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187 9th Ave, New York City, USA

Mandatory gratuity = horrible service

03 Jul 2013

We are often in the Chelsea neighborhood on Sunday afternoons and frequently my children beg to eat here. They like the burgers and I am partial to the chickn caesar. My husband is usually on the fence since the food is a bit rich and sometimes he gets a stomach ache after a meal here.

We are a family of five and the gratuity is automatically added to our bill. I am not sure if that is the prime reason for why we are ignored by the server most of the time, but that is pretty much what happens. We've eaten here many times--we even came for Thanksgiving last year--and more often than not my blood is boiling by the end of the meal.

After my last visit, I swore them off, especially since they took the apple cigars off the lunch dessert menu. Unfortunately, the Candles are a bit of a trek for us and frequently booked up. So we'll probably return at some point.

24 W Main St, Spokane, USA

Happy to find this vegan outpost

03 Jul 2013

I stopped in here last week at the beginning of a week long vacation in Idaho. I was so, so happy to find it. I bought half the items they had in the display case!

However, I do think they need to up their game a little. I did not enjoy the dressing on the kale salad, the tabbouleh was extremely bland and the tofu fish sticks, made using frozen and thawed tofu so they would be extra chewy, were not as tasty as I had hoped they would be. I purchased two of the cranberry coffee cake squares but they were very sweet and we did not finish even one. Of the six different flavors of cupcakes I purchsed, my children liked only the chocolate peanut butter.

Again, I am delighted to have stumbled upon this little bakery, especially since they are in an area with so few choices. I hope they continue to improve and refine their menu and grow in popularity.

Also, the staff are some of the nicest people I met in an area filled with very nice people.

128 Church St, Moncton, Canada

So happy to find this place

25 Aug 2010

We arrived in Moncton at the end of our two-week vacation in Atlantic Canada, and this was our first stop in town. The inside of the restaurant is lovely and the service was warm and attentive. We arrived between lunch and dinner and so the restaurant was not too crowded. My kids loved the decor and were very happy when the waitress brought coloring pencils and paper.

My children ordered the mini lasagna bolonese, a kids' veggie burger and a small falafel plate. My husband had a veggie burger and I had the "Calactus Club," if I remember correctly. We also ordered some green salads. The restaurant does not offer non-dairy cheese but the cheese can be omitted from dishes if requested. We also ordered the fruit smoothies (blueberry, strawberry, banana) which were a hit. There was a nice selection of wine, and my husband and I each ordered a glass.

I can completely understand why people love this restaurant. The food was very fresh and carefully prepared. However, I did not love the dressing on my salad or my sandwich. There was a very pungent herb used in both--I think it was the rosemary--that gave it a bitter flavor. My girls did not like their lasagna with the chunks of zucchini and vegetables, although they did pick out the noodles. I am told the veggie burgers and the falafel plate were tasty. We ordered two desserts, and both were tasty.

I forget what our bill was, but I wasn't that surprised. It was comparable to what we would have paid in New York, and we had ordered a lot of food. Of course, we were not in New York, but during our entire two week vacation I found there were not many bargains at restaurants in Canada. We would have returned but we were only in Moncton for a short time.

405 E 6th St, New York City, USA

changed for the better and pleasantly surprised

01 Nov 2011

my husband and I have been going to C of C for many years now, but about two years ago we realized it was too stressful to bring our kids there and just stopped going altogether. Part of the problem were the very nice but supremely slow and often incompetent wait staff who made every meal an agonizing experience.
Anyway, a few weeks ago we tried it again with my slightly older children and it is apparent that some changes have taken place. The whole operation is much more professional. The wait staff are pleasant yet efficient.
The menu is slimmed down a bit but many old standbys remain. I always order what used to be called Angel's Green Garden Platter--I think it's called the macrobiotic platter now. It is sauteed kale and seitan served with carrot polenta and gravy. My children like the unchiken nachos. Every green salad on the menu is outstanding. There is not another restaurant in NYC that serves such fresh and thoroughly washed greens.
The downside is that it is expensive. It is also true that sometimes dishes disappoint. A few years ago we decided it was better to stick to the menu rather than going with the specials, which sometimes had kinks that needed to be worked out.
It is not the greatest restaurant to bring children, although they are tolerated. This is partly because the seating can be close together. If you go with kids, ask for a table in the back because there is more room to spread out there. Also bring paper and crayons or other amusements as they will have no such thingds to offer. And be prepared to have the only children in the restaurant. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen other children there.
We usually don't order the raw food, but there is an extensive selection.

19 Wicklow Street, Dublin, Ireland

Just echoing all the positive reviews . . .

20 Aug 2013

Ate here with my family last night and we actually went back on line for seconds! After discovering tonight that Cafe Fresh had closed, we were going to eat here again tonight but the line was crazy and the place was packed and for us, travelling with kids, it was too much work. Other reviews have mentioned the negatives--very crowded, small narrow stairs to the second level, itty bitty single toilet, very long line because of the way the food is served. The entrees tend to be casserole type dishes, and it is a little pricey--these are New York prices, but then you realize it is a third more! We would happily go back if it wasn't so crowded, but seeing all the love for this restaurant makes me wonder why Dublin can't support more veg eateries.

2 Middle St, Galway, Ireland

Very good and very expensive

12 Sep 2013

My family of five ate here during our visit to Ireland in August. I had read reviews of this restaurant here and in guidebooks so I made sure we planned to eat dinner there one night. I was a little surprised at the size of the restaurant--it is small! The kitchen is downstairs so our server had to run up and down the stairs to bring out the food.

We ordered spring rolls, soups, and pretty much every other vegetarian thing on the menu. I cannot remember exactly what we had but there were a couple of vegetarian choices and we ordered almost all of them. We ate everything we ordered and enjoyed all of it.

The only downside that I was not prepared for were the prices. Our bill came to 98 Euros--more than double what that meal would have cost in NYC. Also, even though we thought it was rather early (9:30 or so), we were the only people in the restaurant and they wanted to close up. So if you are thinking of eating here, plan to do it earlier in the evening.

1551 South Park Street, Halifax, Canada

Worth a visit if you are in the area

25 Aug 2010

Hours: Mon - Fri 11:30 am to 8 pm; Sat and Sun 11 to 7. My family ate here twice during a recent trip to Halifax. The restaurant is located across from the Public Gardens, just up the road from the Citadel. There are a few seats indoors, and a couple of tables and chairs outside. The restaurant specializes in Vietnamese sandwiches made on fresh French bread and include a variety of vegetable toppings, including shredded carrots, daikon and hot peppers. We sampled both of the vegetarian sandwiches--the Buddha and the Veggie Meatball. The Buddha contains grilled marinated tofu and it was quite tasty. The standard sauce is mayo-based and does contain eggs, but there are other sauce options available. The veggie meatball sandwich contains homemade vegan tvp meatballs. These are very small meatballs that are marinated and not covered in tomato sauce. My children enjoyed the meatballs immensely and picked them out of the sandwich, leaving the delicious bread behind.

The small restaurant also has a selection of fruit-smoothie based bubble teas.

Rote-Lowen-Str 11, Regensburg, Germany

Really enjoyed this restaurant

11 Sep 2015

My family ate here twice in August during our three days in Regensburg. Very friendly service, super fresh salads, delicious burgers and tofu and seitan options. The menu is clearly marked to distinguish between vegetarian and vegan options but most options are either vegan or can be easily made so. There are also "healthier" options available such as a quinoa/millet dish. It seems to be a popular place and we called ahead for reservations. The prices were quite reasonable. It is in a casual cafe setting, with seating outside as well. The only downside were the people smoking at the tables outside (but at least not inside) and the temperature was warm, but not unbearable. We would definitely go there again.

40 Wall St, Asheville, USA

just okay

17 Aug 2014

We took a family vacation in Asheville in June and this was the first restaurant we visited. The next day I forced my family to return for lunch so I could try the Banh Mi sandwich, which I regretted not ordering at dinner the previous night.

We tried some of the specials and we ordered many of the items from the standard menu.

Everything was just okay. Don't know what the problem was, exactly, but no one "loved" anything they ordered. Fresh vegetables in all of the dishes, but they lacked flavor and oomph. It is an expensive restaurant and for those prices the food should have been lick-the-plate delicious.

Sorry to post this vaguely negative review about a veg stalwart but I do think there is room for improvement.

50 Broadway Ave, Asheville, USA

fit the bill

17 Aug 2014

My family ate here twice during our week-long vacation in Asheville. Yes, the restaurant has daiya cheese and a selection of gluten free pizzas as well. Mellow Mushroom is a large restaurant with a fun interior as well as a popular outdoor dining patio. It has a bar and a good selection of draft beer.

About the food--there were a couple of vegan options besides a pizza with vegan cheese. The salads were fresh and the restaurant is open quite late which was convenient for us. On our first visit, the kids had pizza but my husband and I had non-pizza selections which were okay but not amazing. On the second we shared a make-your own vegan pizza. The pizza was better than the non-pizza items we had during our first visit. The kids did their own thing at a separate booth, which was like a mini-vacation for us.

My family enjoyed it very much and begged to eat here a second time. For me once was enough and I would have liked to try a different restaurant since there were so many choices in Asheville, but sometimes you have to compromise.

Mellow Mushroom is a solid choice if you are in the mood for pizza.

214 N Howard St, Spokane, USA

It would have 5 stars if allowed

03 Jul 2013

My family ate here last week at the beginning of our vacation in the area. There is a completely separate vegetarian menu and most of the items are vegan. My youngest child ate off the regular children's menu and had the tofu fried rice. One of my children had the eggplant/mushroom meatballs and another the grilled jerk tofu. My husband had the thai tempeh curry and I had a lasagna. Everything was excellent.

We also had some salads and other appetizers I am failing to remember, along with a couple of very good glasses of wine.

While the restaurant was pricy, this was the beginning of our vacation prior to our descent into the vegetarian wasteland that is Idaho. So for us it was money well spent.

165 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, USA

four stars but should be five

17 Aug 2014

While in Asheville in June, I desperately wanted to go to Plant. I had read all the wonderful reviews, but the problem was they are open only for dinner. Finding a good time to go became a problem, and towards the end of our trip we seized an opportunity to have an early dinner. (Of course we first called and asked if they could accommodate us.)

The restaurant is located outside of the main downtown on a busy local road. It is small and unassuming. When we went inside to ask about seating, the hostess led us through a minimalist and half-empty dining space to an outdoor patio. The outdoor patio accommodates maybe six small tables. The only space available for two tables pushed together was in the blazing sun next to the parked cars. I asked to eat inside since so many tables were empty and was told those were being held for reservations. The patio was covered, but since we were right on the edge, there was no protection from the sun and it was quite hot. Also, it is not decorated in any way to make one think they are sitting somewhere other than next to a bunch of parked cars. If this were a burger joint or a pizza place, then okay, but it falls short of the standard for a fine dining establishment.

We ordered almost everything on the menu--the warm olives, the fried plantains, the roasted artichokes, the shishito peppers, the kale salad. For entrees we had a couple of plates of the walnut crusted seitan, as well as the red curry and the oyster mushroom apricot adobo. The most disappointing dish was the olives, which just tasted like olives after all, and the favorite was the seitan. The dishes were well-prepared but quite rich. Even though we enjoyed our meals, no one asked to return.

We could not stay for dessert since we had an appointment to keep. Even without dessert, the bill was high, as we had expected.

Having visited most of the other veg restaurants in Asheville on our vacation, I can see why Plant gets high reviews. This is fancy, special-occasion vegan food. Even though Asheville was incredibly veg friendly, Plant was unique in its level of intricate preparation. However, I live in a city with several restaurants specializing in fancy, special-occasion vegan food, and they offer more aspects of the "fine dining" experience. My personal view that is if Plant is going to charge expensive, "fine dining" prices, then they should make the entire experience more commensurate with the bill.

Hackenstrasse 2, Munich, Germany

Get a fan already

11 Sep 2015

My family ate here in early August. The restaurant had to be 90 degrees inside and there was one fan for the whole huge room. Our waiter told us this had been going on all summer and had been the case last year as well.

It is amazing to me that someone could design such a chic and beautiful dining room and yet leave the diners to drip sweat into their food, not to mention the horrible working conditions for the staff.

The dishes we ordered turned out to be just okay. The bill was very expensive. The food was not of the caliber of similarly priced veg restaurants I have eaten at in the past.

I consider this restaurant a miss.
Updated from previous review on Friday September 11, 2015

9 Center St, Burlington, USA

Welcome addition . . . .

10 Jan 2014

RK can be a little difficult to find--if you ask a local, ask for directions to the well-known "Daily Planet" since RK is right next door.

Onto the food . . . it was good and I am glad we made the trip. The menu changes often. We had five or six appetizers and five or six entrees to choose from. We ordered the "nachos" and had to order another plate as everyone was fighting over them. Black beans on a bed of lettuce surrounded by five or six pan fried wontons filled with guacamole. I had read here about the tacos and wanted to try them, so we also ordered them as an appetizer. Tasty, but not mind blowing, and I have to agree with the person who complained about the portion size. If those tacos were your entree there is a very good chance you could leave hungry.

We also ordered the chickpea sweet potato soup, the Korean hot pot and several orders of the seitan piccata. All of these were fine, but I think when a veg restaurant puts seitan piccata on the menu they are inviting comparison with some of the very well known restaurants that also serve that dish. So although we were happy to encounter seitan anything in Burlington, it was not nearly as good as the piccata dishes served at the Candles or Blossom or, quite frankly, the one I make at home. The chickpea sweet potato soup was fine but a bit watery and the Korean hot pot was sort of a miss, although I am sure some people would enjoy it.

For the desserts, most of their desserts are dairy affairs. We ordered some of the dairy cakes plus their famous banana cream pie. Of vegan desserts, that night they had a special vegan banana cream pie which we also ordered. The dairy desserts were all really good, but the vegan banana cream pie had the taste and texture of a congealed smoothie. They also had a vegan fruit/nut torte of sorts on the menu which we did not order.

There is no complimentary bread basket or anything like that offered. It is possible for regular people, not just gluttons, to leave hungry. The prices are steep and the portions are modest to small and even though I ordered a lot of dishes, I was still a bit shocked at the bill. Quality food is expensive, but I think they need to up their game if they want to charge the prices they do. If all the dishes had been fantastic I would have felt fine, but it was only "pretty good" and I could not suppress tiny ripples of resentment as I searched for my credit card.

But I am glad Burlington has a veg restaurant.

116 N Lexington Ave, Asheville, USA

Solid choice

17 Aug 2014

My family ate here twice during our trip to Asheville in June. The decor is laid back but clean. Customers order at the counter and dishes are delivered to their seats. On both of our visits several family members ordered the Family Favorite, which is a huge portion of mashed potatoes with gravy, peanut tofu and a mountain of sauteed kale. The peanut noodles were also good. The food was simple and had that "home cookin'" style that wasn't fancy but hit the spot, especially for a veg family away from home. The only negative comment I have is that after two visits, we had pretty much exhausted the menu.

209 South Meadow St, Ithaca, USA

just terrible

13 Aug 2014

My family ate lunch here in the late afternoon, just before the shift over to dinner hours. The restaurant wasn't full and the very stained carpet was readily apparent. That, plus the smell of insecticide in the entrance way, caused me to pause but we were propelled onward by the four stars on happycow. Once our appetizers arrived, I knew we had made a mistake. The spring rolls that arrived were dark and extremely greasy. From there, things got worse as our soups and entrees were barely lukewarm. Even if the food had been hot, it wouldn't have been particularly good. The tofu was all the pre-fried kind and most of the dishes looked identical--tofu, onion and lots of bell peppers even though we ordered a variety of dishes. I swear there were about four noodles in the drunken noodle dish.
The dishes we enjoyed most were the fried tofu appetizer, the fried banana dessert and the pad thai. Actually, one of my kids liked the pad thai but to me it tasted exactly like the kind in the reheat packet.

I did not know beforehand this was a chain restaurant so to me that explains everything. By the time our meal was over I was really disappointed we decided to eat there. We have been on vacation for several days now and we were looking forward to a good meal. We could have selected a different restaurant and gotten a better meal but instead we unwittingly chose one of the worst Thai meals we've eaten.
I figure the reason this place stays in business is because it is super cheap. We wound up paying about fifteen dollars per person (including tax and tip) for shared appetizers, soups, several entrees and the banana dessert.
I apologize in advance for the typos and bad grammar but I am submitting this review from my phone because I feel the four cows are completely unjustified and I want to alert everyone who considers this restaurant.

60 W 23rd St, New York City, USA

It saddens me to write this but . . . . yuck!

30 Nov 2010

I was very excited when this restaurant opened since it is right next to my gym. However, after several visits I have to declare this place a huge disappointment. Part of the problem is there is no proper kitchen, so everything is premade and heated in a microwave. The other part of the problem is that most of the menu is superprocessed and super-fattening, with the starring roles going to Daiya cheese, vegenaise and that weird tasting Chinatown fake chickn. I have found every sandwich I have eaten there to be rather yucky, and the limited salads completely uninspired. I've been veg for 20 years now, and I hate to trash a veg place. But I think Terri is a poor ambassador for vegan food.

I would also like to note that the lowest rating I can give a 100% veg restaurant on HC is 2 stars. However, IMO this restaurant does not even deserve that many, especially in NYC where there are so many better options.

7 High St, Brattleboro, USA

solid choice

09 Jan 2015

Decent Thai restaurant in Brattleboro, conveniently located off I-91. My family has stopped here several times over the past few years on our way to northern VT. The restaurant is nicely decorated and the bathrooms very clean. The staff has always been lovely and tries to be accommodating (in addition to no fish sauce, we ask for no onions or garlic!) They are also very honest about what dishes contain fish sauce--none of the curries were purely vegetarian and could not be made so. They have a vegetarian section in their menu but again you need to specifically ask for no fish sauce.

We stopped here last week and I remembered I should submit it to Happy Cow. It was dinner time and the kids hadn't eaten almost all day so we wound up ordering a lot of food. The spring rolls were good, the Thai salad was fresh, the vegetable soup meh. We ordered vegetable fried rice, which was delicious and we wound up ordering a second plate. We also had a Vegetable Delight, which was just okay, and the Tofu Grap Row, which was really good. My husband liked the Pad Thai very much, although I did not. We also ordered a plate of plain fried tofu, which is often on the Thai menus but not here. The golden fried tofu arrived soft and hot and was immediately devoured. Everyone ordered hot tea, and our mugs were filled and refilled by our waitress from a hot carafe. Nice touch.

The bill was also quite reasonable considering the amount of food we ordered.

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