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247 King Ave, Columbus, USA

Beautiful, delicious, and altogether wonderful

21 May 2011

My husband and I spent our precious Friday date night at Dragonfly last night, and we will definitely be returning! I honestly don't understand some of the complaints in the other reviews. Every staff member of the restaurant, from the host to the co-owner, was friendly, helpful, and charming. And the food! Oh, the food. Every dish is carefully prepared and beautifully plated; your eyes will be as dazzled as your tastebuds.

Our meal began with the complimentary bread plate, complete with freshly made hummus and hot sauce (crazy good!), olives, pickled vegetables, and wonderful bread. We both ordered one of the restaurant's unique cocktails, and both were delicious (my husband's vanilla manhattan was particularly tasty). My husband enjoyed the barbecue biscuits appetizer (homemade biscuits with large slices of mushrooms cooked in barbecue sauce with gravy) while I was blissed out with the pate, microgreens, sauteed arugula and creme sauce.

For main courses, I tried the masa crusted tofu, tamale and mole (I am a sucker for good mole sauce, and Dragonfly's did not disappoint!), while my husband tried Dragonfly's signature mac and cheese topped with collard greens and portabella mushroom (comfort food at its very best). We enjoyed a bottle of wine from the Anjou region of France; it was absolutely lovely, and a bargain at just $26! The wine list isn't large, but it offers interesting choices, all of which seem to be very reasonably priced.

We both had half our entrees boxed so we could share a dessert; we chose the chocolate parfait. Sublime is the only word I can find to describe it; each layer offered a new and wonderful flavor and texture.

At the end of our meal, the owner even offered us a tour of the restaurants gardens, where they grow many of the ingredients they use. It was a lovely ending to a beautiful meal.

We can't wait to try Dragonfly's Saturday brunch. Dragonfly is a must-go restauraurant if you're visiting Columbus. It's now at the top of our list!

601-B S New York Ave, Winter Park, USA

Yum -- I wish we lived in Orlando!

09 Mar 2011

My family was in the Orlando area for vacation, and we spent one memorable evening enjoying a delicious meal at Ethos. The area is charming; when we first left the highway, it looked a bit dodgy, but quickly morphed into a delightful area with interesting shops and a lovely walking path.

Ethos has an inviting outdoor patio area, which is where we enjoyed our meal. We shared the Healthy Trio to start; the salsa was delicious with just a touch of heat, the hummus was tasty, and the tapenade was, alas!, better than my own homemade version. The dips were served with veggies, tortilla chips, and crusty bread, all of which were fresh and excellent.

My husband ordered (and devoured) the Sheep's Pie; our 3- and 6-year-old sons scarfed down a pizza (our oldest declared it to be the best pizza ever); and I enjoyed every bite of the pecan encrusted eggplant. Oh, my, it was GOOD.

The boys enjoyed cookies for dessert, but I was too full for anything but a glass of wine (try the organic red). My only complaint would be that the beer and wine selections are quite limited, but, happily, the selections they offer are quite good.

Most of the clientele appeared to be couples and groups of friends; we were the only table with kids, but the other diners didn't seem to mind. Happily, the tasty food kept the boys largely occupied so they were a bit more tame than usual!

Had we been in the area longer, we definitely would have returned for another meal -- the brunch sounds amazing. My whole family gave it two big thumbs up!

951 N High St, Columbus, USA

Like, but not love

21 May 2011

Northstar Cafe is a nice, but often crowded and loud, little place. My main complaint is one voiced by other vegans -- there's a lot of dairy in use, and the truly vegan options are somewhat slim. Nonetheless, I've been pleased with the food every time. If you're there for breakfast, try the vegan sweet potato hash -- it's really, really good!

3009 N High St, Columbus, USA

Crazy good!!!

18 Mar 2011

When my family went vegan about two years ago, I wondered what on earth we'd do for birthdays without the beautiful cakes loaded with buttercream frosting from our favorite bakery. Well, I do believe we've upgraded.

Pattycake's confections are THE BOMB. My husband's favorite pre-vegan indulgence was a Ho-Ho; wouldn't you know it, Pattycake makes a Ho-Ho Cake that puts its namesake to shame. The cupcakes are invariably tender, sweet, indulgent perfection. And the frosted cookies: beautiful and delicious!

You'll find all of your favorite sweets here, from cookies to cakes to pies and more, cruelty-free and completely blissful. I don't think we can go so far as to call these sweet treats healthy, but they are free of casein and animal fats and other nastiness. And you won't miss any of it. Really! Their "buttercream" frosting is as good as any I've ever had, anywhere, using any ingredients. And I was always very, very picky about my frosting. :)

All I can say is, thank heavens we don't live any closer, or I'd weigh 20 pounds more. We love you, Pattycake!

2001 E Dublin Granville Rd, Columbus, USA

Great food, great price

22 Mar 2011

If you like authentic Indian food, add Udipi to your short list. Everything on the menu is vegetarian, but some items do include dairy, so be aware of those.

The lunch buffet is extensive and, at $6.99 (the last time I checked), a very good value. But the full menu is what's really off the hook! You can literally get two entrees, poori or another favorite bread, and an appetizer for under $20. CRAZY! And it's all delicious, authentic, and well-prepared. I just wish we lived closer so we could visit more often!

If I had to nitpick, my one complaint would be that the wait staff is uneven. I've felt like a nuisance on more than one occasion -- and I'm not high maintenance. Honest!

But I'll continue to visit, nuisance or not, and would encourage you to do the same!

3269 N High St, Columbus, USA

Where everything is done well!

03 Mar 2012

Whole World is a little corner of vegetarian and vegan paradise. I'm vegan, and had a hard time deciding what to order because there were so many delicious sounding options. The soups are all vegan and served with fantastic toasted bread. I really recommend ordering something with bread, toast, or a bun because they're all made on the premises and are just amazing. The wraps are big, hearty and delicious with fresh, well-seasoned fillings, and the veggie burgers are house-made and very, very good. The coffee is good, the cookies are terrific -- seriously, there are no bad items here. Go and order anything. You'll love it.

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