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"Not vegetarian anymore"
Florence, Italy on 27 Sep 2011

Seattle, USA on 24 Mar 2010

Seattle, USA on 05 Jan 2010

Kyoto, Japan on 12 Nov 2008

Florence, Italy on 25 Sep 2011

"An Oasis"
Kyoto, Japan on 13 Nov 2008

"Pretty Good"
Rome, Italy on 26 Sep 2011

Rome, Italy on 21 Sep 2011

"Expectations Were Too High"
Boulder, USA on 25 Sep 2011

"A Winner Is Seattle"
Seattle, USA on 01 Aug 2010

"Go for Lunch, Not Dinner"
Boulder, USA on 21 Sep 2011

"The more things change"
Baltimore, USA on 24 Mar 2010

Seattle, USA on 12 Feb 2010

"A HUGE Step Up"
Seattle, USA on 06 Jan 2010

"Loved this Place when we lived there"
Washington, USA on 28 Oct 2010

Vancouver, Canada on 24 Mar 2010

"One of the Best Places in the Denver/Boulder Area"
Denver, USA on 27 Sep 2011

"Impressive- Very Impressive"
Seattle, USA on 24 Jul 2010

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