don't eat oil and so the grilled vegetables are too much for me, but they have another sandwich without grilled veggies that is really delicious. But if you're going to try something, you have to try their soups. The soups are always vegan, and they're delicious. They also make fresh baked bread and it's different depending on the day. They have garlic bread with slices of garlic baked into it, jalepeno bread, and regular white or wheat. We usually will buy a loaf to take home with us. We'll also stock up on the soup when we visit. In addition to sandwiches, cookies, cupcakes, and soups, they also have vegan pastas and three bean salads.

The staff is also really friendly. I can't tell you how sweet they are to my son, who loves going in there. They'll hand him stickers, give him high fives, and always remember him even though we're only in town every so often to visit our family.

It's always a great experience for us to go here, and it's so delicious. You definitely have to try it if you're in the area. It's worth a special trip for those vegan eclairs.

Updated from previous review on Monday December 17, 2007

Updated from previous review on Tuesday February 18, 2014

833 E Fern Ave, Fresno, USA

Needs work, and uncooked food blamed on veganism?

02 Aug 2014

We went to Flacos on a Friday evening. We were surprised by the atmosphere. It's more of a bar than a restaurant, and we felt awkward bringing our 3 year old in there to eat, so not a family friendly place to go. We wanted to give it a try, so we stayed for a meal. The staff was really friendly, but we wont go back for a few reasons: Our food came out too quick to have been cooked. The rice that came with our meal was crunchy and undercooked. The food was bland and lacked flavor. The food was warm and not hot, so we think it had been heated up in a microwave. There wasn't any hot sauce, salt, or pepper on the tables. The funniest/saddest thing was, they brought us sweet potato empanadas for dessert, and they weren't cooked. It was just the dough with the filling inside. They had been prepped but nobody had cooked them. We asked the waitress about it, she told us the empanada was supposed to be more like a dough because it's vegan and vegan food doesn't cook well. Okay......? So I've been vegan for about 20 years, and that was the weirdest thing I've ever heard and it made me sad that someone was making excuses for the food to be bad or undercooked (or actually just not cooked) because it was vegan, AT A VEGAN RESTAURANT. I've had some amazing vegan meals in my life and there are so many great restaurants out there, so the problem is not veganism and is actually the chef, who needs to cook the empanadas instead of handing us dough with a filling inside. Weird.
Updated from previous review on Saturday August 02, 2014

58 Ave B, New York City, USA

It was blah

16 Dec 2007

The food was greasy and bland everything could have been bought in the freezer section of the grocery store. I ordered the breakfast burrito (bland black beans and tofu), but I could have made one that was a million times better at home. The potatoes were dry and the bloody mary was awful. The orange juice was Tang, and nothing on the menu was fresh. My friend ordered the french toast, and it was okay, but we wouldn't ever go back for it. There are a lot of other vegan restaurants in the area that are much better. It was also way too expensive for the kind of food that it served.

1137 E Champlain Ave, Fresno, USA

Great Food

08 Aug 2010

I love Ethiopian food, and Lucy's Lair was the best I've tried so far. The food is served family style, and we wound up ordering a few extra servings of our favorite dishes. It's a small restaurant in a nice area of Fresno. It was quiet inside and relaxed. They have an entire area of the menu for vegan/vegetarian options, so it was easy to find things to eat. There weren't very many people there, I hope the business picks up because it was a great restaurant.

1134 E Champlain Dr Ste 108, Fresno, USA

not so great....

08 Aug 2010

The last time I went to this restaurant, my Dad had ordered a meal to pick up for my birthday. When we went to pick up the order and there was a _lot_ of confusion. They had accidentally put dairy all over the food we had ordered, even though we had requested a dairy free meal. They had to remake the food, and the waitress was still unsure as to whether or not our meal had dairy in it. She said some of the things might have had dairy, but she wasn't sure and didn't want to go back to check. They were less helpful than a restaurant that doesn't cater to vegans would have been. The waitstaff was very rude (they acted like we were putting them out), confused, unfriendly, and unhelpful-which was frustrating because I'm very allergic to dairy. They weren't busy, so I think it was more laziness than anything. I also didn't understand why there was so much confusion considering this is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant. In the end, I was afraid to eat anything and didn't have a lot of trust in the restaurant or their food. The food that I did try wasn't that great and definitely wasn't worth the hassle. I've been there once before and it wasn't my favorite vegan restaurant by far, but I thought I'd give it another shot. I won't be going there again.

4-1373 Kuhio Hwy, Kapaa, USA

Not that great...

27 Jun 2009

We went here because it was one of the only vegetarian-friendly restaurants that we could find in Kuai. We both ordered burritos, and weren't very satisfied with our meal. I live in L.A. so I may have different expectations of a burrito, but the toppings were scarce and the flavors were lacking. The salsa tasted canned instead of fresh. There wasn't much to our meal and it was very expensive. We stuck with Papayas market for the rest of the trip and made our own food. This is what I would suggest for a vegan that is visiting Kuai. The food we bought and made was much better than the overpriced meal we had at Norberto's.

12201 E Firestone Blvd, Norwalk, USA

Nice little shop

28 Sep 2010

The lady who worked at the counter was extremely friendly, and talked with us for a while. We had the country potato soup which was thick and filling and we ordered extra to take home. The bread was also fresh and good. We tried a few other menu items and strawberry ice cream. They used a lot of cashews in their cooking so we were really full by the end of our meal and didn't come close to finishing. Some of the food was a little bland.

101 N Indian Hill Blvd, C1-102, Claremont, USA

Heaven for gluten free vegans...

20 Jul 2011

I'd say 75% of the items in this grocery store are vegan. They have a freezer with vegan/gluten free mac and cheese, chocolate cake, donuts, and more. They're right by the movie theater so it's a great place to stop if you're about to see a show-the Claremont 5 movie theater has Uncle Eddie vegan cookies, but not gluten free. They have lots of snack food and fun items like special chocolate bars. They're a little pricey, so I go for specialty items, for holidays/birthdays, and when I want to treat myself to something a little more decadent. The staff are mostly gluten free vegans, so they know how to help you find the things you are looking for. Bring your own bags for your groceries. The owner will also answer e-mails or let you know if they can order a special item.

514 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, USA

Hit or Miss

13 Jul 2007

The nachos and mashed potatoes are excellent, but anytime we've veered from the nachos the food has been pretty disgusting. The cupcakes are good but the cookies are really dry and they use carob instead of chocolate so you wont like them if you're not a carob fan. The rice was overcooked and the bbq salad was really horrible with slimy yucky tofu pieces in it. The restaurant is cramped and crowded and I'd avoid sitting upstairs. The waitstaff is a bit snobby.

383 W Bonita Ave, Claremont, USA

Check the salad dressing ingredients

18 Feb 2014

I was so excited when this place opened because I love a good salad. When I went, I explained I have a dairy allergy and asked which dressing I could have. The owner said the Ranch was vegan. I kind of raised an eyebrow and said....really? She tried to convince me they all were vegan. I asked if she could check the ingredients, but she said she didn't need to.

I'm pretty certain the ranch wasn't vegan. They aren't a vegan restaurant and don't have anything "vegan" on the menu. In fact, they only had one vegetarian salad listed on the menu, which took me by surprise. I was too nervous to order because she wouldn't check the ingredients. I would say to be cautious if you eat here and are dairy free, or stick to a dressing that you think is safe, like olive oil and vinegar.

The salad toppings were basic toppings you would expect to find at a salad bar. Mushrooms, olives, chickpeas, peas, things like that.

1413 2nd Ave, New York City, USA

Good and creative pizza options

16 Dec 2007

At Slices they had several different kinds of pizzas, including a pizza with hummus and chickpeas. I had the bruschetta pizza and it had fresh basil, tomatoes, vegan cheese, and grilled red onions. It was delicious, I'd definitely recommend it. Next time I'm going to have to be brave and try a more inventive pizza. It was delicious and I'm planning on going again before my vacation ends.

4879 Voltaire St, San Diego, USA

vegan heaven

14 Jul 2007

I cant say enough good things about the food here, if you're in the area you have to go! The struedals are excellent and the other desserts are just as good. The cinnamon rolls on Sundays are to die for! The staff is very friendly. We had only planned on going once during our san diego vacation, but went back again before we left because the food was so good! I can't wait to make another trip to San Diego!

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